How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes | WIRED
Guy explains how to fold world record paper airplanes

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John Collins, better known as "The Paper Airplane Guy," has devoted himself to designing, folding, and flying the world's finest paper airplanes. Learn how to fold five of John's world record airplanes: Detailed folding instructions: Read more about Collins at You can also visit his website: Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Masterminds. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes | WIRED


Jason and a Camera : The uncle we all wish we had.

Jake : anyone notice at 8:31 the plane looks exactly like his hair lol

Ella High : Get you a guy who names his *world record paper airplane* after you

BenTheGinger : Us airforce: We make the most sophisticated and engineered flying machines. John Collins: Hold my beer...

Hussain : *"When you take physics seriously to unimportant things"*

Cake and Cookie : Ever looked at a comment and thought "Man I wish I wrote that"

Martin UberTuber : I just spent 15 mins making the first plane "Susan", and the next hour revisiting my childhood. A rare experience offered for so many, using so little material. Such a nice place to be again. Thank you John Collins.

Sushi : How many paper cuts does this guy get a year?

Lost Dai 23 : Yeah all cool until ur teacher sees the paper airplane and destroys it :/

kido hop : 10 yo me would be so famous at school if i knew this guy back then...

Melody 382 : Aa he was doing the plane I just.noticed.his.tie and omg 👏👏👏👏👏

Emma S : Came for paper airplanes, got a lesson on aerodynamics.

Demonking2323 : *job interview* So what did you do for the last 10 years? "I studied the art of folding paper"

Foot Fungus : *Pfft, I can Make Mine Hit the Floor...*

KhOrganization : This man did origami for ten years just to improve his paper airplane making.

Dr Logiq : Kingsman must be happy to have him :D

MrQ000000 : I like how he shows all his tricks. Most people who have climbed to the top of their creative field try to hide everything that they have learned but he just up and shows you how he made the furthest flying paper airplane.

Cam James : We're just gonna skate past the fact that this dude studied origami for ten years i guess

Skylor Katiman : hack: 1) go to any part in the vid where they speed up his folds 2) settings 3) 0.25x 4) youre welcome

JWEEX : How to never get bored in class ever again.

PEW FAN THAT NEEDS 1000 SUBSCRIBER : The explanation on making it is so clear not like others saying measurement and stuff and make you even confused

Daron GxC : 6:38 perfectly balanced as all this should be - Thanos

180doman : Instructions unclear ... i just cut my both legs off ...

Aditya Tatineni : I could see his dedication on his tie .

Midnight456 : Lmao, in class the teacher gets up to snatch it but the plane does a triple flip and snatches her weave instead

Haniya Yasin : And then I'm there not knowing how to fold a paper in half 😂🤣

Spark Rattle : I feel like this guy's story can be played by someone like John Goodman.

Ryan Productions : The one kid that the teacher hated.

Cehan A : I interviewed this guy for a project... It was great!

Hadiinfestedpoo : 1:18 playback speed at .25 ur welcome

Ajay S : Y'all seem to never have heard of nigahiga

jesse bunker : John Goodman's younger brother

Alvin Cornelius : It's not "flying" It's falling, with style.

Cableguy818 : That really amazing. You are the Mr. Myagi of paper airplanes!!

Corn Flakes : The bat plane was to difficult and I gave up

Tan Judia : *I learned more through this guy than my physics class*

William Frill : I wish I had this dudes paper airplane skills when we did our paper airplane contest in school

Niamh-Creates : I like his tie.

red horizon : wow, he's really smart, i feel like his knowledge could be used to progress technology by leaps, just have to find out how to apply it in other fields

Prínce 7•G : *They said Folding planes isn't a Rocket Science* 😂

The Electrical Hub : Thank you for sharing this awesome video and information.

myo mai : Did you just say *20 pound paper?!*

kyrios0307 : The next Avengers member

Orlando Victorson : Just be absolutely excellent in one thing, and you can make money for sure.

Prathamesh Productions : Wow!! amazing, i am going to try it now. Thanks sir for sharing with us.👌👌👌Really appreciate it.👍😊

Sandeep Reddy : i know about glider plane i used to amaze my freinds with its flight time.

Moist The Artist : for everyone tryna cheat in a school project the guide starts at 3:03

traderjoes : I am 52 now and I remember when I was maybe 12 years old, my parents brought us to the Empire State Building in NYC and when I was at the top, I took a brochure that the building gave out and I folded it into a kind of big paper airplane and when nobody was looking I threw it off the observation deck. I saw it fly out and really far and then start flying in circles and arcs and eventually lost sight of it as it flew behind other buildings. After we came out of the building and were walking back to where my father had parked the car, I found the paper airplane, pretty much flattened out on the side walk, but it still had the folds I had put in it. I couldn't believe I had found it.

xbox gamer256 : The only papar airplane that i know how to make is one of thous clasic paper airplanes😭😭😭