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Police Officer searches a guy and finds heroin instead of arresting him he cuts him some major slack and it leads to a very sad yet wholesome moment

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A driver who can't stop officers from searching his vehicle ends up admitting to his girlfriend that he has a drug problem in this clip from "12.8.17". #LivePD Subscribe for more from Live PD and other great A&E shows: Find out more about Live PD and watch full episodes on our site: Watch Dan Abrams and Sgt. "Sticks" Larkin analyze events from the show: Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Live PD Season 2 Episode 19 12.8.17 On "Live PD," ABC's Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at for more info.


Sudip Barua : Whoa what a beautiful cop. This is what I call protecting and serving 🙌🏽

Saskia Sadist : People need help. Not thrown and forgotten in jail.

Wired Murdoc : A true example of what law enforcement is all about, Shame on all other ego cop out there. Thank you for your service officer.

tits mcgee : Bless that cop

Rant Therapist : Whoa, this cop went above and beyond. This is what protecting and serving really is. Wow. I'm floored.

Lennethare : At the end of the video if you look the cop in the eyes you can see he's almost crying.

Screaming Tima : Thank you to this amazing cop for not throwing this man into jail. Addicts need help, not thrown into the system where they are forgotten about. I’m praying that the guy got the help that he needed and that him, his girlfriend and baby have wonderful lives. Just don’t discard the addicts out there, please. They are human beings who just need to know that there are people who care and won’t leave them when the going gets tough. We need more compassionate cops out there like this cop.

Lieutenant General Obvious : If anyone ever deserved a promotion in their field of work, it is no doubt this guy. He could have EASILY been snarky, arrogant and charge him for a buttload of things, the most obvious being the actual DRUGS in the car, yet he chooses to hear out the man and treat him like a person with as much respect as possible. DEFINITION of the term social worker.

Ian Gortemiller : Great person to be a cop.

glenn lbs : This is how every drug possession charge should be like. A+ police work. I spent 4 years in prison for about the same amount of drugs and also asked for help but got a intent to distribute and sent up state in 2002. Good to see times are changing and really help the ones in need instead of throwing them away and looking the door.

Rosetta Y : If I ever decide to become a cop I want to be a lot like that one!! Bless his heart!!

The Dog Walker : i was in this exact position 4 years ago, GF 7 months pregnant, hooked on dope, and at rock bottom.. im so glad i got help.. been sober 4 years now, 2 healthy kids.. life is a TRIP// there is help if your really ready..Bless/

Rachel Ann Wells : What a nice cop!

Michaela Leblanc : I hope he did choose to get help. I wish I could talk to that cop. He seems like a blessing.

Taylor ! : This cop is what all cops should strive to be.

Kyle Alexander : I just know my rights Whenever someone says this they wrong

It's Yevette : This made me cry

Vincent Pasceri : That cop was one SOLID HUMAN BEING - GOD BLESS YOU, BROTHER, AND PROTECT YOU ☆ Fort Benning Soldier

Brittain Gibson : “YOu cAnT ToW tHe CaR!!” 1) 2 months over due 2) revoked license 3) you can’t drive and you are operating it. 4) drugs in it. “Ok bro, i need help...”

Jessica Cantillo : Wow a real cop. Protecting n serving. God bless this man

Dark Ninja2903 : That Police Officer is a rockstar.

James Smith : Good officer. Gave him all the opportunities to man up.

Audrey legg : And the guy was so genuine and admitting that he does have a problem, and he needs help for his family

ryan murphy : Humble, empathetic, and compassionate describe that cop to a T.

Michael C : This hits hard. I wasn't strong enough to get help before the woman I loved left me. I wish I did. I understand why she did though. Don't mess with opiates people. They're too hard to get off.

Niy Williams : I may be the only one but I feel like she knew.... she was way too calm to hear about a HEROINE addiction

Chris : Wow what a good cop

Emma Louise : The cop: “I’m gonna work with you and try to help you just please cooperate” Guy: “yOu HaVe nO rIghT”

Totally Radical : Wow this has to be the nicest cop ever. I've never once met a cop, especially in the Chicago area that would let you off like this. It's this guys lucky day, although I figure the DA charged him

Cool Guy : If she stick with him after that, she really is the one. How sweet.

Climbaholic : Wow that dude got so lucky. Crying works sometimes. Lol

MOiAM : If I ever get pulled over, I hope it’s this officer. He is the coolest/nicest cop ever.

Jordan Howard : this was literally beautiful omg 😭

Someone Somewhere : I did 33 years in law enforcement. I was lied to far more than told the truth. This Officer did what I would have done. Some times we have no choice, some time we have discretion or "wiggle room" to work with. IF a person is willing to get help, THAT is the biggest point, far too many don't care and will continue to drink, drug whatever. If it can be stopped early there is a greater chance for help to work but they MUST work at it. Addiction is an angry beast with no mercy. It can be overcome, I have seen success but it is a long and hard road. I hope this guy makes it and he can one day at a time, one minute at a time if needed.

Bullwinkle Moose : To protect and serve... this cop was worried more about making this guys life better than turning him into a criminal over a little bit of personal stash. Yes, there are cops out there who are corrupt or who are on a power trip...but most are hard working decent people who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve their communities. I hope the guy in this video took advantage of the break he was given!

lotrando : Oh my god😳this is so heartbreaking and wholesome at the same time

MyChi Vain : I liked how he said that. "It's an uninsured unlicensed car operated by someone with a revoked drivers license." 😂 1:36

Zane Drawdy : 12 just trynna do their jobs. They human too

Donnie Kramer : That cop is a good man. I wish the guy and his family the best!

miss Vivian : Now that's how police should handle...not always trynna throw ppl in jail but help them get help

AFugy : Protect and serve, this officer knows what that means.

Trevor Eastman Guitar : What an AMAZING cop man. Very understanding

this is trash : they both went to re-up after that little scare lol

Roman Daugherty : They must be related or cops son or something. No way does that happen in real life.

ECC Massive : Much respect due to this officer. That man needs help, not prison. Hope he sticks to his word.

Allison Linner : This is the nicest cop I've ever seen tbh. This almost made me cry. A lot of officers are like "you need help but I can't let you off with a ticket." Or they're like "yeah I'll work with you," and then they proceed to arrest despite what they said. I get sometimes an arrest needs to take place, but I think it happens more often than it should. I have a lot of family members from the time I was really little abuse opiates. I remember being told to not accompany my dad to the door and I'd hear pills. Kids notice everything. This really warmed my heart. I really hope he did get help and that the prosecutor went east on him. ❤

Ethan Garcia : On this special Memorial Day this officer became a great hero thanks Sr for your service

Sam Parisesu : Jesus Christ what is with every one getting pulled over in silver Malibu’s lmao

Mariah McCray : That’s so sweet 😭❤️