Corporate Apology.

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Sqwirmie : i got nothing. subbed

TheHopkinses : This is glorious satire

Atzros : Wow, it takes a lot of maturity to stand up, and admit your wrongdoings like this. You know, I think they might have just turned over a new leaf? Everybody deserves a thirty second chance.

Austin Thomas : Genius

Daniel H : This was about ISIS? I thought it was about Comcast.

Angry Applesauce : I bet this was demonetized before it got it's first view.

Angry Basterds : First

Steven Zimmerman : You earned my sub

Natasha N Watson : The random cat really sold this for me

Jason Belstone : One moment I was distracted. Next moment, this was a video about ISIS.

The Warpten Show : Seven salafists didn't liked this video.

steeve cordier : wath is it about ?

Lurch : Now make one for the Baltimore PD, or Chicago, or LA, or ...

Zach Echo : Okay I'll let it slide BUT this is the last time!

LTirishkeg : If Only...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nona Yerbiz : Can't wait to see the version police departments will run after they kill a few more innocent civilians!

Don Vantel : I want to laugh but the dead American soldiers from this organization hands makes me sad. Too soon guys.. too soon..

43 Weirfield : Holy hell hahahaha my sides hurt

Henry : Pretty sure ISIS would kill that eyebrow piercing endowed wally in a second.

james Barrie : This is really lame.