Vertical Landing Rockets Before SpaceX

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Justin Y. : KSP has taught me to always revert my save when I try a suicide burn

Sany0 : again....came for the title....stayed for the shirt....

Greg Brockway : Gets notification, drops everything, clicks like before viewing, grabs a cup of coffee, complements Paul before viewing, watches video.

Warped Perception : I have to tell you, you have inspired me to dress up a little nicer when I'm on camera, historically I wear cheap Walmart shirts...lbvs. now you know when you see me wearing nice shirts it's because of you !!!

TAOFLEDERMAUS : And let's not forget SPECTRE, who used vertically-landing rockets in You Only Live Twice. (and rocket guns!)

Marc : SpaceX is the first one to do it economically and reliably. I give them the gold star.

Daniel Matthews : We stand on the shoulders of giants, and occasionally the faces of many midgets...

HebaruSan : Please don't feed the confusion by telling people that Starman's Tesla went "to Mars." It's on an orbit that crosses Mars's orbit, but will not be arriving at the red planet for the foreseeable future.

SeLf_MaDe : Please do a video on "Rosetta Mission".

Cupcake Conspiracy : Space x actually sends things to orbit and back, blue origin doesn’t

Little Cripple : Just 5 days till the next Block 5 (Falcon 9) launch. Can't wait to see how they pan out. Between 6-10 flights each Elon reckoned in one interview. Unfortunately but understandably NASA want a fixed design for man flight, but I'd still love it if they would tweak them to make keep improving like they did with block 4.

Aaron Porebski : Jeff Who?

Chris Weiser : I was one of the Scaled Composites engineers on the DC-X program. The final flight of DC-XA occurred when it touched down on the pad. Unfortunately, one of the four pressure lines that deployed the landing gear struts had not been connected. DC-XA remained vertical for a few moments, but inevitably started to tilt as the open line failed to support its strut. KaBOOM.....

Laughing Cheeze : WOW, I had no idea Scaled Composites was around back then!!

Watchyourselvez : God I love this channel. And the shirts!!!

Sam : Elon called one of the Thai cave rescuers a 'pedo' out of pure malice. I've lost all respect for Musk now 😔

Damp potato #36 : A curious droid notification never fails to brighten my evening! Love the new intro as well.

Thomas Mathyn : Love the channel

Alpha Adhito : Geez, I remember watching DC-X demonstration flights in Science channel in what... 15 years ago? as a kid. Now we have Falcon 9 and New Shepard, just wow

PeterC : Great how science fiction becomes science fact given time....

Carl Howard : What? No mention of Armadillo Aerospace?

Ginny855 : Did the McDonnell douglas dc x tip over in 7:24 or is it just the movements of the camera? Very interesting video as always 😊

BRETT : Im curious,didnt the LEM do this on a different planet,and on its first attempt?

Sean Barker : Can your next video be on the Elon Musk submarine that saved the Thai children from the cave... oh wait that was just a shameless plug that he did 😂

magnetiktrax : Not a new idea at all. Professor Calculus did this in TinTin Destination Moon way back in the early 50's. :-)

Stratostrophic Jones : Fantastic video 👍👍👍👍

Alvin Lam : Blue origin didn't even teach orbit. Saying what blue origin has accomplished is similar to that of SpaceX is like saying what Jeff someone has accomplished more than I did.

gptrees1 : Was the radar really accidentally left on? I thought Buzz left it on intentionally just to eliminate a step in case of an emergency abort.

JeeD : come for the info stay for the shirts

Joshua The Science god : @curious Droid just a suggestion, i would get your throat checked put by a doctor. It looks swollen to me, not trying to embarrass you. I'm genuinely concern. Enjoy your day

Jeriku : Tintin and the XFLR6

Jason Cronin : great stuff, thank you good sir

Vincent Rouleau : Please note the the computer alarm did prevent the computer landing the LM. The computer was still flying the LM when Armstrong went into re-target point selection mode. The computer was overloaded from input from the rendez-vous radar, but successfully flushed out those radar input requests and continued to fly the LM at all time.

Ed Langer : Despite the program alarms, LM Eagle was given a go for landing. The reason Armstrong took manual control was so that he could overfly the boulder field to which he was headed.

crazymuthaphukr : As always Scaled Composites was 20 years ahead of their time. Scaled Compostites >>>> Space X and all other aero companies combined.

SpicyMemeHoarder : My only regret is that I will never be able to afford a new shepherd ticket.

Alexander : All lies, Elon Musk just stole Sheldons idea.... ;)

Husker54 : Bloody love ur channel .. Keep it up with the future tech and space stories i heckin love them

BlueSkies : What a smart shirt 😃

First Name : I love aerospace history and of course those sassy shirts.

Michael S. Howard : Fact, rocket landing in Earth atmosphere is harder to land on the moon's zero atmosphere... Landing on mars depending upon weather could be more or less easier. So what spacex did is way harder.

Vinny JAP : He can rock literally any shirt

Rosscotron : Great vid didn’t know the history

Bob Senior : I love your videos and of course your shirts lol. I remember seeing that jet pack here in Australia late sixties and it was amazing. He flew once around the Sydney Showgrounds and the noise was incredible. We all thought I've got to get one of those and then of course found out the things didn't go very far. Oh well back to the rush hour traffic. All the best. And keep it coming.

kurtu5 : This video is incomplete. Here is what I could find for actual VTVL rocket flights before SpaceX; 1961 Bell Rocket Belt(as seen in video) 1969 Grumman Lunar Module(as seen in video) 1990s DCX(as seen in video) 1999-2009 Jaxa flew 4 RVTs Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge ran for 3 years and 3 players flew VTVLs 2006-2009 Armadillo Aerospace attempted 3 times 2009 Unreasonable Rockets flew once 2009 Masten Space Systems' Xioe flew and won the Level 2 challenge Not sure why there is no mention of any vehicles past the mid 90s. Anyone got vehicles to add to the list?

Kevin Doyle : Amazing video always great content on this channel

Dinamo : 👍👍

Haos666 : @Curious_Droid You have missed few other projects, one quite notable, by David Masten and his Xombie. He managed it to start and land back in 2009, which is being said to be the direct inspiration of Falcon 9 Grasshopper in 2011 and futher on - F9 Stage 1 landing/recovery programme.

Andre Gulbis : Shirt!!!!! want.

Moemen Sultan : Dear Professor Paul Shillito ,I love your content and I am always looking forward to seeing your wonderful content . As an astronotics fanatic and a future aerospace engineer could you please make a video about MHD , please ? best regards !