Building a Realistic Diorama - Australian Scenery Time Lapse

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Luke Towan : If you found the tiny Wally figure in the video be sure to let let me know and see if you make it onto the leader board... There's still time!

Jutta Beckmann : Great job as always : ) How about some industry ruins that are overgrown by grass, bushes, shrubs and birches? Maybe with some old tracks etc. ? (Birches are the majority of trees in these kind of areas) If you dont know exactly how these areas look I recomend you looking at examples from postindustrial regions, for example my region the "Ruhrgebiet" (Germany).

Miniac : Luke, you're an internarional treasure.

IMRROcom : Luke you are killing it! Great work again.

Warped Clips : Awesome diorama! :0

Agung Hery Wibawa : Awesome 😍. Can you make Waterfall Scene Sir?

sonnieandjacob : The bob Ross of models

Jake Halvorson : Can you please make a winter one

Brad Smith : Awesome!

Julius R : The only time YouTube recommended a random video that I actually caught onto and subscribed

CrankyPants : Very impressive. Thanks for sharing that with us.

IMRROcom : Anycubic Photon DLP - very interested in that.

mallu muttu : your time place design looking nice

LookatmyBig Geoduck : can you make the same scene but just after it has rained with some puddles and mud ruts?

Glasseater : Another video so soon!? Awesome!

Seymur Hemidli : gorgeously, my eyes again received a dose of pleasure

Jon H : I LOVE Your videos!! I'm not even into trains but your process is fascinating to watch and your detail is amazing! It just makes me happy watching. You keep making these little vignettes... I'd love to see them all in one video. Maybe you could showcase them one by one and one and point out your favorite details? Just an idea... :)

Christopher Bettex : Time lapse is very very nice 💪🏻

Wet_Concrete : Shoulda added some animals like kangaroos

Doramius : That was completely amazing. I hope you have the ability to continue to do it, but I'd be excited if you could upload these separate time lapse videos of your dioramas. I'd be watching them in a heartbeat, as well. Your regular videos only come out about once a month, and these time lapses in between would definitely bridge some of that gap. I try to recreate many of your ideas, and that time lapse did wonders. Your instructionals are so amazing. Keep it going.

villafanmart : that quad-copter shot at the begining was beautiful :P

Goofy Beaver : so relaxing to watch

Ariana Cole : I would LOVE to see a tropical/Beach diorama! A place for the palm trees you've previously made!

potatohero01 : hey i love your videos...n well i was wondering/i had a suggestion....if you maybe in the future do some kind of race track??....its okay if you cant just tougth it whould be cool too see it done by someone 1,000× better than me lol

Danny Holt : That wasn't Luke in this video folks! That was the hand of God making all things beautiful on this Earth. Fantastic video Luke! An absolute pleasure to watch as always. Thanks for the relaxation time. Cheers, Dan

Walla : awesome

Milton Unocinco : Awesome!!!!!

TeamEmeraldElements : This is great! I've been watching your videos for quite a while now and the other day I realised that some people on Instagram had been taking some of your videos and uploading them to Instagram without giving any credit. Just thought I'd let you know.

Susan : >very realistic I'd hardly call an outback diorama without dropbears in it 'realistic' (⇀_⇀)

Alexander Gomez : Luke make videos more often make a model ship

Sean B. : While it was cool to see the time lapse, it would be nice to have the process explained to us beginners.

Miguel BR Scale models & Dioramas : No words.....

Lachy Mckenzie : Awesome as always. Love your channel!

B. Wilson : Hey Luke! I have a curious question, or questions. I'm making a large diorama (It's in imperial units, 5 1/2 feet by 4 feet). I was thinking about plaster cloth under shell with sculptamould hills/smoothing, do you think this combination would work? Also, do you have any ideas for modelling burned underbrush and trees? The diorama theme is a western US forest. I plan on modelling a small burned out patch. Any ideas or input from anyone else with ideas is appreciated!

1BCamden : Haha the only thing that doesn’t look real is the Toyota 4WD

dtiydr : 10:12 That is a drone taking those pictures over a forest somewhere..

Wet_Concrete : Ever thought about adding animals

Noble909 : Looks great! How about a snippet of Yosemite Valley?

ratled1 : You just need a scale Ronny Dahl standing next to the 4 x4!

Collywobbler Soufflé : Woop! Another scenery diorama!

High lonesome Bluegrass : Hey Luke amazing job good buddy, I’m sure you get this all the time and have a ton of things to do. But I had an idea to throw your way. I’m sure you have heard of Steve Irwin. Well he has always been a hero of mine growing up. All the work he has done with and for all animals has really made me look up to him. Being from Australia I’m sure you have a certain place in your heart for him as well. Anyways, my idea would be for you to put together a diorama of him at at one of his croc enclosures at his famous Australia zoo. You’d be able to do a water source with the croc in it and him standing on the bank ready for action! Just a thought, Full video, no time lapse because it’s great to hear you explaining things and going into detail. I know these videos take a lot of time but if you were able to fit it into your busy schedule, I’d probably make your views jump way up. Look forward to the next one my friend. Take care!

Deleted : Yet again another great video! Keep em coming Luke!

JT Poole : What scale is this

Renato Scaglia : Fantastico come sempre !!!!!!!

Mocha : Can you try making an Underwater scene? :-)

Kyaira Marie : When will you do a big project of a town or city with models?? Or slow motion short cartoon of the people in your towns. I think that’d be cool. You’ve done some small skits of the cars moving in previous videos

Paul Rippcord : I'd love to see a beach scene (water, palm trees, sand, umbrella, etc.).

FelixTube : I looked up time lapse Australia and this was a complete match

FelixTube : I didn't find wally but found 2 cute kangaroo

FelixTube : Awsome