Elizabeth Swaney "olympic" run with zero tricks!

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Kenny Farren : My favorite part is the commentator trying to come up with something positive to say.

Spotastic : I can barely put a pair of skiis on.

Alex Tindall : When your controller disconnects

Bissy : The ultimate troll athlete.

J : The commentators deserve an award for not laughing and still providing a serious description of her athletic feats!

A Dar : Love the lack of highlights for the highlight reel.

StoneXL : This is the "average person for comparison" people always talk about including in the games. Amazing.

Michaël Lamontagne : I guess i can go to olympics too ; )

Toni Kastillo : Eso lo hago yo en silla de ruedas mientras me sacudo la nutria

Shano Davis : I can't wait for the movie

IkoLinh : what a legend

Jimmy LaFleur : GOAT.

gtorres1719 : Now this is how you hack the Olympics lol. This girl is a genius.

David Rector : Zero tricks? Wasn't that a 180 alley oop in there?

d borski : Gotta give her props for finding a way into the Olympics.

Mr kuma : El único comentario hispanoparlante. Resistamos hermanos!!!

Jason L : If Napoleon Dynamite was in the Olympics......

Ali Naraghi : She is my new hero! lol

Aidan S : She cheated the system 😂

Rock Surf : I saw airs, a 360 and a switch finish. 3 tricks.

Google Name : What next everybody gets a medal?

Emeni Carter : What's funny is she's gonna be famous just like the Kardashians just for being there and doing absolutely NOTHING LOLOLOL

leberkas 7 : 1:31 i heard a bit of a laugh but the commentator is still an absolute legend, he should get a medal for that tbh....

Alee May : Don't see what's wrong. Thirty places were available and she was on the list. Not like she was taking the place of another competitor. Happens a lot in winter Olympics than most realize...Brazilian freestyle skiers, the Nigerian bobsledders, Ghana skeleton racer, Eddie the Eagle, etc.

Eduardo Leon : If you're going to compete in the Olympics at least make an effort, you want to skii for fun go find a resort

whathappenedtothedon : Ok so you start skiing at 20, travel the world competing at events with seasoned vets, have the balls to stick that out however many times she did, qualify for the Olympics, walk the ceremony and hang in the village, then have the balls to actually run the pipe in front of the entire world knowing you have almost no skills. Though shred she did not, she went twin tips down, balls hanging way out...brews you must admit this journey is legendary!

Joshua Clark : Normally something like this would be funny but for some reason this just seems abhorrent. It's like post-modern art for the athletic world.

Elkin Shiner : What a troll. Lmao!

MillywiggZ : Pretty good tool assisted speed run though.

TommyGlint : She worked the system that is all. Not particularly “inspirational” to say the least. I’m not an expert, but I do believe it required a certain amount of top 30 placements in World Cup comps to get to the Olympics. She just travelled the world and “competed” in as many as possible. Some didn’t even have 30 contestants. In other contests she made top 30 doing nothing while others finished after her, because they fell an their ass actually trying. Funny? Yes. Inpirational? Not really...

MatthiXXY : This one photographer with the big lens at the end looks like "wtf, why did I even bring my camera"

Peter S : How is it that Hungary allowed her to represent their country? What an embarrassment for them and it's an embarrassment for the U.S. to have someone from their country pull this stunt. Imagine if you are a legitimate competitor that didn't get to compete in the Olympics and then you have to watch that! I know the Olympic ideal is about competing and doing your best but it's also about excellence and there has to be some standard to qualify unless you are from a country where there are no qualifiers and someone from your country is then allowed to enter. She is from the U.S., not Hungary, so this should not have been allowed to happen. I competed in track and field and was 5th in my country's Olympic Trials so I didn't get to go to the Olympics but at least there was a fair qualification process and those that went met a reasonable criteria. The qualification process for this sport has to be adjusted so something like this can't happen because this is totally unfair to legitimate half-pipe skiers.

Johnny James Ferreira : just going for a leisure ski at the Olympics!!! bucket list check✔

Shookoo : *Sees main winter Olympics* No, I want the _real_ athletes. *Swaney* P E R F E C T I O N

Aaron Rainey : She got her bucket list item checked off while disrespecting others in the sport. Maybe rules committee can wise up now and stop such silliness.

Heather Lia : Not in the olympic spirit at all. How is this allowed? I probably could have done that. So could thousands of people who have been on skis a couple times.

Diego De Monte : Good for her, she wanted to be in the Olympics and she made it, no cheating or bribing, she just played the system. Blame the game not the player

FILMSPEEDMUSIC : Damn she went hard in the pipe!

avantgardeaclue : Get lost swaney you tit

Gary K : Hope they change the qualifying rules a bit so this doesn't happen again. I can imagine the number of WAY better skiers who could've been in her spot instead.

lupinearsenalALT : Lmao photographers didn’t even bother to lift their cameras up

Zortac : She's not the best, but it is harder than it looks. I'd have been flat on my face.

IndigoIslands : I love this woman

DaniM : I love her! I don't understand why everyone is being so mean.

Joshcruiser5 : It’s cuz she was using motion control steering on the wii, you always gotta use analog for tricks.

Jay Williams : When you get a new game for Christmas and have no clue how to play

Keith Moran : She should have yelled "EXTREME!" at the top of the pipe each time.

Leon Kapszewicz : How can you wait 4 years go all the way to Korea just to do this?¿?

TheRealJollyRoger : Some heroes don’t wear capes

Shooter McGavin : MEDIOCORE