Live PD: She Doesn't Know (Season 2) | A&E

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tits mcgee : Bless that cop

Timothy Rands : This cops name is matt harmon about 2 years ago he did the same exact thing for me. Found herion on me and he wanted me to get help he let my girlfriend come pick me up. Me being a convicted felon he had no reason to help me other then he is a decent person and amazing police officer. I can proudly say i have my life together now and this amazing cops really helped me.

Pubg Sofie : People need help. Not thrown and forgotten in jail.

Josh ATX : That guy had a better chance of hitting the lotto twice in one month than getting a ticket and released while in possession of narcos and heroin. Wow.

glenn lbs : This is how every drug possession charge should be like. A+ police work. I spent 4 years in prison for about the same amount of drugs and also asked for help but got a intent to distribute and sent up state in 2002. Good to see times are changing and really help the ones in need instead of throwing them away and looking the door.

Rachel Ann Wells : What a nice cop!

Kyle Martineau : Seriously this is great. You don’t know how much I appreciate this. My dad died in January from a drug overdose. It means so much to me to see someone doing this for this man. I hope the best for him. We all deserve a second chance. I hope he takes advantage of it.

backwoodsjunkie08 : They should have a program where as soon as they find dope you go straight into a rehab facility.... Or people will never get clean

Daniel Gamble : Another example of a good cop trying to help people. As well as total professionalism by the police.

J Productions : We need more cops like this guy

The Brown Conservative : What a cop. And at the end what a man. Big up I’m proud of both sides truly. Proud of my state

Sorra Jade : This honestly makes my cry. I watch Live PD every day. I don't remember every episode but this episodes I'll never forget.

Daequan Shepherd : We really do need more officers like this.. Seriously

Wala Lopez : I got pulled over with my girlfriend with unprescribed Xanax and 8 grams of marijuana, a bong, no insurance and registration expired by 6 months . we had been smoking in the car and the cops ( 2 guys) pulled us out of the car and they asked if there was anything and I told them EVERYTHING. The cops let us go with fix it tickets ( no "privilege" here, I just fully cooperated with them and made their job easier, he saw I wasn't a threat so he let me go ) .. not all cops are bad most do their jobs well every single day but you don't here about them on the news.

Daniel Varney : “I just know my rights.” And the most hilariously false sentence of the day goes tooo......

YailynsMom Yvette : This made me cry

thatboijay 247 : Guys you see cops don't want to take people to jail they just trying to help you do the right stuff

VLOGGER_Lyfe : Bless the cop...maybe the nicest cop ever!

Ad Pecle : I wish this one would go viral, this right here is whats great about alot of cops, he really did his best to help that guy out...hopefully he didnt just consider it a lucky break and keep on using, hopefully he actually followed through and took that gift

James Smith : Good officer. Gave him all the opportunities to man up.

sam neale : Wow... that cop... what a genuinely nice guy ❤️

bmgag19 : showing good cops instead of brainwashing outro's ("you should trust the police!!!!") is a better way to send the message

Nolans Account : Wow what an awesome man didn’t charge him with the dope and let him walk without being arrested, now I just hope that the addict actually got the help he seemed to have wanted

Boniface YT : I really love this cop

Wired Murdoc : A true example of what law enforcement is all about, Shame on all other ego cop out there. Thank you for your service officer.

Secret Ninja : When my brother, my twin and I went fishing, a guy parked in an illegal parking spot. A cop came under the bridge where we were fishing and we pointed over where the guy was when he asked. The guy who was parking there jumped in the water and my twin and I got so excited, we started filming in our phones for our own live pd. Just a tad bit obsessed 😂😂😂

OGD family : Hopefully this guy dident just go buy more drugs after this this cop gave him all the opportunity’s to get his shii together and he had a baby on they way good luck 👍

DeltaElite LIVE : Man bless that cop! You never find a cop 👮 act this nice! Specially with heroine!!!

Allison Linner : This is the nicest cop I've ever seen tbh. This almost made me cry. A lot of officers are like "you need help but I can't let you off with a ticket." Or they're like "yeah I'll work with you," and then they proceed to arrest despite what they said. I get sometimes an arrest needs to take place, but I think it happens more often than it should. I have a lot of family members from the time I was really little abuse opiates. I remember being told to not accompany my dad to the door and I'd hear pills. Kids notice everything. This really warmed my heart. I really hope he did get help and that the prosecutor went east on him. ❤

Kace face : That was an amazing cop. Trying to HELP people with drug problems rather than just putting him into the system. God bless you officer

Itsall_ legal : Cop low key goes around saving ppl AND pockets stashes to smuggle to under privelaged doctors in third world countries 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sudip Barua : Whoa what a beautiful cop. This is what I call protecting and serving 🙌🏽

Hello Friends : So we cant text and drive but cops straight send emails and drive

MOiAM : If I ever get pulled over, I hope it’s this officer. He is the coolest/nicest cop ever.

SaiF Habibi : If u know ur right then u should know that you have no rights. Americans in love with their own voice to speak the truth .

Vincent Pasceri : That cop was one SOLID HUMAN BEING - GOD BLESS YOU, BROTHER, AND PROTECT YOU ☆ Fort Benning Soldier

wes Wes : Best cop ever!!! May god bless him and his family. ☺

ryan murphy : Humble, empathetic, and compassionate describe that cop to a T.

AFugy : Protect and serve, this officer knows what that means.

Demetrius Roberts : I have never heard a cop say let me help lie about the drugs than let him go where they do that at

Lennethare : At the end of the video if you look the cop in the eyes you can see he's almost crying.

Tommy B : That's a real cop. God bless him 👍

Montana 666 : Only one question Why did he search his plates for no reason their is plenty of cars driving plus he knew his license was revoked looked like me he knew him just saing. Fyi im from Chicago Illinois He had no reason to do what he did without a probable cause......

Chris : Wow what a good cop

Bojan Skavo : They should put this on the news how beautiful work are police officers do

Taylor ! : This cop is what all cops should strive to be.

The_Hermit's Perspective : If it was early 2000's, if that was crack, if that was a black man, jail or dead. Saved by his skin. *Edit* who am I kidding about the early 2000's... Happening now. : That cop is awesome

Jay 10k : Kind cop. The dad seems like a good dude also I hope everything works out for them great story

ashleywatson2007 : Honesty...THE BEST policy!