The Cookie Jar - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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PowahSlap Entertainmint : Time travel? More like... _Crime_ travel. (Bow tie spins around)

Charles Lumia : It's crazy that you guys aren't monetized. Your stuff is hugely popular and has had a strong following for years. There's no way that big advertisers wouldn't be interested in your work.


HORRIOR : I was expecting the joke to be him traveling back at the end and saying, "Actually, you NOT stealing those cookies leads to an even WORSE outcome."

SylenDraws : So did he get more hair as he got "older"?

scamp23 : And that's how the cookie crumbles

SylenDraws : What if everyone in that Neighborhood became evil and ended up traveling back in time!?!

Uriah Siner : 🎶Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?🎶

Samuel Cole : Mother: "Did you steal all the cookies last night, Timmy?" Timmy: "I, ur, I guess I technically did..." Father: "I'll get my ladder."

TheNamesDitto : Is this Deadpool 2?

Asap Animation : Did you say grrrriiiiiiiimee?

Zaid Bin Nafees : "Parenting" in a nutshell

Kelvin Ntim : So he invents a time machine just to go back into the past and steal a jar of cookies from a kid? Yep, definitely my kinda person

caffeineadvocate : This is a news story for chocolate Chip Chapley!

Obi Madu : Worst *timing* ever

B_D_W_S'_Animation_ : This make anyone else wanna steal cookies?

DarkSoul : #Cookie Jar ... Red Velvet anyone?

Wan Nur Dalila : Thanks Chuge and 3000 Chinese fans for keeping the shorts alive!!!

Trash Animations : Top 10 anime plot twist

hayden herrick : I wish I could support you guys with patron.

King Ban : Those must be really damn good——never mind, it’s a time robber. Better call the time police😂

sta g : Hashtag cookie jar

Akarui : What if he comes across a black kid

Joshierocks100 : Stealing Cookies... DEMONETIZED!

v4ntix : #cookie jar

GomChingu : red velvet cookie jar.

Broccoli Rocks : Confirmation that Cyanide&Happiness are secretly Red Velvet fans 😎

Justin Y. : Okabe really looks and acts different in this world line

Krish Thakur : Was that a time machine or a teleporter ??? 😂😂😂😂😂

kevin luis : When you just done watch red velvet cookie jar....

Nathan Colmenares : “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.” However, it seems like this time traveler can do a lot of time.

Christopher Segar : If I had the money you guys would be doing this forever!!! These get me through all my days of unsightly contaminants. Thank You!!! I can't believe that an advertising firm hasn't approached you. I think Steven Colbert should know you by by now. I may make it my mission to do so.

Kapuchino : :3 mmmm, delicious

Daniel Ger : Wait a minute. What if the child now builds a time machine, so he will travel back in time and steals the cookies from himself. It's a time paradox. Great Scott !!

UnbeatenLake : Your not you when your hungry Eat a Snickers

Aleksander Thorstensen : Future me has a TIME MACHINE!?!?! Sounds like I end up alright.

Naufal Eka : Try to bake the poisoned one..... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Justin Y. : But what if by him time travelling to the past, he inadvertently created the person he is today?

Cristian Collins : The old man travel through time to steal stuff? He's a smart cookie

Nayfin : I wish I were a millionaire so that I could donate to you guys, sadly, I am not.

Ahmad Idham Abdillah : Funny how the red velvet also make an mv called cookie jar

tHe BiggEsT nErDyNeRD : Stop!!! Don't waste your time disliking this video!! Now like that video. Come on.

ThatOneWeirdPanda : Okay, First of all, I don't know how, but, That is me. T H E C O O K I E S W I L L B E M I N E.

Ivan Rubio : We demand more of Harry the handsome butcher

Bean bon : If nobody comes from the future to stop you, how bad can your actions be?

Sim Mckenzie : The poor kid was so devastated when he lost the cookies 😭😭❤️

Blue Wool Studios [Colin] : I wonder if the kid got in trouble because his parents thoughts he took them all!

The Mr. Man : *_That's not how time travel works._*


Miyawaki Chaeyeon : #cookie jar - red velvet WATCH NOW!!!