How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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Marina Chase : Wow... My life is a lie.

Tampatec : 7:35 that is really cool as a TV repair tech it's awesome to see RGB (red green blue) pixels, i uploaded many tv repairs but never seen a LCD screen under a microscope.

Sora Fora : "And there's no one there watching it" That you know of... ;)

Perifractic's Retro Recipes : Hi, please could I have permission to use a 10 second clip from this wonderful video in a video about a light pen repair if I credit you in a card on the video, and in the description with a link? 🙏

Little World : Wow, That's was really great explanation ^_^ I never knew most of the things that you told us about ^_^ Best Regards,

Nathaniel Jordan : Holy mother of Mario Brothers, I'm watching pixels on pixels on pixels!

Ethan Karp : I used to have a kind of old TV (shaped like a box) and I could see the lines of green blue and red with just my eye.

Darksteelturilli : Now that's a very long ad.

貝里沙海王星 : - gets a 77inch OLED worth thousands of dollars delivered just to talk about it - talks 40seconds about it

Lamb Sauce Gamer : OLED TV = the christmas lights of TVs

EXPLORIST life : Wow! I... didn't even know I wanted to know how that worked...and here I am, smarter than I was 11 minutes ago.

Clipper Cat : if you put a miniature drop of water on your phone or tv screen, you can see the individual green, blue, and red subpixels. its cool

The Successful Destroyer : I’m not thinking of these pixels and how they’re made. I’m thinking of how someone INVENTED these small.. pixels

GumbaverianX : Fun Fact Mario's Mustache - 0.00000263 seconds Handle Shatter from "Glass Explosion at 343,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys " - 0.000104 seconds

【丹寧玩game】最歡樂的多人遊戲 : 太炫了🤩🤩

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : This was one of my favorites you've done! Great job

3.6M views views : My Life is simply a big lie 😨

Dog2puppy MCPE : This hurts my eyes so much.

Tanny : Probably one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube. Fantastic content guys!

Duncan Calvert : The Close Up Guys

Harry101UK : Extremely interesting and well presented! Would love more stuff like this!

Jeferson Ribeiro : Quem veio pelo poligonautas ?

Amiibo Master : **cough** "pc master race"

clash with me : I have older t.v. than your's

Andre Luis : alguém está aqui por causa do canal poligonautas?

Bushcraft Baxter : This video will be shown in classrooms all over the world.

Roy Gary : The Matrix

Jcb986 H : 5:03 just use your sharingan

Nnaco LOL : Let me get a (something)... Here's one.

Mark Christopher : Amazing what a couple billion transistors can do.

Jean-De-Foi : Woah

Sauhaardya Das : Pc bustards :))

Ryan w : Heres one

Vincent0Malloy : can somebody tell me the title of this ambient music playing in the background?

Proxcreepergaming 2 : If u get a little water on a iPhone 6s with no screen protector you can also see them

SirAwesom : Wow this is crazy. How powerful is that camera

Gesang Beatbox : Tv nya kurang gede bang

Tio Gaul Galette Des Rois : quem veio pelo schwarza?

gardem mts17 : Br

Bang Jhon : I look the PiXELs movement at OPPO A57

Dhiraj Gawande : Did mario defeat slow Mo guys?😂😂😂

pr socialworld : Our childhood was fake😫

Dsjilon : 5:33 Destiny🤤❤

Strangevil : What a beautiful piece of video! Thank you!

Nailton Nunes : schwarza @poligonautas me trouxe aqui (brought me here)

IronOpinion : I really enjoyed the home-y feel this vid had.

Henrique Malcate : Essas legendas salvando mundos

Eve White : Extremely remarkable video by you.... Love it.

Primal Power : 666k o.o' Also, neat how Gavin is smart on this channel, but kinda dumb (in a charming way) on Let's Play.

Sergio Batista : #poligonaltas me trouxe aqui