How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys : I haven't heard the high pitched squeal of a CRT in years. Ah, the sweet sound of childhood. Also OW MY EARS! Thanks for watching this video, guys! - Gav

ethancx : How a slo mo camera works in slo mo

Exploding Crow : informative and interesting, good job

Construction Technology : A very useful sharing with me. Thank you very much.

Cesarama : I watched this in 0.25

Solution by Sarthak : It's like the Speed of Light 😂😂

Sam Krygsheld : Where's Dan? Shouldn't he be punching through the TV or something?

ITheCatGaming : BOI #PCMasterRace

Rebel Clef : Most interesting thing for me was how RGB blurred out into CMYK... dope video.

BITMASTER2000 : It's funny how differently shaped the subpixels of the LG OLED tv are.

Jean-De-foi Serieux : Woah

Игорь Тюрин : 1:13 cat

NeonTarget2 : Amazing!

Sourish Saha : *unbelievable*

Myhein Namhar : (Pc master race)

Bubba Brap : I have always wondered about all of this, but was too lazy to look it up...

SP-404 HypNodiQ SoundJunkie : Oh. My. God. Humans are incredible! I can't wait til we can record and play back our imaginations and dreams, Then revisit then in virtual reality. It's going to be so exciting!!!

ArmyFrog : Fun tidbit: There are 16,777,216 colors that can be displayed on a screen. Colors are coded with a 6 digit hexadecimal with 16 units for each digit (0-9 & A-F). For example, #C0FFEE would give you light green. The amount of possible combinations is 16^6, or 16,777,216.

Ijaz Shaikh : Best video 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍forever

Sanket Khandelwal : 85 inch screen? **cries in 43 inches**

Harbir Singh : It would be interesting to see the arrangement of red, green and blue subpixels on different screens because even different OLEDs use different arrangements.

WolfGaming : I know what u can record in slow motion, a subwoofer with a song/music with good bass.

TheSkepticSkwerl : Hi slow moving guys. Here's a 6k dollar tv for 2 seconds on your video.

Silks : You play games on that enormous lcd? What's that got about 2 seconds of input lag?

lillyandgarth : This video blew my stoned mind

Cog Incorporated - Dragon Ball Super Content : Congratulations on 10,000,000 subscribers!!!

Samurai Cucumber : If you put a small water drop on your phone screen, you can see the pixels

Antonio Whitfield : Do QLED next

Primo Bud : A reverse-reverse stoicism. Literally: ... An ... Actual astigmatism. If not already observed, well demonstrated! Gavin, well done!

Robert Sommerseth : Just ask any console owners how slow mo looks on their screens, they have a lot of experience on the subject

shismohammad mulla : Awsome video

Typical Kid : mi eyes

Gabriel Sousa : cadê os brasileiros curiosos kkkkkkkk

AlBaNiAnLeGeNd TV :

Zyemionzs Global Concerns : Nice great review. It so, cool you did the pixels in slow motions. I would never think of showing it that way. Awesome job:)

Pure Slow Motion : *10,000,000 subs!*

Ronaldo Ro : Wow ❤👏'

Aaron Barragan : What a Beautiful video

Arnold Schwartz : Incredible

ReissyBoi : You should describe the difference between interlaced and progressive scanning. Interlaced only shows half of the image at one time whereas progressive shows a full image, would be interesting to see the difference in slow-mo

DESI RAP & TRAP MUSIC : Oh my god Its osm

Mickey Jewnyear : What a great idea to do!

DeyCallMeHairdo : When it got really slow I needed to put my classes on😂😂😂

Pyronaam : If you want to do this yourself just dowload a slomotion app on your iphone, it says it can go to 30000fps

Sezar Dd : It was very interesting. !! I did not know this before

Help me reach 10.000 subs with no Video : 0:23 misLED lol

Robbie06261995 : I heard that pc mastereace comment, downvoted out of principle.

kenneth walsh : Wow still picture. It's almost like a film...

Peter Pantoffel : booped that dislike button

ishan garg : I'm gonna buy that that LG OLED TV . But it's too expensive so I'll pass