(MAN IS ALLEGED 👮 INFORMER, ABUSER SEE DESCRIPTION) Seattle Anarchist "whats up bootlickers" Amazon
Seattle man lights up City council over Amazon tax repeal

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Allegedly this man sent screenshots of signal chats to police, available via public record, after the google document outing him as a violent abuser at the end of the description went public: http://archive.is/Yg3Fg http://archive.is/IWAoK http://archive.is/iQhEj http://archive.is/Un53h (1st & 3rd image) http://archive.is/UdQMy https://i.imgur.com/vkn7KWv.png The public letter compiled by several activist organizations he worked with: https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/1-AxRmjYpMNChFC81QzBqY_V16fsMP6_Rkdl81QJIZ4o/mobilebasic


Michael : Anarchist Dad 2020

GranolaNutMix : W H A T I S U P M Y B O O T L I C K E R S

Bat'ko : A B S O L U T E U N I T

12v : the marx quote at the end was off the chain

New Harmony Naptown : Cursing offends people more than people dying in the streets.

StereoTypikal : M A R X M I C D R O P

Eric Grumke : Praxis

Alex : What an absolute legend

Nahtemai : Anarcho-Veteranism-Dadism.

Dave Johnson : *WHAT'S UP, B O O T L I C K E R S?!"

svitztraveler : God this is the best thing I've ever seen

Yes : Nestor Makhno expropriating bourgeois property (1917, colorized)

DeadManAnimations : What's up, bootlickers? >2018 comrade greeting

camdencoven : Hell yeah

BobRossNTV : this man is my hero

All Hail King Killmonger : imagine all the panicky rationalization must going on in the councils heads there, all hail the glorious anarchodad

Lucian Clark : COMRADE

Cyclideon : nothing but respect for our troops

Annathika's Sick Cushion Fort : White collar sweat INTENSIFIES

ruediix : A bit salty but it definitely needed to be said. Also, the language is certainly justified.

Agnaye Ochani : Man's got more spine and balls than most politicians.

Plugs Plug : The spirit of Thomas Sankara lingers in all class conscious soldiers, bless this man.

Christine : Let's be more like anarcho-dad

Mike Ray : B A S E D

Nic Berry : peak praxis

The Dirty Commie : Day 7. I have removed dozens of bootlickers from the comments and from the channel. They're shadowbanned, so they think their comments are still here. The search for decent right wingers continues...

FinalPizzaHut : This is my aesthetic


OfficialLoupak : sup B O O T L I C K E R S

Jacob G : He makes me proud be a Anarchist. "When Its our turn, we will make no excuses for the terror" ! - Karl Marx-

Matthew Grimshaw : Absolutely no response from the council to his direct questions.

ciaran : this guy is the only good troop

Matt 2.0 : There is something seriously wrong with people who are obsessed with the accumulation of wealth and power at the expense of their fellow humans. These are sick, twisted, diseased human beings, and they are the ones who are most enabled by the structure of the US government. This can only go on for so long before regular Americans decide to take what they need to not live in misery.

Red Brigade : Anarcho-Veteran Military Coup when?

Will Rees : What's up bootlickers

Kazuma Kiryu : o7 Go on Chapo

Plaatboy : "Sir, there are children here." Yea, there sure are, and i'm looking at um!!

SouvlakiViking : ABSOLUTE UNIT

Shubham Bhushan : There go my Brovaries

ini the man : We are in the future now.

Kenneth Hennig : there goes my hero

Samuel Peacock : Round of applause for this magnificent bastard! Mother Anarchy loves her sons!

Brandon Bennett : I'd buy you a beer if I knew who you were, comrade. Good luck.

The Awesome Incarnate : EVERYTHING THIS STARTING AT 0:00

Tonuka : what a guy

Mario Stares Sternly : Daddy 😍

Anarchist : What a man

Joe Madden : Marx ✌️

some gizmo : what up bootlickers is praxis