Climbing In The SICKEST Gym EVER!

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Eric Karlsson Bouldering : Gilles got first! ;D

Sozzzled : Omg my hands sweat so much watching Nikken do that last white problem. It looked so exhausting!

Hannah Ellison : 3:23 THAT WAS SO SICK!! And the music was on point 👌

suzukinii : This gym's color & pattern are so beautiful!!!

nick holt : Does the Lion's mane ever create too much drag Nikken? I mean for some large dynos it might hold you back with such a large mane

Eduardo Quintero : @4:24 awesome send. one of the best in September. stellar filming!! i felt absolutely immersed in that climb

Gilles Segafredo : First

Maxisokol S : Nikken's episodes are still my favorite! (also Thor's, of course!)

Sid Pinto : I LOVE THAT C O L O R P A L L E T T E

naminekiari : Music was extra on point this video!

Fault : music kept me very engaged

Keksauraisks .Asks : That's some amazing setting, where did the dragos go Nikken?

Colossal Black Shlanger : Nikken lowkey thicc

OwenAfreetalk : There's No one in the gym!! You guys got so lucky!

MY CABBAGES!!! : Thanks!!! Great vid. And amazing climbing. Go Nikken 👊

Tj Stjohn : where are the dragos

rolixvlogs 27 : Notification squad YEEE

Michael Klaus : This most definietely IS THE sickest gym ever... I wish my gym had that many ceilings, it only has one and its reserved for one of the hardest routes there.

Jonathan Zimm : Nikken+Kajsa Episode when?

werepizza 666 : DAB! @ 3:25

tooovivid : Is it just me or is this channel turning into a bit of a sell out? :(

Peter James : crimp master Nikken Daniels ;D

StevenSWM : Nikken's showing off his innumerable climbing skills again! Always a pleasure! :-)

Brian Preller : I hear that song at the end and just instantly think of Rocket League

Dylan McIntosh Sanchez : Could someone please tell me the name of the song played at the very beginning of the video??? It's got such a great rhythm

BenKenobi : Is that a tattoo of a toaster on his chest?

Adin Warner-Rosen : you try any of Greg's hard ones?

Donato Pannarale Barone : Awesome bro ;)

Hans Lu : Was this shot with a drone?

marchivous96 : Why does Nikken only have tattoos on the left side of his body?

Matteo Grancagnolo : That woman pair of solution are totally badass!

Gosse TV : Best vid I have seen on your channel

Killian Smith : walltopia out here changing the world

Fritz Box : Hmmm, why is there a video about Haircuts in the recommended videos under this all of a sudden?

Fredrick Fitzgerald : Hi Eric!!

ComiskeyGameR : I cant wait til this opens up

JSJ Visuals : Wondering what kind of paint/finish/material they use on the walls that make them glossy like that, maybe it helps keep shoe smears off..?

Lawrence Chen : Eric/Adin/Nikken - when is the opening for the Humboldt Park location? : SOOOOO JEALOUS! I can't wait to be back in Chicago and climb there when it's open, it looks awesome!

elliot sakimoto : That last route was amazing...

jujuloctodon : Whooooo , Amazing *.*

Daniel MacDonough : Looks like Nikken has been spending More time in the ink chair than the gym.

kyonkyon : will you guys go back after their grand opening to climb more??? these problems look super fun and nikken looks like he's having a blast

Angel Leon : Nicely shot guys.

MrPapjuhles : It's so much fun seeing Nikken climb. Btw love that first song :D

Brandon Bendel : Sooo much wall. Can't wait

Obadiah Jessup : eric do you think you will ever be in the red river gorge area?

Stephan H. : Don't see what's so sick... Just looks like a lot of other gyms. Maybe colors are a bit more girly like than others. A sick gym must offer a nice bistro, good coffee, good team, good music, good location. Maybe it has all of this but I just see good boulders like many other gyms have it as well

August Wahlström : Awesome music choices!

Blake Humphrey : come to birmigham Al and set with us at Birmingham boulders