Live PD: She Doesn't Know (Season 2) | A&E

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tits mcgee : Bless that cop

Charles Dobbs : I'm fkn BLOWN AWAY. Now that is a REAL MAN, A TRUE POLICE OFFICER. Not out to destroy someone's life.

Saskia Sadist : People need help. Not thrown and forgotten in jail.

Sudip Barua : Whoa what a beautiful cop. This is what I call protecting and serving 🙌🏽

Kyle Alexander : I just know my rights Whenever someone says this they wrong

Rachel Ann Wells : What a nice cop!

Wired Murdoc : A true example of what law enforcement is all about, Shame on all other ego cop out there. Thank you for your service officer.

Lennethare : At the end of the video if you look the cop in the eyes you can see he's almost crying.

glenn lbs : This is how every drug possession charge should be like. A+ police work. I spent 4 years in prison for about the same amount of drugs and also asked for help but got a intent to distribute and sent up state in 2002. Good to see times are changing and really help the ones in need instead of throwing them away and looking the door.

Screaming Tima : Thank you to this amazing cop for not throwing this man into jail. Addicts need help, not thrown into the system where they are forgotten about. I’m praying that the guy got the help that he needed and that him, his girlfriend and baby have wonderful lives. Just don’t discard the addicts out there, please. They are human beings who just need to know that there are people who care and won’t leave them when the going gets tough. We need more compassionate cops out there like this cop.

Niy Williams : I may be the only one but I feel like she knew.... she was way too calm to hear about a HEROINE addiction

Rosetta Y : If I ever decide to become a cop I want to be a lot like that one!! Bless his heart!!

Ian Gortemiller : Great person to be a cop.

Michaela Leblanc : I hope he did choose to get help. I wish I could talk to that cop. He seems like a blessing.

It's Yevette : This made me cry

Revoke : Any update on that guy? Really want to know as well if he checked into rehab and changed his life around for his family and baby.

Taylor ! : This cop is what all cops should strive to be.

Itsall_ legal : Cop low key goes around saving ppl AND pockets stashes to smuggle to under privelaged doctors in third world countries 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Brown Conservative : What a cop. And at the end what a man. Big up I’m proud of both sides truly. Proud of my state

RUDEBOY RAY : Man bless that cop! You never find a cop 👮 act this nice! Specially with heroine!!!

Vincent Pasceri : That cop was one SOLID HUMAN BEING - GOD BLESS YOU, BROTHER, AND PROTECT YOU ☆ Fort Benning Soldier

eliza. : he’s my favorite cop in this series.

Demetrius Roberts : I have never heard a cop say let me help lie about the drugs than let him go where they do that at

Timothy Rands : This cops name is matt harmon about 2 years ago he did the same exact thing for me. Found herion on me and he wanted me to get help he let my girlfriend come pick me up. Me being a convicted felon he had no reason to help me other then he is a decent person and amazing police officer. I can proudly say i have my life together now and this amazing cops really helped me.

- Exillion - : bless that cop there are so many bad ones out there

Swagg Daddy : No way this would have happened if he was black I’m just saying 🤷🏿‍♂️

ryan murphy : Humble, empathetic, and compassionate describe that cop to a T.

wes Wes : Best cop ever!!! May god bless him and his family. ☺

Allison Linner : This is the nicest cop I've ever seen tbh. This almost made me cry. A lot of officers are like "you need help but I can't let you off with a ticket." Or they're like "yeah I'll work with you," and then they proceed to arrest despite what they said. I get sometimes an arrest needs to take place, but I think it happens more often than it should. I have a lot of family members from the time I was really little abuse opiates. I remember being told to not accompany my dad to the door and I'd hear pills. Kids notice everything. This really warmed my heart. I really hope he did get help and that the prosecutor went east on him. ❤

OGD family : Hopefully this guy dident just go buy more drugs after this this cop gave him all the opportunity’s to get his shii together and he had a baby on they way good luck 👍

Totally Radical : Wow this has to be the nicest cop ever. I've never once met a cop, especially in the Chicago area that would let you off like this. It's this guys lucky day, although I figure the DA charged him

Steven Malcom : Wow that cop didn’t slam him? I must say he’s a good cop. People shouldn’t be thrown in jail for drugs use. They should be sent to rehab for that. If the cop sees obvious intent to distribute and constant use with no want for help then they should be sent to jail to learn a lesson. The cop saw the guy honestly wanted help. He didn’t even charge him with the heroin and didn’t even send him to jail on a revoked license. A true good cop.

M G : So we cant text and drive but cops straight send emails and drive

James Smith : Good officer. Gave him all the opportunities to man up.

Audra Brizendine : I really like this cop! He was not judging he was actually helpful to this man.. God bless ppl that have compassion and understanding for ppl with addiction.. Kindness goes a long way. I hope the man did really get help.

soldav : COOLEST COP EVER!!!!!!!!

The adventures of Rachel and Ava : This cop was so amazing and so compassionate ! I loved this . Very very cool

Prof2You Smithe : Brave guy and excellent policing!!!

jklfds85 : That cop just gave the guy a second chance....I hope he didn't blow it!

hiphopmusic : I love this cop..God blessed u sir

matthew crowder : This cop deserves a raise

Inziswap 097 : Such an amazing cop

AFugy : Protect and serve, this officer knows what that means.

Spectrum : Now that is what I call a cop!!!

Deana Wells : And that my friends is how addicted behavior should be handled by the police every time every where. No one wakes up one day and says “ I know, I got a great idea that I will become an addict today and ruin my family and my life “

Sonya Goupil : Now that’s serving and protecting

Elle s. : So sad. I pray for the baby and the parents. Amazing work from the cop

MOiAM : If I ever get pulled over, I hope it’s this officer. He is the coolest/nicest cop ever.

SnowBunny Steph : This cop deserves a raise 😘😘

SM Music Plus : Top bloak cop!