Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible

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“Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible” (12 minutes) A refreshing documentary that updates Terry Fox’s gripping story for today’s youth by featuring modern accounts of young cancer survivors, interviews with Fox family members and one of Canada’s leading Oncology specialists. Inspired by the animation stylings of the 1980’s, when Terry began his Run, the documentary intercuts never before seen archival footage with animation outlines, giving a unique, fresh look and style that are relatable to today’s youth.

Comments from Youtube

MsProudmommy : I watch this at school today and I want to try it and I feel so bad for him and I’m about to cry he probably was super nice

Farah Bunyad : He was a Hero👍.

Kelci F : I watched this at school today and I’m gonna try to run across Canada In a few years

Kim Yeontan : This was filmed at my school last year, im so happy i was apart of it (its owen public school)

Isaac : i watched this my my school in elm bank.

Chip Olmstead : Rest in peace Terry. You have no idea how much courage you've inspired.

JadenMakesVideos : I watch terry fox today at school

Arctic wolf #cool DIY'S : This is my school

PEPSI THE CAT : what the beginning music called i really like it

Kaeman Bansal : I respect you very much terry fox 😊we cheer for terry fox

Stephen Tugwell : Terry Fox inspires me.

PeteFTW : terry fox is the greatest Canadian to live and having the courage and bravery to run across canada like that is so amazing, great for terry I would never be able to do that even if i tried.

Layne Paul : I love this video

Keion plays yt fans Keion plays yt fans : I watched this at school the other day on Friday I almost cry and I feel so bad for him he dyed at 1980

raj rani : why did people dislike

Jayden Dubetz : I watched this in school this year

Catherine Bolger : it is so sad

Elite-Watson9 : 31 dislikes screw you 31 people

gunnar tet : a good soul with a great message, never give up, terry rest in peace bro, we love you

Samiha Siddiq - John Fraser SS (2652) : Legit saw this at my high school in peel. And no one knew the school but as soon as I saw the classrooms, library and some of my younger brother's classmates. I recognized that was mine and my brother's elementary school. So proud to be a graduating student from there and run 6 years for the terry fox foundation. Literally couldn't stop shaking after I realized the school in the assembly.

Thicc Qween : God I pray for terry fox to come back NOW PLZZ

Ann Burnham : At school we wach It I am going to run every day

HardRockMiner : Anytime I've felt like it was too hard these past 30 years I just remember Terry and I keep going.


Minecraft gome2 : Terry fox will die at june 28 RIP Terry fox?

angie francis : Terry fox is the best guy EVER

Tina Raftopoulos : What an incredible video! Terry Fox is a true hero.

sana surti : I did terry fox run 😄

iver-a : NO THIS IS 13 MINS

Saleem Farooq : Great sir may rest in peace

RYZA GWEN : We have a presentation about Terry fox and im So excited

John Robichaud : His legacy with live on


Scy Zcylock : I KNOW THIS YEAR BORN 1952

Rana Shbeeb : Today was my terry fox day at school I ran arou

Korra : I was the kid in the back of the classroom during elementary hiding his tears whenever they played videos on Terry!

Leanujan P : Terry fox rules

X Tuneteck : Nobody talks about this guy no more , not even my school 😕

Kje22 The king : St. Stephen catholic I coming

Nahs James - Ridgewood PS (1111) : Yesterday I heard this guy talking bad about terry fox and then his brother beat him up and ran all the way from scarbrow to Brampton and back

Kawii Unicorn : 32 People who disliked have no heart

Rahmo Ali : It is not hard to hear dead,but it is hard to find a human been,we believe you, we will love 💕 you for over and we will continue Terry Fox Hope!!!!!! beast washes your home 🏡 love 💕

Thicc Qween : It's my birthday in 2 more days I wrote this on January 28th my birthday is on January 30th 2019 love you terry fox I will. Never forget about you bye terry fox

RosePlayz Roblox : Keep up with the good work, Terry! I’m sad that ur life ended tho..

Michelle Lobreau : I went for the tary fox run and I Rast money

joe via : Last time in my school hours in Terry Fox run

lemon lover78 Hack : i watched this at school

Rachel Woods : This is so well done. I am looking forward to sharing this with my grade 3 class next week before our school run on Sept 27

Bonnie Chen : run for Terry fox