Climbing In The SICKEST Gym EVER!

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Sozzzled : Omg my hands sweat so much watching Nikken do that last white problem. It looked so exhausting!

suzukinii : This gym's color & pattern are so beautiful!!!

Hannah Ellison : 3:23 THAT WAS SO SICK!! And the music was on point 👌

Eduardo Quintero : @4:24 awesome send. one of the best in September. stellar filming!! i felt absolutely immersed in that climb

Brian Preller : I hear that song at the end and just instantly think of Rocket League

Eric Karlsson Bouldering : Gilles got first! ;D

Fault : music kept me very engaged

Keksauraisks .Asks : That's some amazing setting, where did the dragos go Nikken?

nick holt : Does the Lion's mane ever create too much drag Nikken? I mean for some large dynos it might hold you back with such a large mane

Peter James : crimp master Nikken Daniels ;D

Dunno Bro : Could someone please tell me the name of the song played at the very beginning of the video??? It's got such a great rhythm

Matteo Grancagnolo : That woman pair of solution are totally badass!

Maxisokol S : Nikken's episodes are still my favorite! (also Thor's, of course!)

kyonkyon : will you guys go back after their grand opening to climb more??? these problems look super fun and nikken looks like he's having a blast

BenKenobi : Is that a tattoo of a toaster on his chest?

Blake Humphrey : come to birmigham Al and set with us at Birmingham boulders

Stephan H. : Don't see what's so sick... Just looks like a lot of other gyms. Maybe colors are a bit more girly like than others. A sick gym must offer a nice bistro, good coffee, good team, good music, good location. Maybe it has all of this but I just see good boulders like many other gyms have it as well

David Parkes : This gym is A E S T H E T I C

Bla Blum : Honestly, I don't like the design at all. Check out this one:

Fritz Box : Hmmm, why is there a video about Haircuts in the recommended videos under this all of a sudden?

Oli Eldridge : Hey guys, i was just looking back at some of your old videos (from back in the Daniel days, he was awesome, when's he coming back?) And both your filming and editing Eric, and your climbing Nikken seem to have improved exponentially in the last year or so!! Keep it up guys, i really enjoy your vids and your doing a great job!!

Filippo Palmesino : Really good video! Short superwell edited and just the sends!

Elisabeth Hogan : Visit vertical endeavors glendale heights while your in Chicago!

jsj_visuals : Wondering what kind of paint/finish/material they use on the walls that make them glossy like that, maybe it helps keep shoe smears off..? : SOOOOO JEALOUS! I can't wait to be back in Chicago and climb there when it's open, it looks awesome!

ComiskeyGameR : I cant wait til this opens up

Adam Stirling : while you guys are in town, highly recommend Brooklyn Boulders in the West Loop!

StevenSWM : Nikken's showing off his innumerable climbing skills again! Always a pleasure! :-)

Misa Klaus : This most definietely IS THE sickest gym ever... I wish my gym had that many ceilings, it only has one and its reserved for one of the hardest routes there.

naminekiari : Music was extra on point this video!

Sid Pinto : I LOVE THAT C O L O R P A L L E T T E

Tj Stjohn : where are the dragos

Angel Leon : Nicely shot guys.

Christian Brosche : 4:17 Sending Siren

skltr21 : brand spankin new gym

Colin Besaans : Brilliant video guys - simple, great climbing, ample explanations, chilled music - perfection

Philippe Lacroix : Loled at the : ""Jug??..."" xD

J Sogn : 39th

David E.G. : nice video!

jujuloctodon : Whooooo , Amazing *.*

Complete Circuit : 5th

Joe Walker : First

Climbing_kids Climbing : Second

werepizza 666 : DAB! @ 3:25

Slaqqing : Nikken lowkey thicc

MickaelDang : How do you film the high shots?

dolan lehen : needs more problems, there is so much blank space on those walls

Adin Warner-Rosen : you try any of Greg's hard ones?

Hans Lu : Was this shot with a drone?

Lucas Wild : whats your camera man's camera setup?