How a TV Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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Bushcraft Baxter : This video will be shown in classrooms all over the world.

SirAwesom : Wow this is crazy. How powerful is that camera

Run N Gun : Wow, that is sick! Also, the nostalgia! Love it, thank you for sharing.

Adventure in a Backpack : Wow! I... didn't even know I wanted to know how that worked...and here I am, smarter than I was 11 minutes ago.

Viktoria Ernst : That is a very big TV 😧

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : This was one of my favorites you've done! Great job

betoen : The old TVs were really a marvel of human brilliance. And it took too many years to evolve.

PutinYouToSleep : 0:43 Best moment ... Tell them: *cough* PCMasterRace

Boccaccio1812 : What you see at 7:32 I discovered when I was a kid by taking a pair of binoculars and putting them right up to a TV screen lol

KDan : How dare you to use Xbox on Sony TV?!

Harry101UK : Extremely interesting and well presented! Would love more stuff like this!

Atheism FTW : *T O O M U C H K N O W L E D G E*

Rareș Fărăgău : Honestly 30-60 fps in a game sounds horrible.

Nykk Deetronic : Amazing! Totally new dimension :)

Nathaniel Jordan : Holy mother of Mario Brothers, I'm watching pixels on pixels on pixels!

ethancx : How a slo mo camera works in slo mo

Robert Craighead : WOW! Thanks, I never knew.

Exit Paradise : i feel like some animals see the rgb pixels ...

Vash the Stampede : At least admit LG paid you to make this video.

Vision Grid : 1:35 Headache !

Bitplex : This is probably the most interesting video that you guys have released in my opinion - I was glued to the TV and found it really refreshing...ahem.

Intella Fox : This isnt smart but i looked all the way into my laptop screen by putting it in my face and about half a quarter of a tiny pixel has colour in

Joao Neto : What am I supposed to do with this information

Joel John : CAT AT 1:16 behind telly!!!

Lyndon Holman : PC is master racer

IronOpinion : I really enjoyed the home-y feel this vid had.

El duro P.R. : I'm watching this on an LG phone like if you are too.

Mohit ram : Video was so deep and amazing!

Shubham Verma : Let's go into TV screen!

Bregb Arega : Great video, Guys! Could you please film a DLP Projector? I'm very curious how the micromirrors move inside the DMD and how the sequential color change looks like! :o Thanks!

Dockery : I don't think this is good for my eyes

David Vivsik : You guys should do a slow mo of a eulers disc. Would be really cool

How to Lessons : Wow wow wow wow

How to Lessons : Great

Hey Neko : *Pc Master Race*

The Slow Mo Guys : I haven't heard the high pitched squeal of a CRT in years. Ah, the sweet sound of childhood. Also OW MY EARS! Thanks for watching this video, guys! - Gav

Andriy Zherebyatyev : AWESOME!

Rico The MLG PRO : 3:34 The Song In the Background is CREEPY AF!!!

Stefano Bisio : How big is that sonovabitch of a television

pistikepowa87 : I have almowt the same setup!

Torilla Tavataan : Makes me want an OLED.

Alex Smirnoff : Extreme coincidence LG got in touch to let them use an OLED TV screen right in the middle of reviewing a Led from LG? Hidden microphones anyone?

Ankit kala : Even though I knew the theory of how it all worked, seeing it in slow motion was really amazing. Persistence of vision is such a wonderful thing.

Aélon Ashryver : PC Master Race!!!

Hangaroid : 11:05 *MUCH DEEPER BLACKS*

Marina Chase : Wow... My life is a lie.

Jiren Isn't Boring : Wow, TV's are amazing.

ScorpioFire : 1:15 that cat on the back XD

Maria Isabel Paula : Muito Bom !

Dietrich Muller : I'm watching on my Nokia 3310.