How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes | WIRED

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WIRED : Watch and learn how to fold five of John's world record airplanes: Detailed folding instructions can be found here:

kyrios0307 : The next Avengers member

Maxwell Corbin : dude, that bird one with the flapping wings is so cool.

vemund : I dont blame him, I like crack too

Heck Frick : And I can’t even make a simple one.

Zxentaur : He ain’t wr holder he didn’t throw it

Corey Childs : This video was sponsored by, Dunder Mifflin.

Samuel You : So I did that for around 10 years

Deafaulty boi : Lo watching this for a school project

Zuya : Andddd i spent the whole day playing with paper planes....

JJAden J : 3:34 world record depth of paper cut if it were me.

Jurjen van der Hoek : I like it. Perfecting yourself in something clean and simple like paper airplanes. He made a real art of it, and he is good!

Looch Mind Reader : John Goodman lost weight

Sng1s : I want this glider in Fortnite

Ram kumar : Great experiment

Steve Lai : Wow

zalanudin Abd Manaf : 9:44 it's like an owl catching it's prey.. so realistic!!!! he's like the real life Konan of Akatsuki!!!

Adi Solomon : zd

CLark Garcia : Put this man in brewmaster

Kokeda : He's great at presenting his knowledge.

phoenix god : His paper plane goes mach 3

DestinyTraveller : 1957: There will be flying cars in the future! 2018: flying paper that breaks world records

Matty Plays - MCPE : He just made paper airplanes a bit more complicated

DanteDarcangelo : Scott Cam with a toupe

zachary musial : Lmao got the book on planes and been creating my own since elementary schooll... Love a good paper airplane

ozzy can : Thats some passion

Ravikant Prasad : आपने अपनी जिंदगी में न जाने कितने पेपर बर्बाद किए,,,,पर बदले में क्या आपने उतने भी पेड़ लगाए ???

Mar Te : i'm pretty sure Delta Airlines are responsible for several millions of this views. probably trying to find ways to cut their costs

liam rowe : that is not your invention!!!!

JJJ LLL : I appreciate this man so much, I’d love to meet him!

Pekka ’O Erilainen : I love this guy

Shubham : My 7 year old brother would like to know your location.

Alex Mac : Horrible video

Regis Contreras : 😢 It's awesome to see the engineering behind a game I used to play when I was a kid and didn't understand more than the joy of watching a shaped piece of paper fly.

8 bit Romania : brilliant

The Joyful Eye : so cool!

Alnir Zaly : Because he’s the hero students deserve, but not the one Teachers need right now, so they’ll hunt him, because he can take it, because he’s not a hero, he’s a world record holder, a paper airplane designer, a teacher’s knightmare.

Sujatha Baditya : Sir you showed how to make the 1st air plane but 2nd ,3rd,4th u didn't showed slowly

Sheri Din : Tried 0.25 speed to see him fold the boomerang plane & got scared by how he eerie he sounded. 😛

Sunny shah : Hey, this guy should make paper air planes, i bet he's good at it.

swagath unnithan : Amazing skills sir

Hız Manyağı : I really want the boomerang tutorial :(

Jacob Patrick : GENIUS!

sofea shahruddin : he's an airbender

jafar rahman : Daaayyyyyyuuuummmmm

Juan Ruiz Art : What delinquents disliked this video, seriously.

Mohammad Mohammad : He's started to explaining at 3:00

Thomas O : Bet Suzanne thought John was a weirdo up until he got famous

Jawad Amir : great

salwan : I don’t know why I watched the whole video! Anyone?