MADtv Dating OJ

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Skinperiod Inc. : damn mad tv was savage

FunWithDumBees : "Your working with fox, you know I'm talking about" haha!

Crook BailOut : I look guilty but I'm not.... Admitting it.. Outwardly

Kiero B : "When that verdict came back Not Guilty, I was like No Way!?!" LmFao Funny part is that in real life, I bet that was going on in O.J's mind as he heard it...

Tammy Gibson : This guy should of played him on the OJ movie on FX. CUBA looks nothing like OJ

G Man : He was about to go OJ on her. Ya'll know what I mean.

Dilithium Crystals : OJ is innocent. His son did it.

Abraham Tesfaye : The cake he stabbed should have been vanilla instead of chocolate because the girl OJ killed was white.

Rakesh Mohan : "OK, one spinach salad for the profiteering gutter whore." Ha, journalists!

Xeidasx : LOL its so funny because its so wrong

Georgy Ramone : 'And for the double murderer?'

iodinesoul : Nicole Parker is hot as hell.

Anfubvinch : They did the exact same 'if I did it' joke on SNL, I don't know which sketch came first. Peele was hilarious in this !


darkspd31 : SNL just stole this skit

Johansonlover : I wasn't paying much attention to the sketch until I saw him stab his cake lol that was hilarious :D

Thomas Marshall : That got a little too real right at the end, there.

Enigma Olivia : Lmfao! Mad Tv >>>>>>SNL

Robot Zombie : I love how he doesnt give a shit what people says to him and only keeps laughing KEEP POSITIVE!!!!

Stray Dog : Women don't tell me no....lmao.

Kneck Beard : lmao about the lobster


Dušan Cholvad : Can anybody else hear a second (female) voice simultaneously with O.J. after 2:04 ? o.O

K G : Pause at 3:18 to see his mail , lol

TieFighter34 : Alright, who wants first slice? Who wants it? Alright, you want it? Yeah, you got it. Here we go. Uh! Uh! Uh!

Rang123 Yea : the best joke was the most subtle " I'm going gun shoping with Robert Blake"

Milford Cubicle : Nicole Parker is hot.

Disnerd96 : Jordan Peele kills it like usual 😊 he's an amazing actor especially with Michael Keegan Key

Miriam Springett : This is actually a pretty good OJ impression - especially the laugh.

dj69918 : I'm not saying I'm commenting on this video, but if I did, this is what it would look like.

Schoolgirl325 : "First I came up with 'I Did It: Here's Why.'" LOL!

Protips : They had Judith Regan pegged.

Maurice Wilson : One of my all-time favorite sketches lol

K-2SO : O.J's finally gonna get out LOL

Michael Hand : lmao him trying to run out the door,but has it locked

yome122 : OJ is really Obama!!!

All Eyez On Me : 2017 snl skit or Madtv

Mark Levin : Whatup, killa.

DarkLordOfTheSith : Women don't tell me no🔪💀


MUR4DHD : hell man you working with Fox, you know what im taking about. hahha that crack me up LOL

KTHREE31 : Obama - J!!!! 😂

John Doe : this is funnier now that he is free in Vegas.

irllcd13 : Nicole Parker is so pretty.

Waylon : I was the little kid who said "hi Mr murderer!" That was 10 years ago.

Fancy Vizion : Wow, that's Jordan Peele wearing heavy prosthetics.

Diezel Versatility : crazy how 7 years later THIS EXACT interview really happens lmao

DeusUmbra : He did it..

gangisspawn1 : I love his impersonation

RMB Studios : SLN took this skit