History of Philosophy RAP ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

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Reactor : So youre an educational channel now?

Jacuzzi Winkles : Unpopular opinion: this is your best work

Roguemaster : I love when he can't find a reasonable rhyme so he just adds "& shit" to the end of a verse.

Hrishikesh5720 : Oh no Rucka, you've triggered all the internet philosophers.

Brother Samuel : 5:47 Jews both a religion and a tribe. Smooth...

itsRucka : What did you learn?

Sir Spamalot : "You didn't read philosophy!" "You didn't read Rand!" And now you don't need to read the comment section.

mester G : its like an edgy bill wurtz but with philosiphy


Gedrean Fyrestrom : You got mah dude Nietche all wrong man. He wanted people to transcend the master/slave morality systems of the past and embrace freedom and reasonable thinking. You see he realized that no system of ethics was ever going to be sufficient for all situations and that all they really did was control us and keep us all from realizing our own intellectual power and freedom. He reasoned that we should reject the beliefs and systems designed by others and instead use our own intellect and lives to figure shit out for ourselves. Also all that shit the Nazis loved was actually written by his brother in law and his sister and published after his death. Nietche himself was disgusted with his brother-in-laws anti-semetism and called him a "retarded brainlet".

I don't deserve subs : I came here to laugh but I ended up learning a lot too

cookieboss : i wrote the lyrics off this song on my history test and got a b+ #thanksprofesorRucka

Witch Hunter Tyrus : Ayn Rand being the last of the enlightenment is like saying that Mussolini was the last liberal.

Fingolfin74 : Ayn Rand? Really? The last of the Enlightenment? Have you ever read some of the stuff she wrote?

Gabe Perry : Ending with praising Ayn Rand, not a good sign.

Quaglium Quagnarr : PBS Kids ain't got nothin' on this right here!

Whytebio : "Kids trained to have the coherence of a mental patient. This was the birth of progressive education." quoted for truth.

Soma Elek : Nietzsche is turning in his grave...

Brutarii : i learned that islam could have been not the shit it is today rip

Eck Bee : Kant was a kunt

chriram97 : Well, this was completely unexpected and totally awesome

Adam Warlock : Nietzsche is based

The being destroyer of worlds : This video has a lot of falacies, so what, it makes people go out there and question what they know, and for every wrong fact you learn something new

DAT BOI : I love your videos! Muslim fan from afghanistan

Hemuro4ever : Thanks Rucka, for years Ayn Rand has been in my awareness, usually as a joke or a pejorative. I didn't understand the vitriol, but didn't have any context on her. After this I Iooked at her work and Objectivism has changed my life.

blackearl7891 : The misrepresentation of kant is mind boggling

Adolf Hitler : Opening song?

Paulo Ricardo B. Nascimento : Plato was wrong ? (He wasn't wrong at all, Aristotle just fixed Plato's sensible world). Kant made the split bigger ? (You're joking, right ?) AYN RAND FIXED THE MIND-BODY SPLIT ? Just STFU.

Clashing with Thunder : I literally just learned 1000 years of history in 6 mins while I took MONTHS to learn this shit


Chozen Gamer : Ayn rand isnt really the best person youd want to listen too they mainly dismissed her work not cuz she’s a woman but because of how cynical it is

bob tony : i listened to this song before my P101 final and ended up getting an A, thanks Rucka.

Spazzitron McGee : I have been a fan since you were one county over, joking about being a white guy in Detroit while living in W Bloomfield. IMO, this is the most important and excellent thing you have created. Well done. Godspeed, Rucka.

Aspiracy : CATEGORY: *E D U M U S I C A L*

Connor Kelly : Most people wont agree with me but i think this is ruckas best song yet Please rucka teach me about history

jayjay chronical : I wish rucka was my teacher

Trey : And this is how i passed social studies

Rachel Watts : *uses this to study for philosophy final*

HighEnergyHero : Suprisingly accurate! You should honestly make a PG-13 version, cuz it actually would be useful in classes lol.

Lil' Nap : Who would win? 15 years of study or A 6:40 video

Aero Bolt : Do more School of Ruck

Michael Rossi : This is your best video.

CookieBox : This is Amazing

BuenoDon : Sadly just another one that doesn't understand nietzsche.

Dark Eccentric : Hell yeah its my man Rucka

JeanChristophe Boux : i hope you get millions of views for this video

Owen Treadgold : I’ve been educated

tadhg Sahutske : More content like this

Magyari Hunor : Pure gold

ErectusCuntus : I wouldn't mind going to Rucka School.