The Boondocks The Easy Way or the Hard Way

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This is a Boondocks clip with Tom and Fleece Johnson's' animated persona. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Comments from Youtube

Squig Rattlehead : *_YOU CAN'T HAVE MY BOOTY!_*

Soccercrazyigboman : Watchu want Tom?! I can't hear you Tom The background dude always cracks me up

Dylan Trilliams : The hype guys in the backround make this way more funny😂

shaking my head : LMAO, Ya'll hear that instigator in the background

Darshan Victor : too the guy instigating in the background lol XD

Wolf Man Lyken :                               ( background) I LIKES YA ,           "he likes ya" , AND I WANTS YA, "he wants ya"

Titos SS : Hahaha the hype man in the back.

StarKiller 56 : Can u believe that they're releasing this guy?

Dracule 'gimme the loot' Mihawk : *"WHATCHU WANT TOM?!"*

Cool Jhags : Booty Warrior: "I like ya!" Background Prisoner: "HE LIKE YOU!!" Booty Warrior: "And I want ya!" Background Prisoner: "AND HE WANT YOU!!" Booty Warrior: "Now we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way" Background Prisoner: "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!" Booty Warrior: "The Choice is Yours!" Background Prisoner: "WHAT YOU WANT TOM??!!!" Booty Warrior: "So What's it gonna be?" "I asked you a question Tom!" Background Prisoner: "I CAN'T HEAR YOU TOM!" This shit is too funny had me rolling all day.

͡° ͜ʖ ͡° : I like ya (*HE LIKE YOU!*) and I want ya (*AND HE WANT YOU!*)  Now we can do the the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours. *WHAT YOU WANT TOM!*

Trill Gates : "When you go to prison, the most important thing in your life is gonna be booty.

iDonnie Bio : 97 people want it the hard way.

h e l l o : The hype man instigating lmaooo

Mia Wills : LOL the dude in the background is what makes it so freakin' hilarious!! "Y'all better listen to him" KMSL

t dotss : "I can't hear you tom"😂😂

Sims : y'all better listen to him

pauljackowacko552 : I would love to see the actual Fleece Johnson's reaction on this episode.

LegitAnimeLover : "y'all better listen to him" "Uh-huh" "He like you" "And he want you" "What you want Tom!?" "I can't hear you Tom!" "Say it Tom!" "Give it too him!" all the background comments I heard

TheGeckoNinja : toms got a powerful booty he was able to launch that dude across the room just with his booty XD

DatCarGuy310 : I likes you -(he like you) and I want you (and he want you) the guy in the background talking after him made it funnier lol

Keshonda Jackson : " YOU CANT HAVE MUHH BOOOTYYY!!! " Im dead lmfao

Tiny Roman : Behold gentlemen.....The anti Twerk.

Brandon Ramirez : um booty is more important than escaping

Lucina Fanboy : the dude in the background cracks me up every time...

lgslli : Fleece: Iz like ya. Guy in background: He likes you! Fleece: And Iz wants ya Guy in Background: AND HE WANTS YOU! Me: XD omg

Black News : "what you want tom!!' "i cnt hear you Tom"

Nick : I wonder who would win between the booty warrior and the health inspector?😰


Densel Moore : the guy in the background

Ignition Mission : looks like 67 people who disliked the video, chose 'the hard way'....even though the choice was theirs.

James Smith : You know when they release him somebody is going to end up killing him.

Killua Zoldyck : I'm dead XD  -The most important thing in your life is gonna be booty. -Gettin booty is more important than eating food, it's more important than drinking water. - You can't have my booooooty!

Gwad5593 : "YOU CAN'T HAVE MY BOOTY!" XD crying.

TheKittehGamerz : What do you call a booty that's not yours??? NACHO BOOTY!

lickchick14 : The guy ad-libbing in the background though lmao too funny

Cpt_nice : I love the guy yelling in the background. Lol.

King Pervy : Too Bad Stinkmeaner WAsn't in Toms Body Then

DaddyLongLegs44 : The guy in the background makes this gold!

Thinking of Him : "Yal better listen to him" lmao

Abalamification : WHATCU WANT TOM!

UncleBiscuits79 : 83 people chose to do this the hard way!

Coreysrevenge : "I tell em like this here, I likes ya(HE LIKES YOU) and I wants ya.(AND HE WANTS YOU) Now we can do this the easy way or that hard way, the chawz is yawz(WHAT YOU WANT TOM?!)"-My funeral will be held next week.

Ohmy Soul : 0:15 that background voice made me LOL

DrFunk98 : favorite episode just for this scene

Grey : the background comments just make it priceless LMAO

Anthony Baker : "Y'all better listen to him."

Fernan Jugo : I wanna see the look on fleece johnson's face if he saw it

John Limdimas : Now imagine if you do this to a girl. I'm gonna laugh so hard. lol.