How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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Erhan Burger : Your television is bigger than my future.

Skippy the Magnificent : Remember in the old days when TVs smelled like electrons and were static-y when you touched the screen? Those were the days...

Hao ._.1003 : This is like the most educational video I’ve ever seen

Paul Kiraly : That's why parents would warn us about being too close to the TV, they didn't want us to find out that we r lied

Jamie Carruthers : Who else hears the noise when the tv was crappy tv was turned on?

Kartikey Sankhdher : *_So, that's what THE FLASH sees when he watches TV, poor boy_*

Lempremon : Shake your phone at 7:52 👌

William Powell : Also that oled LG™ TV uses less electricity then a regular TV because the pixels turn off which means they don't use power because they are off. Hey most likes I ever got.

Maheshwaran P : If only my teachers have taught me this in school

No I don’t : Dang so many frames *me can’t even get 60 FPS on roblox OOF*

David McCary : If you think about it, our screen pixels, are generating other pixels from this video.

Slacker77 : Great video and super interesting. I felt jealous about your 85" until you said it was an LCD. I figured it was 1080 so I felt better. Then you said it was 4k and I started the envy again, but then you zoomed in and showed the downfall of lcd... gray, not true black. I felt better again since I have a 65" oled which is amazing. Just as I felt better, you show the 77" oled that was given to you. I can't win. :)

blue mamba : Lol professor at college couldn't explain that to us like you did 👍🏻

Ubsesed Gamer : Watch this video in slow motion, to get it even slower.

BudiPlot : now we need to know what it look like when a movie plays in theater. not a good idea. remember? loud noise? not allowed to use any device while playing?

Erwin Tjia : This video is really informative!

Makaveli ThaDon : really really wish you did plasma.... i always wanted to see plasma pixels

MarbleSwan666 : 6:29 theres a name for this pattern, let me tell you in song. When a grid misaligns with another behind Thats a moire!

arcader dude : It would be funny if someone watched this on a tv!

Electro_Deadlight_Elite : Can I have the Cartridge? I just found my old NES.

UnPhayzable : But in reality all TVs are powered by hamsters running inside of them on wheels constantly

Enderdavid_ HD : 2:12 he deied on the first gumba...🤣 Rip... just, rip🤣🤣🤣

jesus flores : Was i the only one that moved his head cuz i was to close to the tv

Dom Squaaa : *cough* PC MasterRace gained you a like

DanCJD321 : I just learned at the start that I’m seeing the frames at a second at the #bluemangroup

Lotus : *whispers* pc master race...

Owen Anonymous : 2:31 bruh

- L1 - : He's TV is like 3 times bigger then me tf

ШАЯИIИG I'm ЕЯЯОЯ : I like thihs verry mutch because you speak verry ease English too understand from germany

Айдемир Шумахов : Are there Circassians?

Jogwheel : I think many people probably already knew most of what you explained in this video (scanlines, RBG pixels, etc.); but to actually SEE it demonstrated so precisely with super-high-speed and macro-lenses was truly fantastic. So much different than a normal #SlowMoGuys episode, but this one might honestly be my favorite. GREAT work, Gavin!

GAMING SOCIETY : Tell me again why I'm watching this ?

Мне Нравится : Здравствуйте, Спасибо за Ваше видео)))))))) )))

100 subs without no content? Shamrock : What’s that giant box attached to your flat screen? Lmao I’m sorry the joke had to be Made.

Jam T : LED - the generic 4K tv OLED - the high end tv AMOLED - the 1080p phone screen And LEAD - atomic element

redpowera : I am electronical engineer of crt TV's for 20 years,and this is my first time in my life who i saw how it works an old crt television! Thank you very very much Gav!

Tim Rothfuchs : Warum ist alles in deutsch geschrieben, aber das Video in Englisch?

Yunus : So educational.. thanks I know Gav knows a lot about pictures

XCaliber : I used to have that low fps when I used to play cyrsis on an old computer

ALPHA FUGLOW : You see the pixels in the sub pixels zoom into them

Andrew Kemp : I've literally been googling this for like 8 years. Thank you

Game music Mobile legend : Green+Blue+Red=White?!!?!!.........WHATTTT??;?!!?!!?!!?/?"?"-(#(

Dan Lewis : When I saw how my aim is in slow motion in halo... Mind blown*

Da Gamer : No wonder my mom tells me to stop watching tv or playing video games XD.

Si otong : If you wet your phone screen, you will see this color too! Wet your hand and touch your phone screen to do this

AAGHOSTT : This video should be top trending Cmon youtube


TWIST - нарезки и смешные моменты : Привет! Я с России)

XxxHumanxxX : I first thought you were that angry kid who has always beef with his dad

_Melone HD_ : Könnt ihr deutsch