What Makes Countries RICH or POOR? (Qatar VS Nepal)
What Makes Countries RICH or POOR Economics

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Traveling from Qatar to Nepal got me thinking; why are some countries rich and growing, while other countries are simply stagnant? Answer: Capital! Specifically physical capital, human capital, and organizational capital. Capital is what makes workers more efficient, it enables them to produce more. But why do some countries accumulate capital, while others bleed it? Because in poor countries corrupt institutions (governments and businesses) misallocate or outright steal the capital that is produced in the country. Geography and cultural values also play an issue.


Bishal Xettri : I Am from Nepal brahh

Connor Smiley : Smh Imma dislike and go back to my igloo. Jk the video was informative!

369 Tubes : Quatar is so rich country but why it does not pay salary of thousands of worker who worked there. Idiot gringo. Stop talking like a tramp yob.