History of Philosophy RAP ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

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I don't deserve subs : I came here to laugh but I ended up learning a lot too

Zarathustra : >No Archimedes getting slumped by the Romans >No Diogenes shouting at Plato from a pot Come on man

silly sailor : I learned more from this than the semester of history of philosophy I took at uni. Not sure if that says more about Ruka or me.

Björn Gunnar : Actually Nietzsche didn't inspire the Nazis, It was his sister when she took and changed his work after Nietzsche lost the ability to think and take care of himself due to sickness.

Quaglium Quagnarr : PBS Kids ain't got nothin' on this right here!

Gary Sanders : (((Must have their reasons...))) Jokes!

lherrebout : One small thing: the fat statue of Buddha is Dainichi, the Great Sun Buddha. The Indian prince / philosopher who founded Buddhism is Shakyamuni Buddha (the historical Buddha).

Witch Hunter Tyrus : Ayn Rand being the last of the enlightenment is like saying that Mussolini was the last liberal.

Robert Hall : History of the crusades rap next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reactor : So youre an educational channel now?

Fabius Maximus : A lovely attempt, but quite incorrect about its narrative. The dark ages weren't because of Augustine's "cementing " of Platonic thought, is was despite it. Plato's forms are a large portion necessary for reason. Otherwise, it's more reasonable.

that stoop : What about diogenes

Gregory Bogosian : You got a lot of things wrong. 1. This stuff about the Renaissance and the Dark Ages is all predicated on the statement that the middle ages were an age of ignorance compared to what came before. That isn't true. The Greeks didn't know how to make a Stirrup. The Romans didn't know the quadratic formula. Europe was less advanced than the Muslim world at the time. But still ahead of pre-Christian Europe. 2. You really are not being fair to Marx and Nietzsche. Marx believed that reality and reason were harmonious. His primary doctrine was that if you applied logic and reason to the study of history and economics, then it is obvious that the socialist revolution is both inevitable and desirable. The Nazis' borrowed the term "ubermensch" from Nietzsche. But their actual doctrines were opposites. Nietzsche believed that there is no God, no truth, and the only real thing is will to power, the will to expand your own self-hood. The Nazis believed that that God and Truth both existed and were both expressed in scientific racism. They thought that if you looked at the scientific and historical facts honestly, that it was obvious that the Aryan race was objectively superior to all other races. 3. the dichotomy between science and philosophy that you set up only makes sense if you ignore the philosophy of science. People like Karl Popper and Thomas Kunn have been trying to integrate science and philosophy for over a century at this point. You can't pronounce them a failure without seriously engaging with their work.

Piece of Prussian games : A lot of this is wrong in all homesty

itsRucka : What did you learn?

Gabe Perry : Ending with praising Ayn Rand, not a good sign.

Fingolfin74 : Ayn Rand? Really? The last of the Enlightenment? Have you ever read some of the stuff she wrote?

Gedrean Fyrestrom : You got mah dude Nietche all wrong man. He wanted people to transcend the master/slave morality systems of the past and embrace freedom and reasonable thinking. You see he realized that no system of ethics was ever going to be sufficient for all situations and that all they really did was control us and keep us all from realizing our own intellectual power and freedom. He reasoned that we should reject the beliefs and systems designed by others and instead use our own intellect and lives to figure shit out for ourselves. Also all that shit the Nazis loved was actually written by his brother in law and his sister and published after his death. Nietche himself was disgusted with his brother-in-laws anti-semetism and called him a "retarded brainlet".

Adam Warlock : Nietzsche is based


Roguemaster : I love when he can't find a reasonable rhyme so he just adds "& shit" to the end of a verse.

A Deo rex : ''History of philosophy'' of an objectivist who evidently has not read the philosophers he talks about.

GD Gabiola652 : Just as I finish my first semester of college and understood nothing the teacher talked about in philosophy, you taught me more in 7 minutes than she did in 3 months.

HİKAYECİ ANLATAN : Finally west, white men ,muslim philosopys talk about, we are not terrorist, you are andalus and umayyads history search tank youuuuu men from turkey, and we are not camel driving, my contry modern and seculary contry

chriram97 : Well, this was completely unexpected and totally awesome

M B : Ayn Rand's philosophy is basically Rational Selfishness. Reason most intellectual professors do not accept it is because it contradicts most things from philosophy. If her philosophy was implemented into society we would be much worse off. But then again we might be subconsciously living our lives accordingly to it these day's. Food of thought

MetaTeoria : Didn't even mention Jordan Peterson in this video... --feel kind of triggered--

Lets Play Skeledragon9 : Still better than an actual school

mester G : its like an edgy bill wurtz but with philosiphy

Dark Eccentric : Hell yeah its my man Rucka

Ze Fleischhasser : Why even mention Marx if your gonna get it so wrong

DAT BOI : I love your videos! Muslim fan from afghanistan

Simone Castoldi : really cool vid but the nietzsche part was a bit wrong.. would love a sequel maybe about ideaologies or religions!

CookieBox : This is Amazing

Reino 30 : Enough gettin *Fs*

The Major : Ayn Rand is hot shit, selfishness is a virtue, remember that kids. Remember it well. Because nothing is worth anything if you don't gain personally from it. However know that gain is not only monetary, it's emotional and physical as well as financial and environmental. AKA it's man's selfish reasons to gain friends, money, love, a better self, self esteem, fulfillment and everything else that anyone might think is good for them. A baker selling his bread for a dollar and making 400% in interest on it, survives on his selfishness, while the person buying the bread can feed themselves, thus both parties have gained from the transaction.One man's selfish need to not be hungry, and another man's need to support himself caused a mutual transaction of happiness for both parties.

TheJadeFist : Ayn Rand just wanted to subvert the goyim into believing a pointless libertarianism, so that those who opposed tyranny and governmental over reach would be too busy trying to dismantle any thing that actually had the to stand against it.

Kyle Kemp : What about the existentialist tho?

MrSh4des : Kant's part was amazing.

Nuance Bro : I still don't understand the opposition to Kant. Do you think the Categorical imperative is bad?

Marcus Tullius Cicero : Instrumental?

Milton : K N O W L E D G E

Aero Bolt : Do more School of Ruck

Diamond Eyeball : You should make a parody of Uma Thurman by fallout boy

devbyrd1 : Jaden Smith and Kanye West are the greatest philosophers of our, no; ALL TIME

HighEnergyHero : Suprisingly accurate! You should honestly make a PG-13 version, cuz it actually would be useful in classes lol.

Michael Rossi : This is your best video.

The_Mad_Bear 1096 : do russia's history

LovisaColdeyes : Didn’t agree with all of it, but dope nonetheless.

Choogy : We’re Rucky to receive this video.