History of Philosophy RAP ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

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Reactor : So youre an educational channel now?

itsRucka : 1 Million people now know the full complete truth about Nietzsche #soguyswedidit

Jacuzzi Winkles : Unpopular opinion: this is your best work

Whytebio : "Kids trained to have the coherence of a mental patient. This was the birth of progressive education." quoted for truth.

Philip : "Wrong then, gay now" the skeptics dont get a restXD

I don't deserve subs : I came here to laugh but I ended up learning a lot too

cookieboss : i wrote the lyrics off this song on my history test and got a b+ #thanksprofesorRucka

Sir Spamalot : "You didn't read philosophy!" "You didn't read Rand!" And now you don't need to read the comment section.

Hrishikesh5720 : Oh no Rucka, you've triggered all the internet philosophers.

mester G : its like an edgy bill wurtz but with philosiphy

itsRucka : What did you learn?

Hypermagical Ultraomnipotence : “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."- John Rogers

Brutarii : i learned that islam could have been not the shit it is today rip

Hyper Kin : You know this, but your sleight against Nietzsche is wildly oversimplified. His Übermensch is neither master nor slave. He speaks of a master slave dialectic but this is similar to the proletariat bourgeoisie dialectic. It's not Nietzsche's fault for misinterpretation by the Nazis. He has been described as an "anti-anti-semite." The ultimate Europe, in his eyes, would have been a mix of all European races working in harmony.

Jacob Corona : Ayn Rand was a moron and a hypocrite. Nietzsche inspired nazis yes. But they misinterpreted his work. Both sides of the argument are only half right.

Quaglium Quagnarr : PBS Kids ain't got nothin' on this right here!

Gabe Perry : Ending with praising Ayn Rand, not a good sign.

blackearl7891 : The misrepresentation of kant is mind boggling

Bröther Passes Boof : Me: Listens to this 🤔 *Goes into history* Me: “You know I’m somewhat of a scientist myself

Soma Elek : Nietzsche is turning in his grave...

Fnaf Inverted : Freinds: I learned philoshophy thru several years of school and investigating theories. So how did you learn? Me: *pulls up this song*

The being destroyer of worlds : This video has a lot of falacies, so what, it makes people go out there and question what they know, and for every wrong fact you learn something new

Firefighter Bear : Lesson: Find a balance between reason, science, and feelings that will allow freedom and order, understanding and justice.

Eck Bee : Kant was a kunt

chriram97 : Well, this was completely unexpected and totally awesome

Rachel Watts : *uses this to study for philosophy final*

Mr. Aztec : Rucka Ali said “reason” 15 times. Well shit

Hemuro4ever : Thanks Rucka, for years Ayn Rand has been in my awareness, usually as a joke or a pejorative. I didn't understand the vitriol, but didn't have any context on her. After this I Iooked at her work and Objectivism has changed my life.

Dad ّ : I love your videos! Muslim fan from afghanistan

Covfefe : Post modernism is cancer

Crockett : Lots of false stuff but still good video

Paulo Ricardo B. Nascimento : Plato was wrong ? (He wasn't wrong at all, Aristotle just fixed Plato's sensible world). Kant made the split bigger ? (You're joking, right ?) AYN RAND FIXED THE MIND-BODY SPLIT ? Just STFU.


Connor in charge : Most people wont agree with me but i think this is ruckas best song yet Please rucka teach me about history

Chuck Norris : Videos like this one are the reason why the internet is the best invention since the fucking wheel

Aspiracy : CATEGORY: *E D U M U S I C A L*

BuenoDon : Sadly just another one that doesn't understand nietzsche.

Philip : I didnt know anyone bought into the dark ages myth or that christianity wasnt routed in reason. There is a reason theologians were almost always natural philosophers to and created the university in the west.

Roguemaster : I love when he can't find a reasonable rhyme so he just adds "& shit" to the end of a verse.

Seth Apex : You know Aristotle had a theory of forms too right? He called it the formal cause.

Michael Rossi : This is your best video.

Simon Söderroos : I´m gonna read about Ayn Rand.

Aster Perthro : Could've used some diogenes


Trey : And this is how i passed social studies

ReconCrusader : What no DIOGENES????

I am a disappointment to my parents : The greatest tragedy in all of human history is the end of the Islamic Golden Age

billandpech : I've been an Objectivist for over 30 years, and this is the most awesome piece of media I've ever seen! Thank You!

Lil' Nap : Who would win? 15 years of study or A 6:40 video

Dave Akerman : Yo this is what all of school should be like. I never thought I would say this but Rucka ur an inspiration