Cook The Man some F**king eggs B*tch! outburst

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A E : cocaine is not for everyone

lurkzie : It was his moment and he went for it

Kevin Nguyễn : She kept cracking the eggs. What a bloody champ.

That Guy : I feel like I'm watching The Eric Andre Show.

mario condello : I think we've all been there at some point in our lives.

HardRockMiner : You can quit your job, or you can do this.

Brock Nokli : That should be the name of every cookbook.

RockyJoe Gaming : Grabs whisk ** voovoovoovoovoovoovoovoovoo

Reborn666skull : 0:34 he said the reference, "Once were warriors". Weird, nobody noticed in top comments. Rate to let others see!

phat cat mouse killer : I don't understand what's so funny isn't this how you're supposed to talk to women ???

The Creepiest Of Pasta : that can't be for real

Some Kiwi : I can’t believe people thought this was real

shainese : i love how this was really the only time New Zealand got noticed lmao

Marco Klammer : The woman's facial expression is priceless

Mikoalex miko : I think she kinda liked it

tpakage : Cocaine is a hell of a drug. This is one of my new favorite videos

Jacob Woods : I hope he was promoted!

Nephilim Research : Asshole producer, wouldn't let her finish. What a jerk.

Nick Clockson : i rember when i had my first beer

george lopes : Respect wamen

Steven Peters : *Cocaine is one helluva drug*

Justin Why? : Aha I think he was referencing this old movie


Davidson Chew : Just check these 3 timings: 00:22 00:27 00:31 Notice the beaker.. it was empty, then full of eggs, then empty again. 

RayUnknown : I love how they put the music back on after that 10/10 nothing happen here move on

Sebastian Koil : Michael Caine is one helluva drug


herlock sholmes : That's one way to get fired

handacsaba : the nudge and the tug on the blazer 😂😂😂

yok pok : This must be a comedy sketch. I mean the cut scenes with eggs filled and empty and then eggs filled again makes no bloody sense

مهبول لأسباب امنية : 0:22 When your wife asks you to go buy food from the restaurant

Financially Free : I have so many questions. Where is this from Why did he say this Who is this beautiful man 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Dudeldani : Is this real?

Kyle K : Lmao what was he quoting is that from a movie or something? 😂

M B : You guys know this is staged and the guy is a comedian right?

Ghost : #JakeTheMuss

Lemony Snow : According to feminist historians, this is a dramatic re-enactment of how the patriarchy started.

Son of a BITCH ! ! : This is a Morning Show parody that probably airs late at night. Hence the name. It consists of many seemingly normal comedy bits that are either meant to catch the viewer or the celebrity guest off guard when things suddenly get awkward. Another similar show would be the Eric Andre show.

CrazyLegs : VrooooooooomMmMmMmMmMmMmMm

KTM Trooper : The woman hats off to her... she laughed it off... she might've been furious but she kept her cool

Nicholas Smith : His choreography in conjunction with his lewd remark made me spit out my glass of water.


jUppers : its the same guy who used to do "speedcooking" on youtube so im going fake with this one

Finn Coleman : Bloody Leigh and Jason 😂

Dimitrios Kanlis : The fist bump at the end made it 😂

Darius Ford : She still smiles . She must want the D

AlexTheEpic : This must've been this guy's last day. Or he was drunk. He also looks like Saul Goodman.

Oligampla : Quality show!

Fluxey : she didn't deserve that , but yes it is funny getting fired that way of which I think was the motive.

Hank outlaw : This guy would be great doing table side service at restaurants. Lol