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Jake James : When was the first tsliyme for some these guys?

Joe Cambo : Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Scales, fierce, SLIMY!

Joe Cambo : First slime

Haatchii : You wonder. Do people think he is on hard drugs, disabled, or both?

Matt Sactown : is he crannied or his he bolder ?

somecallmetim46 : I feel sorry for anyone trying to learn English through this video. Just don't.

econ : "They do not anthropomorphize, nor do they annidate."

AJ : Oh no I hate when he leaves when the old guy talking :(

Steve Brule : Those were the first reptiles that came to earth, you can tell by the grain

BackToSchool : ah yes the fabled "first slime"

jays0909 : "To see if they are really the best creatures for reptiles In this year "

jason crumpet : Both Kyle and the cameraman deserve an Oscar for keeping a straight face. I don't know how they do it.


Alex Kessler : they do not anthropomorphize, nor do they andidate.

Angel Garcia : is he cranied or is he bolder

Carl Winslow : The pictures in between kill me

Randal Mcdaniels : My usual process of watching these videos 1. Kyle selects random person to interview (i get prepared to feel uncomfortable) 2. First few seconds of conversation (insanely difficult to watch) 3. The person FINALLY begins to pick up on the fact that he is retarded (slight relief) 4. Conversation ends (thank god) 5. I finally get to relax and laugh about it 6. kyle goes on to select next victim (repeat entire vicious cycle)

Liam Mayfair : The conversation with the ginger, oh man, that is a true masterpiece of the Internet. The kid repeating the same kyle's saying like he knows what he's talking about ROFLMAO

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : these lil mini monsters are straight from the heart

Ryan Rizzio : That's so cute and purified. I want this shirt.

g.gustafson1 : that's so cute and purified! do you know if he's an aged raider?

Lydia Hammond : I'm waiting for the day when I see a picture of myself in with all the in between pictures

Angel Garcia : Because of the smaller fender's

AsmodeusClips : Whenwasthefirsthimeforsomotheseguys?

ana barkley : they do not anthropormorphize nor do they antodate HAHAHA wtf

TheCanadianBlack MetalAsshole : rare wooden reptiles

fuyumono : Fontana Cal geckos in Fontana, California

girlsknow : this is my favorite video on the internet

Simon Wiley : "second" "me too"

lauren b : thats so cute and purified!

Jamie Foxx from Sprint : I bet this is what English sounds like to people who only speak German

ProtogenXL : why is he holding a shotgun mic??????????????

Matthew Jeffrey : He’s Boulder

Taylor Campisi : I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a video

XandeR ToXic : The smaller the fenders, the more likely they will survive. Truth.

Jake Sylvester : Scales, Fears, SLIMY

Thomas Vanon : The awkwardness is painful. But I keep coming back. /snl

Joey : This guys a genius

Joe C : They do not anthropomorphize, nor do they anodate.

Matt Sactown : scales, fears , slime

Andrew : The "It does indeed" guy thinks hes a legend lol

Tommy Barros : Because of the small fenders.. This one will be the one that survives

James Hansen : "These mini monsters are straight from the heart." XD Priceless! 

Nectar Head : it does indeed

Anthony Taylor : These little mini monsters are straight from the heart

Ralph Waldo Picklechips : i think this is kyles finest interviewing performance

Banis Caapi : my god where do these guys find the images! they are so oddball. quaintly normal.

Parker Austin : 1:57 his glare he gives that guy is amazing

Walt Campbell : they give like birth

Joe2095 : Vinny...