How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes | WIRED

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WIRED : Watch and learn how to fold five of John's world record airplanes: Detailed folding instructions can be found here:

COSMIC : Imagine having this man in the same classroom as you

Aayush Gawali : **US Airforce want to know your location**

TRISM DRIVER : 11 year old me is quaking

SmokingSpoon : Now... about weaponizing those paper planes?

Jake : anyone notice at 8:31 the plane looks exactly like his hair lol

Niamh-Creates : I like his tie.

memz : *Top 10 Marvel Character who could defeat thanos*

Ella High : Get you a guy who names his *world record paper airplane* after you

Kehno Boi : Imagine having this guy as your uncle

Dr Logiq : Kingsman must be happy to have him :D

kyrios0307 : The next Avengers member

Sam Knoff Mugen : Weird recommendation but okay

Moozy : 2:59 "this is going to be the world record plane, it's named after my wife" That is the sweetest thing ever!

Li Jon Seow : This guy needs to open up his own university course on this

OH NO NO : How many paper cuts does he get a day???

El Americano : I bet he holds the world record for grade school detentions too

Daron GxC : 6:38 perfectly balanced as all this should be - Thanos

Bandit Leader : This dudes hairline could become a good paper airplane design

Enzo The Meme : There’s an easier way to break the record Drop it off the Empire State Building

Phạm Chung Hiếu : He and his planes need to be nerfed

Our Founding Liars : I have reason to suspect that this man possesses alien technology in order to create such advanced aircraft in a short amount of time. What does he know? Is he hiding something? Keep asking

CMLAFLAMME : I hope he meant he made a hobby of origami for ten years.. I wish I was independently wealthy enough to take a ten year break to make paper toys.

smallbug 2000 : O̶r̶i̶g̶a̶m̶i̶ h̶a̶s̶ l̶e̶f̶t̶ t̶h̶e̶ c̶h̶a̶t̶

Blank : Well can he fold more than 7 folds HMMM

WiLd_ Lamma : That's better then Donald Trumps private jet.

Sailing followtheboat : I'm amazed that something as innocuous as a paper plane can be so fascinating. Love it.

180doman : Instructions unclear ... i just cut my both legs off ...

dEEtEE : I wonder if they made that huge building for a paper airplane

jesse bunker : John Goodman's younger brother

John D'Angelo : Theres something very Walter White about this dude... cant quite place it.

Brakernight : I can barely fold a paper in half...

JackGamer180 : 4:37 LMAO, when I was 7 or 8, I was making paper airoplanes, I made up that exact design LOL, with it I made it fly across my schools oval (400m) and then it crashed into the fence, legit true story. (that happend once when I made that aeroplane). Only If I had a camera to record that wonderful moment.

2oemiru : I was watching some aerodynamic videos and now I'm here

DDAO730 : *while i’m here trying to figure out how to make a common paper airplane*

Valar Morghulis : *NASA wants to know your location.*

Nicolle : Now do a barrel roll

Goose Nuggets : A paper airplane is essentially an extremely thin slice of wood that has had the neural footprint/composition of it's creator imprinted on it.

Prince 1022 : I’ve met this guy!

MrQ000000 : I like how he shows all his tricks. Most people who have climbed to the top of their creative field try to hide everything that they have learned but he just up and shows you how he made the furthest flying paper airplane.

Shayaan Farooq : Here's a tip: slow down the video playspeed to learn the boomerang

Agash Anpalagan : His tie is a bit plane

1000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS : The explanation on making it is so clear not like others saying measurement and stuff and make you even confused

Brian Rudnicki : And just for kicks do it in an airplane hanger

Kirai : Weird flex but ok

Jpeppalax : Oh yeah yeah

traderjoes : I am 52 now and I remember when I was maybe 12 years old, my parents brought us to the Empire State Building in NYC and when I was at the top, I took a brochure that the building gave out and I folded it into a kind of big paper airplane and when nobody was looking I threw it off the observation deck. I saw it fly out and really far and then start flying in circles and arcs and eventually lost sight of it as it flew behind other buildings. After we came out of the building and were walking back to where my father had parked the car, I found the paper airplane, pretty much flattened out on the side walk, but it still had the folds I had put in it. I couldn't believe I had found it.

Dr.Bonkers Inc : The thumbnail changed...

Yxng Scholar : So your telling me it took this guy ten years to learn how to fold a decent paper airplane. Cool.

Martin UberTuber : I just spent 15 mins making the first plane "Susan", and the next hour revisiting my childhood. A rare experience offered for so many, using so little material. Such a nice place to be again. Thank you John Collins.