HUMAN - clip #14: The lasting effects of violence
Life after war

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An excerpt from HUMAN, the new film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Our curiosity? Driven by these questions, filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years collecting real-life stories from 2,000 women and men in 60 countries. Working with a dedicated team of translators, journalists and cameramen, Yann captures deeply personal and emotional accounts of topics that unite us all; struggles with poverty, war, homophobia, and the future of our planet mixed with moments of love and happiness. In order to share this unique image bank everywhere and for everyone, HUMAN exist in several version : A theatre version (3h11) , a tv version (2h11) and a 3 volumes version for the web CONTACTS Office Yann Arthus-Bertrand : Project manager: Head of international screenings and distribution : French events and non-commercial distribution : Official website HUMAN : For further contents, visit Enjoy and share #WhatMakesUsHUMAN Watch the full film from September 12 at All these shoots were carbon-offset through the GoodPlanet Foundation’s United Carbone Action program:


Jennifer Gonsoulin : As a 37 year old educated woman with a range of experiences from the best and worst of life, I was not prepared to hear this raw confession of human struggle. Even those of us who claim to be "honest" or "real" tend to fear opening the curtains to our souls this widely. My heart goes out to you, Sir. Thank you for being so Truthful. Your confession helps me in my own journey to see souls rather than faces on this earth. To those arguing about guns and politics, you are sadly missing the point. This clip is not about guns. Given another time and place in history, you might just as easily be discussing swords, knives, machetes, or your bare hands. This clip is about the nature of humanity. Who we are at our core...those qualities that make us more alike than different. And, guess what? We are all more alike than we believe. Everybody thinks they are so GOOD, smart, different, or distinctly clued in. You may be some of these things. But, you are just HUMAN.

Victoria Anderson : wow that must have been very hard to admit....

Hopeful Agnostic : I find some of the comments in this thread lack in, if not compassion, then at least a dispassionate understanding that some of the war wounded have wounds you can see, and some don't. My guess is that this man no more chose to have that wound to carry than someone who lost a leg. An article I read recently about a Marine (errr, unit? Division?) that has suffered a higher than usual number of suicides spoke to this in a way, specifically one veteran who said that it wasn't just flashbacks, it wasn't just guilt, it wasn't just grief, but it was also that “[s]omething happens over there . . . [y]ou wake up a primal part of your brain you are not supposed to listen to . . . " Not something that's chosen, but something that alters the nervous system, alters your wiring. And meanwhile, the rest of us get the privilege of naivete that allows us to judge him. Makes me think of Jack Nicholson's monologue in A Few Good Men. What are you/we willing to sacrifice to see to it that what has become of this man doesn't happen to any others in future generations?

Hayder Al-Amiri : This was shocking to hear, but this guy is brave and is in desperate need for help. He is well aware of his problem and that is very positive news. I can see him taking his own life if not helped quickly and appropriately.

Adrian : I admire his honesty, but I guess a minority of viewers don't. I'd like to hear more.

Alicia M : This veteran needs help!!!!!!! Were is the veterans support sistem?? Sorry if I offended some one I´m from theother side of the world and I´ve live in a demilitarised zone...

itrynottolie : this is what Alexandria didn't get about the survivors on walking dead

Woodside : Why are some people trying to use this as proof that guns need to be banned? That is entirely not the point. If anything this is proof war vets need more help.

Tasha Howell : Sounds to me like this is something he has struggled with, and the guilt of feeling that way has likely tormented him. I wonder if this has caused him to distance himself socially and emotionally from his friends and family- which only exacerbates the mental wounds he has suffered. His admission is that before being sent out into combat, he never had that feeling before. I truly hope he is getting the help that he needs, and I hope that he has found that help accessible. There are a lot of comments calling him 'disgusting' and 'evil' but he's admitting he has a problem, and he hasn't acted on it- so I don't see a need to demonize him.

nighitazhar : Now that he's admitted his inner most evil thoughts maybe now he realises that he needs to heal. For someone to verbalise something so vulgar sounds like a cry for help or is just in a dark place. May God help him because this man is damaged!!!!! and we the public also need protection. isn't that a admission to intent???????yes he has had an awful experience but to then think like that is highly dangerous and should be investigated!!! do all them think that or feel strange thoughts? ?????

kourosh Haas : "Togetherness" is impossible, because you are all divided by stupid three colors tissues in the name of flag and nation. NO? "Togetherness" is impossible because you are all divided by a fearful nonsense religion Circus. NO? So, face yourself. Face Your fears. In the end of fears, You Will Be Together. So easy like that.

