Elizabeth Swaney "olympic" run with zero tricks!

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Comments from Youtube

Bissy : The ultimate troll athlete.

Kenny Farren : My favorite part is the commentator trying to come up with something positive to say.

J : The commentators deserve an award for not laughing and still providing a serious description of her athletic feats!

A Dar : Love the lack of highlights for the highlight reel.

StoneXL : This is the "average person for comparison" people always talk about including in the games. Amazing.

David Rector : Zero tricks? Wasn't that a 180 alley oop in there?

Shano Davis : I can't wait for the movie

d borski : Gotta give her props for finding a way into the Olympics.

Jam Slam : The look of confusion and disgust on Korean faces = Priceless.

Barry : Will she pass drug testing?

Johnny James Ferreira : just going for a leisure ski at the Olympics!!! bucket list check✔

Michaël Lamontagne : I guess i can go to olympics too ; )

Jason L : If Napoleon Dynamite was in the Olympics......

IkoLinh : what a legend

Keith Moran : She should have yelled "EXTREME!" at the top of the pipe each time.

Jay Williams : When you get a new game for Christmas and have no clue how to play

Jimmy LaFleur : GOAT.

jacklxv : Somebody give this footage to OzzyMan

gtorres1719 : Now this is how you hack the Olympics lol. This girl is a genius.

The Happy Hour Hound : Long story short, she's some wealthy 30-something who managed to get herself ranked 34th in the world in the freestyle skiing halfpipe by discovering that the scoring system gives points to the top 30 at each competition, and not every competition gets 30 competitors. So she went around the country and the world going to as many competitions as she could, doing no tricks and just managing to finish in the top 30 by not wiping out. Then, since the Olympics only allow 4 competitors per nation and the US team is actually competitive, she switched to represent Hungary because her grandparents are Hungarian.

TheRealJollyRoger : Some heroes don’t wear capes

Mr kuma : El único comentario hispanoparlante. Resistamos hermanos!!!

Sentient Program : Thats more tricks than i can ever do skiing. Yay for Swaney .

TommyGlint : She worked the system that is all. Not particularly “inspirational” to say the least. I’m not an expert, but I do believe it required a certain amount of top 30 placements in World Cup comps to get to the Olympics. She just travelled the world and “competed” in as many as possible. Some didn’t even have 30 contestants. In other contests she made top 30 doing nothing while others finished after her, because they fell an their ass actually trying. Funny? Yes. Inpirational? Not really...

leberkas7 : 1:31 i heard a bit of a laugh but the commentator is still an absolute legend, he should get a medal for that tbh....


DaniM : I love her! I don't understand why everyone is being so mean.

MatthiXXY : This one photographer with the big lens at the end looks like "wtf, why did I even bring my camera"

Andym8910 : You’re telling me she isn’t a course worker?

Ali Naraghi : She is my new hero! lol

J N : chock up another one for women athletes competing in a man's world.......lol.

Jeremiah Hernandez : Hahahahaha this is great


Shookoo : *Sees main winter Olympics* No, I want the _real_ athletes. *Swaney* P E R F E C T I O N

MillywiggZ : Pretty good tool assisted speed run though.

tkneebee : Thank God Sarah Burke fought to get Women's halfpipe in the Olympics so we could see this woman...

Baddy187 : I could do this

Joshcruiser5 : It’s cuz she was using motion control steering on the wii, you always gotta use analog for tricks.

Emeni Carter : What's funny is she's gonna be famous just like the Kardashians just for being there and doing absolutely NOTHING LOLOLOL

Spotastic : I can barely put a pair of skiis on.

lupinearsenalALT : Lmao photographers didn’t even bother to lift their cameras up

Xande : Olympics speedrunning

Diego Delgado : Good for her, she wanted to be in the Olympics and she made it, no cheating or bribing, she just played the system. Blame the game not the player

Zortac : She's not the best, but it is harder than it looks. I'd have been flat on my face.

THE Crappie Killer : Man what an idiot. She thinks she is so cool too.

Jesse Johnson : I'm confused, is this the special Olympics?

FILMSPEEDMUSIC : Damn she went hard in the pipe!

Fran Bueno : Illo q se caiga, pero q haga algo

Josean Salazar : Perfection at its best