Climbing In The SICKEST Gym EVER!

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Eric Karlsson Bouldering : Gilles got first! ;D

Sozzzled : Omg my hands sweat so much watching Nikken do that last white problem. It looked so exhausting!

suzukinii : This gym's color & pattern are so beautiful!!!

Eduardo Quintero : @4:24 awesome send. one of the best in September. stellar filming!! i felt absolutely immersed in that climb

Maxisokol S : Nikken's episodes are still my favorite! (also Thor's, of course!)

Keksauraisks .Asks : That's some amazing setting, where did the dragos go Nikken?

Sid Pinto : I LOVE THAT C O L O R P A L L E T T E

naminekiari : Music was extra on point this video!

Gilles Segafredo : First

Fault : music kept me very engaged

nick holt : Does the Lion's mane ever create too much drag Nikken? I mean for some large dynos it might hold you back with such a large mane

OwenAfreetalk : There's No one in the gym!! You guys got so lucky!

Hannah Ellison : 3:23 THAT WAS SO SICK!! And the music was on point 👌

Tj Stjohn : where are the dragos

rolixvlogs 27 : Notification squad YEEE

Michael Klaus : This most definietely IS THE sickest gym ever... I wish my gym had that many ceilings, it only has one and its reserved for one of the hardest routes there.

Jonathan Zimm : Nikken+Kajsa Episode when?

Slaqqing : Nikken lowkey thicc

werepizza 666 : DAB! @ 3:25

MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Thanks!!! Great vid. And amazing climbing. Go Nikken 👊

tooovivid : Is it just me or is this channel turning into a bit of a sell out? :(

Peter James : crimp master Nikken Daniels ;D

StevenSWM : Nikken's showing off his innumerable climbing skills again! Always a pleasure! :-)

Brian Preller : I hear that song at the end and just instantly think of Rocket League

Gosse TV : Best vid I have seen on your channel

Camilla Siig : smooooth operator!

larry simmons : How long have you been climbing Nikken? You are so strong! :) Also....where is this gym? I live in Lancaster PA,but wanna take a vacation next summer and would like to hit up Humboldt Park,and also Sweden because I saw they have the tallest outdoor man made wall climb in the world!!! :) Anyways,keep up the amazing work bro!

aleksandar marcetic : NOOOOOO, i wish I would've caught up with these videos in time to see you were in town. Been binging on your videos, keep up the awesome work Eric and all your climbing friends

Keith Mitchell : Cool gym but I am a top-roping climber.

Donato Pannarale Barone : Awesome bro ;)

The BlueNote : How do you always get these empty gyms?..

Vincent Furrie : What brand is the T-shirt Nikken is wearing in the beginning of the video?

Paul Boyle : Came to watch some bouldering, realized this is my gym!!!!:D

Dunno Bro : Could someone please tell me the name of the song played at the very beginning of the video??? It's got such a great rhythm

Matteo Grancagnolo : That woman pair of solution are totally badass!

Angel Leon : Nicely shot guys.

kyonkyon : will you guys go back after their grand opening to climb more??? these problems look super fun and nikken looks like he's having a blast

Thomas Koller : Oh man, this white one in the middle. Sick!

August Wahlström : Awesome music choices!

jlehm 1982 : The walls look pretty cool, but the problems look great! Who is their head setter?

TheSimlol : One part grippy, one part slippery, two parts... tricky?

Killian Smith : walltopia out here changing the world

Attila U : wauw looks so great and vibrant when the whole thing is brand new :)

MickaelDang : How do you film the high shots?

Janne Bananberg : "Klättercentret grading is so easy", maybe it's just Nikken being a beast... Where u at now haters?

Daniel MacDonough : Looks like Nikken has been spending More time in the ink chair than the gym.

BenKenobi : Is that a tattoo of a toaster on his chest?

elliot sakimoto : That last route was amazing...

MrPapjuhles : It's so much fun seeing Nikken climb. Btw love that first song :D

Daniel L de g : Why am I not getting notifications?!😢