Corporate Apology.

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An organization absolves themselves of all their transgression by apologizing in an advertisement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed this video, please, please, please hit the subscribe button. It takes you one second, and you'll be notified of any of our newest videos. It means so much to us if you do that. It means an unhealthy amount. Like we shouldn't care this much, but we do. So thank you. Jordan won't kill himself now. Get at us on social media: Personal Twitter Handles: Written by Bret and Jordan Raybould. Directed by Jordan Raybould and Bret Raybould. Edited by Bret Raybould and Conner Thompson. Visual Effects by Conner Thompson. Special thanks: Cristian Duran, Sadiq Samani, Lucien Formicella, Faisal Alam, and Matteo Pascal.

Comments from Youtube

Atzros : Wow, it takes a lot of maturity to stand up, and admit your wrongdoings like this. You know, I think they might have just turned over a new leaf? Everybody deserves a thirty second chance.

Nat W : The random cat really sold this for me

Angry Applesauce : I bet this was demonetized before it got it's first view.

Sqwirmie : i got nothing. subbed

Austin Thomas : Genius

Steven Zimmerman : You earned my sub

Benard Man : Please just keep doing this bc its funny I dont feel like seeing you at an open mic to make any sort of earnest comment

43 Weirfield : Holy hell hahahaha my sides hurt

LTirishkeg : If Only...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Angry Basterds : First

Daniel H : This was about ISIS? I thought it was about Comcast.

steeve cordier : wath is it about ?

The Warpten Show : Seven salafists didn't liked this video.

Jason Belstone : One moment I was distracted. Next moment, this was a video about ISIS.

Zach Echo : Okay I'll let it slide BUT this is the last time!

greiteneis : Degrees in Marketing?

Ana Victoria : HILARIOUS

L : Now make one for the Baltimore PD, or Chicago, or LA, or ...

Henry : Pretty sure ISIS would kill that eyebrow piercing endowed wally in a second.

Nona Yerbiz : Can't wait to see the version police departments will run after they kill a few more innocent civilians!

Don Vantel : I want to laugh but the dead American soldiers from this organization hands makes me sad. Too soon guys.. too soon..

james Barrie : This is really lame.