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Glenn7451 : Love the content, just subbed after finding you linked on reddit. On the ending I would just add that not only do we think we're smarter than previous generations but the tools at our disposal allow for quick creation, spreading, reaction, and retooling of content. It's an infinite loop at this point of memes generating memes of memes.

Victor Saussey : Academy Award Nominee Boss Baby

M. Wayne : I enjoyed and agreed with quite a lot of the points you made in this video. Your production is quite slick, as well. I enjoy meta humor as long as it's not "ha ha, isn't this a dumb cliche?" and proceeding to play it straight anyways. My best guess for why this is? Since racism/sexism/homophobia/other "punching down" humor is less socially acceptable now, we have to find other, more creative ways of making jokes. And very rarely does self-deprecating humor come off as offensive (although it can be worrying when 100% of a person's jokes are directed at themselves). We're also using this self-deprecation to cope with things in the news that are stressful and beyond our control. Meta humor also, I think, ages better than the 500th Matrix joke. We have memes now that age quicker than movie references did back in the day, so memes also aren't usually an option in film anymore (since they take forever to make).

Tech Man Pat : Go go Aussie YouTubers, great video mate :)

flowerz : Here from reddit

Juura Vaara : 8:54 - Black panther whipcracked the MCU back to a more serious tone? That movie had the one of the cringiest meme reference of them all with the "WHAT ARE THOOOSE" quote. I quite literally was squirming uncomfortably in my seat. Truth be told - pretty much all the comic relief Shuri provides in that movie is supposed to be "edgy" and youthful but in reality just rips you out from the story. Deadpool at least acknowledges pretty blatantly what it is with the 4th wall breaking and doesn't try to hide it being dark and dirty comedy. It's much worse if a movie is trying to be serious and has such immersion breaking crap shoved into it.

john gibson : Great stuff, good to see Yugoslavian Youtubers hitting the bigtime! (was that joke Meta given the other comment about Aussies, making it a two layer joke?)

Henry Giles : I can not believe i found you guys when youre under 1000 subs. incredible content.

E K : but what happens once we have meta-ed all the original content? if our current humour and entertainment is the deconstruction of previous humour and entertainment then eventually will we not run out of things to deconstruct? (or will we just deconstruct the deconstructions now and forever like a snake eating itself?)

Nathanael Summers : Found you through reddit, like the video.

michaeleh : Found this through reddit, great video!

Alec Dawson : Your beard is brown, not white. Good video.

G : Good concept and great video. Subbed.

CasualCraft WoW : Fantastic video. good job

Josh Monson : Great video Cult Posture team! Thanks Richard!

Tim Cronin : Rick rolling was an email meme in offices long before Grand Theft Auto... "What do you think of this new ad spot?" Attachment 'YuppyAd.wmv'

LeonidasSthlm : Are you Frankie Boyle's son?

Kendall lowe : Great m8s group brought me here

Charles Westcott : detail on how baywatch did it wrong would be interesting. cool vid

Kassetten : Good video, but perhaps you could define your terms at the start. I'm very aware of the concept of a meta or meta-humor, but a video essay should introduce those concepts before you make your point about it. Again, love the video, my buddy linked it to me, cant wait to see more!

Simon Liddy : Great video man! Super good!

Hangover Reviews : Awesome video man, really interesting points. I'm definitely going to think about this every time I watch a new comedy.

Mike Miller : Here off reddit. Awesome videos! I just checked out a couple others. I subbed straight away. Keep up the good work, dude.

IronicBradPosts : here's a question: would you say that all meta jokes are just subversions of a popular trope in that genre with a cheeky fourth wall nod to it?

Josiah Langan : Deadpool is my favurite movie

MosinDisciple : For sure it's the new funny, meta (or irony) has been a staple of comedy for at least a decade now. I think a better question is how long will meta remain funny. At a certain point I'm probably going to get tired of characters letting me know that they're in on the joke, especially now that it's become so common in the advertising world.

Frameboy Wedding Films : What if we told a story here in the comments... Meta! For sale: baby shoes, never worn : One of the issues is that kids movies can't really do meta- young children haven't built up a body of knowledge of what is expected from a trope to know why subverting it is going to be funny. The meta tropes to them are just tropes. Subverting the meta by playing it straight might well become the next generation's idea of humor. As a result, your own 'dad jokes' will also be unfunny.

Markus Magnon : Deedpool sucks