3 AM At The Krusty Krab

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The 5th Estate : Charlie’s screaming sounds like he is ejaculating.

DammitSinged : _Nosferatu_ 😏

James Miller : This was the most meta Spongebob video of all time

Noble Gamer : I wish that he’d sing a lullaby to my wiener

Invader-sama : Never in my life I was more confused than when I heard Charlie scream. I was in such disbelief I thought it was actually the game


Coday : *it's the ass fingering blaster*


Dinah Bianchi : Charlie's screaming was the scariest thing here I nearly pissed

christian velasco : Cr1tikal does the best sarcastic scream ever. Krabs: "aaaaah" Cr1ty:" *@@@Aa@@AAAH* "

Michael Sorbello: Horror Stories : Watching Charlie.... *AT NIGHT*

- : how many noise complaints did you get after this video?

064razor : 2:05 He screamed at such a pitch and volume, it almost disturbed the space-time continuum

garfoonga1 : 3am is a reference to the hashslinging slasher episode. Squidward exclaimed "It's three AM, who would possibly want a burger at 3am?" and it cuts to patrick in bed as an alarm clock goes off and he says "Oh boy 3am" and enthusiastically bites a krusty burger. If I die tomorrow, I hope this comment is my legacy, because its so helpful.

AJ Hutchinson : 3:34 is my new ringtone

Sam Patterson : I'm confused was that you making the screaming noises or the game?

Red Equine Vidya : I love that this game isn't trying to take itself too seriously, like it's still trying to be a horror game, but it's not trying to overdue the scare factor with jumpscares, bloody images or loud screaming noises. It's better than like 99.99% of all other shitty Slender/Fnaf clones out there, at least.

Toaster In A Tub : 2:05, 2:21, 3:34

Uncle Gwen : This is the most emotion I've seen from this man

BENDROWNED33 : Welcome to the Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya? How tough am I? How tough am I?! I played "3am at the Krusty Krab! Yeah, so? At 3am. Uh, right this way, sorry to keep you waiting.

Capt. Jack Sparrow : 3:33 When u nut inside her

Joudai EternKL : "The next minute, you're giving your friend a rimjob, and you're not even gay."- Charlie 1337-2069

EnigmaticParadox : Charlie screaming actually scared the ever living shit out of me because I never anticipated I'd ever hear such a noise and thought I'd phased into a parallel universe

ItsMalware : five evenings at fredrick’s Italian pie shop

SneakyFish : *_M I C R O V I R G I N_*

Big Souljacoon : Is this a new Drake song?

DARKASM : I expected that workaholic SpongeBob to be there, still flipping burgers at 3AM

frostieisme : My ears are bleeding now thanks to Charlie

CoolStuff 3 : 2:05 when he screamed it scared the shit out of me.

Jason Krantz : "come back at normal store hours!" Gotem

JacobXP1 : When you Bust a Nut, But your Girl is still sucking 2:20

Colorful Doggos : 3:33 what in God's name

Cap'nCinnamonBun : So if this is what happens here at 3 AM then what happens... at night? Also the reason Mr. Krabs wants to run away from the Hash Slinging slasher is because he doesn’t want to have to give out another paycheck on pay day. Edit: Dammit someone made an at night joke already. Well ... whatever.

cheese sandvich : When he screamed it legit scared the life out of me

Dollar Menu Hoe : where's crying markiployer

Morgan Thompson : The most delayed reaction at 2:04

Ellis Brundrett : Finally we found the game that scares Charlie!

Zuzu : If you eat Krabby Patty at 3am, Mr. Krab will come into your house and steal your *$$$.* _Scary, isn't it?_

Gavin’s Friend Nigel : Speed run this

Wyatt : Really glad they're now incorporating King Bach vine sounds in popular video games

Marcos Mendoza : 3:34 you’re welcome

Shnarfbird : Oh boy, 3 AM!

Justin Mills : Yeah service denied, come back at service store hours 😂

Johnny Bolt : 3am at the Krusty Krab sounds like a Drake song

UnknownAnon : His screams are even better played at 0.25 speed.

EnigmaticParadox : *O H B O Y 3 A M*

Lynx PSN : Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

Forty Volcano774 : you should play dora is dead

Beeko : Your screams were the scariest thing about the video

Lsu Tigers124 : Oh boy 3 am