Marques Brownlee Ranks Hot Sauce Labels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Marques Brownlee : My face hurt for the entire rest of the day

SuperB : If MK's pants were on fire, he would be like. Alright. MMhmm. Mhmm. Alright. The fire incenerating my legs is interesting, somewhat frustrating. Mhmm, alright. Yep, that's it right there. The pain, it's in there. I'm aware of it, and yet here I am. I don't recommend it

susideguy : "Whenever software doesn't work it bugs me." Underrated pun of the year.

LegoStudios : Why didn't you ask him what his middle name was ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😂

Ruben Eihwaz : I have no idea who this guy is. But he is the nicest person you've ever had on your show. He just oozes genuine humility.

Sam : This is the most *unchill* Marques has ever been on camera

Lewys Cousins : 3:23 Just hearing the words *Naughty America* I can already see the Eagles, motorbikes, explosions and girls in bikinis XD

John Basedow : Was just on Delta. You guys speak the truth. Their wifi is like the chupacabra...often talked about but never really seen. 💪🏼💯

DansTube.TV : You are one of the technology YouTuber's that I look up to MKBHD. You are such a REAL dude and your content is always high quality.

The Humble Bao : I'ma say this. Childish Gambino. Donald Glover. You need him on Hot Ones. Spread the word people !

Dad Verb : "Slow wifi is so much worse than no wifi." " And then they have the balls to charge like $36 on one flight." Agree with this 1000%

Barnacules Nerdgasm : I need to be on this show some day...

Niels Cremer : Nowadays reviewers getting celebrity status like whaaa

ulu : Marques needs to do voice acting for something. New Siri voice?

Srikanth Yadav : Bring Ryan Higa^^

Freddy Gabriel : Ive never seen someone look so calm and composed while at the same time is clearly dying

Luminous B : Loool looking at Maques Brownlee's face trips me out, looks way too much like me. One time I was so drunk I was looking into a true mirror at a club and was talking to it thinking I actually met Marques Brownlee 😂😂😂

Anonymous person : I request matt stonie next

Mr.Mohy : I got hungry watching this. Tss

Psychocolate : 22:04 He's using Google Pixel.

Dylan O'Donnell : He just seems like such a nice person, and a nice antidote to the in-your-face style of a lot of channels these days.

MilkCap : Thank you, I'm sick of those cookie cutter celebrities.

LegoStudios : The hottest thing here is Marquee🔥 No homo 😂

Guava Juice : I love spicy

Mohamed Ël dôn : The first time seeing marquese eating and chewing Thank you hot ones

Joker Productions : Time for _Reviewbrah_ to make an appearance on this broadcast. That's 'Report of the Week' for the less informed.

Zach Van Harris JR : After this episode, legend has it that he cried in his Tesla all the way back to Hoboken, New Jersey

Binayak Das : # *man's* *not* *_hot_*

Jordan Lawrence : "jk, everyone knows it's Brazzers" Sean really knows best

LulzRoyce : the discomforts definitely started visually setting in around 11:50 for Marques lol!

Veridian : *_But do the wings have headphones jacks?_*

LovingAtlanta : 👍Yepper gonna click when I see Marques. Love him. Watched him grow up in YT. Seems so humble. This was cool. 💞

ClimateCTRL : "I don't know what my expectations were, but it wildly exceeded my expectations" Yeah, that summed up my thoughts seeing that clip. That throw was something else.

Jon Jackson : Spending $35 on plane wifi....... is the reason you arent driving a tesla yet.

Sabrina Vella : I love how he speaks English perfectly, no ebonics. He sounds so intelligent and that is sexy.

MrJusttestinghere : Marques be acting like he doesn't know what Bangbros is 😂 Cmonnnnnn sonnn.

iNaZ : I want those wings 😅

Joosua Anttila : GOAT tech youtuber right here!

LovingAtlanta : 🤨🤔Why would anyone dislike this video? SMH. 😔

sanjid arefin : When u bringing pewdiepie

lesryglfohser : get reviewbrah in here

quci : Patek Bust down she fell down

Andrej Jovanovic : Get crazy russian hacker it would be so funny to watch him eat and talk with fukin glasses for protection

shirinf333 : #PaySeanMore

Crazewatermelon : Marques is completely right about slow wifi more frustrating than no wifi

Chrisket : The 2nd hottest thing he’s ever experienced, right behind the Note 7

LovingAtlanta : 👍🤨Now let’s talk about Marques’ hair.... I always want to fix up his hair when ever I watch his videos. I just want to give him one of those barber hair sponge brushes that people use to curl / twist their hair. I think he & his hair would look much better with the messy on purpose look. 😁💞

Jackson Bouffard : good to hear he isn't a s o y b o y

Laker Ludz : This the GOAT of reviews right here