Marques Brownlee Ranks Hot Sauce Labels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast : If you're into the red Hot Ones tee, you can get it here btw:

Sam : This is the most *unchill* Marques has ever been on camera

John Basedow : Was just on Delta. You guys speak the truth. Their wifi is like the chupacabra...often talked about but never really seen. 💪🏼💯

SuperB : If MK's pants were on fire, he would be like. Alright. MMhmm. Mhmm. Alright. The fire incenerating my legs is interesting, somewhat frustrating. Mhmm, alright. Yep, that's it right there. The pain, it's in there. I'm aware of it, and yet here I am. I don't recommend it

LegoStudios : Why didn't you ask him what his middle name was ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😂

Barnacules Nerdgasm : I need to be on this show some day...

Dylan O'Donnell : He just seems like such a nice person, and a nice antidote to the in-your-face style of a lot of channels these days.

DansTube.TV : You are one of the technology YouTuber's that I look up to MKBHD. You are such a REAL dude and your content is always high quality.

Guava Juice : I love spicy

Niels Cremer : Nowadays reviewers getting celebrity status like whaaa

LegoStudios : Yesssss

Ykhavari : I think this was the first hot ones episode where I didn't hear the guest swear at all lol

LegoStudios : The hottest thing here is Marquee🔥 No homo 😂

Lewys Cousins : 3:23 Just hearing the words *Naughty America* I can already see the Eagles, motorbikes, explosions and girls in bikinis XD

Luminous B : Loool looking at Maques Brownlee's face trips me out, looks way too much like me. One time I was so drunk I was looking into a true mirror at a club and was talking to it thinking I actually met Marques Brownlee 😂😂😂

imNask : I want those wings 😅

Dad Verb : "Slow wifi is so much worse than no wifi." " And then they have the balls to charge like $36 on one flight." Agree with this 1000%

Binayak Das : # *man's* *not* *_hot_*

haxhxm : Next PewDiePie??

JBeags : "I remember that from previous seasons" Nice that he's a fan : )

Lord Blight : We know you’re from Wakanda Marques.

Mike Arredondo : Marques reviewing phones and hot sauces the man can do no evil

ulu : Marques needs to do voice acting for something. New Siri voice?

jaja : The porn question.. cringe

Joosua Anttila : GOAT tech youtuber right here!

susideguy : "Whenever software doesn't work it bugs me." Underrated pun of the year.

First We Feast : How would you rank the hot sauce labels? MKBHD has an eye for clean, crisp designs...

Mohamed Ël dôn : The first time seeing marquese eating and chewing Thank you hot ones

Jackson Bouffard : good to hear he isn't a s o y b o y

shirinf333 : #PaySeanMore

Prasoon Singh : I’ve been watching his videos for years now and they just keep getting better.

Joker Productions : Time for _Reviewbrah_ to make an appearance on this broadcast. That's 'Report of the Week' for the less informed.

Nite Knight : Class act Mr Brownlee

Jon Jackson : Spending $35 on plane wifi....... is the reason you arent driving a tesla yet.

MilkCap : Thank you, I'm sick of those cookie cutter celebrities.

sanjid arefin : When u bringing pewdiepie

lesryglrhfohser : get reviewbrah in here

gustavo66bueno : shoukd have asked him what the K stood for

AbztraK : from big name hollywood celebrities to this guy?

Psychocolate : 22:04 He's using Google Pixel.

Laker Ludz : This the GOAT of reviews right here

marim0y : I really enjoy listening to him talk. It's so relaxing.

newhuman9 : Get Norm Macdonald PLEASE

#JWNDR : Marques looks and sound a bit like Jayden Smith.

Mario Uranjek : Now i remember who do you remind me of: Jason Statham + Neil Patrick Harris

Mason Young : Can we get Stefon Diggs on here?

Veridian : *_But do the wings have headphones jacks?_*

Srikanth Yadav : Bring Ryan Higa^^

ThisYearsBucketList : He called mossing someone the Vince Carter smh

Pumpkinoc : We need the Report of The Week next.