The First Slime

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not all are fast


Matt Croucher : is he crannied or his he bolder ?

somecallmetim46 : I feel sorry for anyone trying to learn English through this video. Just don't.

BackToSchool : ah yes the fabled "first slime"

Steve Brule : Those were the first reptiles that came to earth, you can tell by the grain

econ : "They do not anthropomorphize, nor do they annidate."

AsmodeusClips : Whenwasthefirsthimeforsomotheseguys?

Angel Garcia : is he cranied or is he bolder

jays0909 : "To see if they are really the best creatures for reptiles In this year "

Shlomo Baiku : Jesus Christ. Even after all this time, and even taking into account that it's an act, it stays so goddamn awkward to watch. 

Joe Cambo : Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Scales, fierce, SLIMY!

jason crumpet : Both Kyle and the cameraman deserve an Oscar for keeping a straight face. I don't know how they do it.

AJ : Oh no I hate when he leaves when the old guy talking :(

Joe Cambo : First slime

Angel Garcia : Because of the smaller fender's

Lydia Hammond : I'm waiting for the day when I see a picture of myself in with all the in between pictures

Alex Kessler : they do not anthropomorphize, nor do they andidate.

Haatchii : You wonder. Do people think he is on hard drugs, disabled, or both?

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : these lil mini monsters are straight from the heart

Carl Winslow : The pictures in between kill me

Ryan Rizzio : That's so cute and purified. I want this shirt.

Andrew : The "It does indeed" guy thinks hes a legend lol

g.gustafson1 : that's so cute and purified! do you know if he's an aged raider?

r : Fontana Cal geckos in Fontana, California

Liam Mayfair : The conversation with the ginger, oh man, that is a true masterpiece of the Internet. The kid repeating the same kyle's saying like he knows what he's talking about ROFLMAO

ana barkley : they do not anthropormorphize nor do they antodate HAHAHA wtf

girlsknow : this is my favorite video on the internet

Simon Wiley : "second" "me too"

Joe C : They do not anthropomorphize, nor do they anodate.

lauren b : thats so cute and purified!

Taylor Campisi : I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a video

Fun Uber Games : he always walks away when the conversation is going normally.

Jake Sylvester : Scales, Fears, SLIMY

Thomas Vanon : The awkwardness is painful. But I keep coming back. /snl

Jamie Foxx from Sprint : I bet this is what English sounds like to people who only speak German

Anthony Taylor : These little mini monsters are straight from the heart

XandeR ToXic : The smaller the fenders, the more likely they will survive. Truth.

Walt Campbell : they give like birth

Parker Austin : 1:57 his glare he gives that guy is amazing

TheCanadianBlack MetalAsshole : rare wooden reptiles

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : i think this is kyles finest interviewing performance

James Hansen : "These mini monsters are straight from the heart." XD Priceless! 

Tommy Barros : Because of the small fenders.. This one will be the one that survives

Braden McGuire : this is actually amazing

Nectar Head : it does indeed

K Umbach : @0:49 If Sydney Crosby never made the NHL

naruto00nix : i saw the second one too omg :O

Jack Carlos : That handshake at 2:27 was amazing!

Darric P.L. : The cringe is too strong..

Matthew Jeffrey : He’s Boulder