Cook The Man some F**king eggs B*tch! outburst

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Support this channel TV Host hurl out "Cook the man some f**king eggs B*tch" to Celebrity guest Chef...other host kicks him off the set.

Comments from Youtube

lurkzie : It was his moment and he went for it

That Guy : I feel like I'm watching The Eric Andre Show.

Brock Nokli : That should be the name of every cookbook.

shainese : i love how this was really the only time New Zealand got noticed lmao

HardRockMiner : You can quit your job, or you can do this.

RockyJoe Gaming : Grabs whisk ** voovoovoovoovoovoovoovoovoo

mario condello : I think we've all been there at some point in our lives.

Marco Klammer : The woman's facial expression is priceless

tpakage : Cocaine is a hell of a drug. This is one of my new favorite videos

Angry Kid with internet access : He was never heard of again

Steven Peters : *Cocaine is one helluva drug*

Nick Clockson : i rember when i had my first beer

مهبول لأسباب امنية : 0:22 When your wife asks you to go buy food from the restaurant

Kevin Nguyễn : She kept cracking the eggs. What a bloody champ.

Reborn666skull : 0:34 he said the reference, "Once were warriors". Weird, nobody noticed in top comments. Rate to let others see!

Jacob Woods : I hope he was promoted!

Arnold Perlstein : Aha I think he was referencing this old movie

Blackout Shadow. : 0:27 Nida looked like she was real talk about to put his ass on blast 😂

Some Kiwi : I can’t believe people thought this was real


Viktor Kapralčík : When a husband wakes his wife up.

Ghost : #JakeTheMuss

The Creepiest Of Pasta : that can't be for real


handacsaba : the nudge and the tug on the blazer 😂😂😂

james bronze : Its like he was triggered by that word

RayUnknown : I love how they put the music back on after that 10/10 nothing happen here move on

Davidson Chew : Just check these 3 timings: 00:22 00:27 00:31 Notice the beaker.. it was empty, then full of eggs, then empty again. 

Sebastian Koil : Michael Caine is one helluva drug

herlock sholmes : That's one way to get fired

DaviDamir : its 2019 and i still go to this video for a guaranteed laugh

Pekka Pökkersön : The video should be titled ”How to get out of work early”

muzzargh : Did Nadia just say aDvocados at 0.20?

MrRednexus : Legends says nadia still cook him eggs

Maydayy : The fist bump at the end made it 😂

yok pok : This must be a comedy sketch. I mean the cut scenes with eggs filled and empty and then eggs filled again makes no bloody sense

AlexTheEpic : This must've been this guy's last day. Or he was drunk. He also looks like Saul Goodman.

Fuzzy Nova : "What are y'all doing"? "Upper and downers. Makes all your bad feelings good! You don't want no part of this shit Dewey!"

Syncrocity : Scripted af. Was funny, but it’s also fake

benni4451 : Perfect husband material.

Jon G : That's a quote from "Once were Warriors".

Lemony Snow : According to feminist historians, this is a dramatic re-enactment of how the patriarchy started.

lester crest : I I was in charge I would have made him CEO.

Perseus : NOT REAL It's not live. Look closely, this was edited.

Kinglsey John Owen : alexa play new zealand national anthem

TANGLDWEB : How to demonstrate what "Egg on your Face" means lol.

rolo 9870 : I like how they keep playing calm music in the background as if nothing happened.

Deerharvester7 : I totally thought the outburst was coming from one of the audience members. That was priceless!!!! 😂

UNCOVR : I love that the rest of the world is like "WTF JUST HAPPENED!?" and we're sitting here like, "Ha, Once Were Warriors, nice. "