Cook The Man some F**king eggs B*tch! outburst

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HardRockMiner : You can quit your job, or you can do this.

lurkzie : It was his moment and he went for it

That Guy : I feel like I'm watching The Eric Andre Show.

Kevin Nguyễn : She kept cracking the eggs. What a bloody champ.

Gohan With Down Syndrome : i got this on replay

mario condello : I think we've all been there at some point in our lives.

Brock Nokli : That should be the name of every cookbook.

Michael Hawkins : Grabs whisk ** voovoovoovoovoovoovoovoovoo

Jacob Woods : I hope he was promoted!


tpakage : Cocaine is a hell of a drug. This is one of my new favorite videos

Some Kiwi : I can’t believe people thought this was real

shainese : i love how this was really the only time New Zealand got noticed lmao

Nick Clockson : i rember when i had my first beer

A E : cocaine is not for everyone

george lopes : Respect wamen

Ghost : #JakeTheMuss

Marco Klammer : The woman's facial expression is priceless

Dudeldani : Is this real?

Mikoalex miko : I think she kinda liked it

Steven Peters : *Cocaine is one helluva drug*

khaglun : Asshole producer, wouldn't let her finish. What a jerk.


Kyle K : Lmao what was he quoting is that from a movie or something? 😂

handacsaba : the nudge and the tug on the blazer 😂😂😂

Sped Limes : I love how she thinks she's still got to cook the man his eggs... Good women.

Alenppk001 : That's one way to get fired

Sebastian Koil : Michael Caine is one helluva drug

Anna D'amico : that recipe looks absolutely disgusting

Hugo Lennon : Christ almighty what's wrong with him?


Syncrocity : Scripted af. Was funny, but it’s also fake

Cosmo : sorry i dont get it. serious tv show or sketch?

M B : You guys know this is staged and the guy is a comedian right?

catyear75 : Heh

yok pok : This must be a comedy sketch. I mean the cut scenes with eggs filled and empty and then eggs filled again makes no bloody sense

blacksunray8 : Lmao. I'm guessing he was just thinking of a scene from the movie Once were warriors lol. Good film

Snail Wrestler : Lol. This is what happens when you cheat your employees. EMPLOYERS.

Lake City's Finest : She still smiles . She must want the D

rolo 9870 : I like how they keep playing calm music in the background as if nothing happened.

Justin Why? : Aha I think he was referencing this old movie

jeff phillips : Umm OK...LOL

Nicholas Smith : His choreography in conjunction with his lewd remark made me spit out my glass of water.

RealV3N0M0US : 00:23 oooooh no no no no *LMAO*

Adolph Oliver Bush : I woke up laughing, thinking of this.  Guy is a mack.

90s Baby : HAHAHAHA Can't believe this exist. R.I.P Gracie

phat cat mouse killer : I don't understand what's so funny isn't this how you're supposed to talk to women ???

DAT50GO DAT50GO : play тнe vιdeo ιn ѕlo мo ѕтarтιng @ 0:22 ѕec. 😂😂😂

RayUnknown : I love how they put the music back on after that 10/10 nothing happen here move on

AlexTheEpic : This must've been this guy's last day. Or he was drunk. He also looks like Saul Goodman.