Paige Griffin : i hope hes in therapy

StaticImage : All these people leaving these comments about how terrible of a person this guy is, yet they never bother to think about the reality of what happened with this guy and why he killed anyone at all. I don't have the slightest clue what it must have been like for him, but I had a close friend tell his story of his first confirmed kill in the Army, and it wasn't something he was happy about at all. He was angry at the man he killed, because they man made my friend kill him. My friend was trying to help some kids and his unit was ambushed. He was angry because he wanted to help these kids, not take a man's life. But he had no option other than to die himself. If you haven't been in these extreme circumstances, don't judge. It's not your place, and it's not right.

Kassie Smith : 😟

Loan Grasso : What is the name of this man plz ,??

grann christina : He probably didn't enter the war this way but may have came back this war a completely changed sociopath

Moso Succes : Unbelievable! Look at his eyes, they are very scary and they reflect nothing but madness, catastrophe and remorseless. Without a doubt he is very sick and he needs help. This video tells me that if a person kills another innocent human being, it is like he has killed the entire humanity. No one will escape the mental komplikation if they have killed an innocent person. Remember that!

Amandalyn : I hope that man gets help before he hurts someone or himself

oiji : Everyone is condemning this man, but we should really condemn the system that put him into that position to begin with. No human should have to experience killing to begin with.

nagual1992 : The Fear of the Weak Minded is Real... Man says he wants a Criminal to give him an Excuse to Defend Himself, not that he wants to shoot some random person on the street. Hell, I've had that thought before. Shit, half the guys in my school had fantasies of bringing down a school shooter. It's how (most) men are wired to a degree, and his experience in war and actually having to kill someone to survive just awoke that in a more extreme way than us privileged civvies experience. To all of you talking about how you're veteran relative ain't like this, let me tell you what a vet told me after I gained his trust. *"Anyone who won't talk about it, probably enjoyed it as much as they hated it."*.. There's nothing abnormal about this man, humans are wired to survive, most of us just have never had to actually try and survive. I guarantee most of you saying he's twisted, or evil, or dangerous, would be the same if you had to live his life... So get off of your high horse, and take off you're priestly robes. None of you are saints.

Spaci Tron : Yeah, that's not what makes this man human, that's what makes him a dangerous sociopath.

MzClementine : Not all people experience this... The stories my step father shared and screamed out in his nightmares where horrific... He was a brute of a man. Ruled with an iron fist... But never would he speak of craving to kill. He had allot of pain from killing others. And it took years for him to stop hating any Asian person. Goodness War fucks up people... But this to me, seem like, a Anti Gun Campaign... If this man is for real... They better have been at his front door immediately... "Mental health Evaluated..." OR Whom ever shot this better have gotten some help involved for this man... This is what makes me think this is a anti gun campaign...?? But my my he gives me the shivers... But that is fine and no... I am not an anti gun person, I just think people have the right to like what they want.

wanda oreilly : I don't believe this. That is complete horsesh*t. I expected him to say that is a feeling you never get over because you cannot bring a life back... what a scumbag.

Abu Durum : Disgusting.

nite nyx : OMG. That should have been longer. Rational humans know war is wrong. But tell us more, Is he getting help??? It sounds like he has guns. Do other people know how dangerous he is?? Seeing him on the news after he does something horrible will be grotesque. This is irresponsible of the filmmaker and producer. It was not very "Human" of them to dump this here in this fashion. If he has a family. did they do anything to get them to safety?

Jake Tomberlin : How many Americans watched this video and thought "gosh, we just have to start confiscating veteran's guns" Something to consider. I will go way out on a limb and say that most veterans were responsible men before their service and are still responsible men who respect life, liberty, and happiness even if they struggle internally coping with life after war. They need family support and deserve the upmost respect from this society who expect them to pick up a rifle and be ready to fight again if bad people threaten their right to be free and make documentaries and go to Starbucks and grow their moustache and post on twitter and such. The word "social engineering" and psy-op come to mind when I think about the objective of this Hollywood/elite supported documentary which is linked on the front page of GOOGLE, no less. *scratches head and thinks about the agenda of certain elite people*

Shoada Patrick : OMG...Very honest very challenging...Can't he stay in the army? Did they bump him for being too aggressive? Shocking

HL MJ : they sent human out in "theres warr" fore killing,and in the same time they killing them ho are going in warr, dead fore real, or deadsig,yes thats disgusting. STOP THAT WARR but no): il´legal warr it is. Shame on you politikal people,go your self !!!!!!!!!!! This man are destroyd,and thats a shame,and the Contry there are going in to do warr in are so afreid,i cry.there is no sense in doing it, GOD forgive us all): love love love

alphabetagamma : Psychopath...

Emanuel Fernán : PAID ACTOR.

Fadi Antwan : Okay that was really scary and disturbing to watch. It's definitely not normal, unless I'm abnormal. In that case, I'd be happy to be abnormal. Is he basically saying he enjoyed killing another human being? If not, then why does he want to experience it again? Again, really disturbing.