Legendary Nights - The Tale Of Hagler Vs Hearns...
Legendary Nights The Tale Of Hagler Vs Hearns

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On April 15, 1985 - This fight is known as THE WAR. Round 1 is perhaps the greatest 3 minutes ever.


Tony England : Marvin Hagler was always good to watch. Superbly disciplined, he went in the ring to get a job done. No flash stuff, no showboating, just pure, high-quality boxing.

George Havenhand : Hearns broke his right hand he hit Hagler that hard and he took it!! best middleweight ever and in the top 5 of all time.

Tata Nkuyo : Hearns beat Leonard in the rematch and got robbed. They gifted Leonard a draw

Riga T. : These two guys weren't boxers. You can box all day. These two were fighters, they went at each other like two guys in an alley with nothing to lose. Hearns fought harder than SRL ever did or ever could. This was so much more than just a match, it was two men throwing everything they had at each other, and taking all the other could give. Mad respect to Hearns for being so humble, and mad respect to Hagler for putting it all aside in the end. It's fights like these that made boxing what it was.

viperzerofsx : hagler was the man, but Hearns was great too

DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR : hagler is my all time favorite fighter

sean rickards : You look up the definition of a fighter and there's a picture of Hagler!

Billy William : Hagler easily a top 10 Fighter ever...so underrated...the man beat Duran,Hearns and to me Leonard...enough said

chris : back when boxing was great!amazing fight!

Brian Benitez : Tommy Hearns is as great a boxer , with as much heart and courage as Leonard and Hagler . They are all Legends of BOXING !!!

D DIESEL : hearing Chuck Hull say "Undisputed Middleweight championship of the World" end shivers down my spine. that's is something you don't hear these days. UNDISPUTED

Jim Kerr : Hagler and Hearns fought the best fight i have ever seen in my life time. Marvin was by far the hardest most relentless fighter of middleweight history, nobody who knows boxing better can honestly say that Ray Leonard beat Marvin. Big Tommy Hearns was the Best fighter in boxing history. To say Ray beat the 2 of them is below the belt. He did beat Tommy in the first fight and came from well behind and I give him full respect for that. Am not saying anything about the their second fight. Hagler vs Hearns was the greatest fight Ever. Its till fresh in my mind as if was last night. Nothing but pure respect and love for both of these great men. God Bless them both.

TheTruth : Hagler got the most durable chin in the boxing history 

callyharley : I couldn't believe Hearns got up, man Tommy possessed heart. Both fighters two of the all-time no quibbling greats.

Wessley Dorsey : when boxing was great!!!

SuperPissdrinker : 17:35 Hearns: "He had a hard head, I couldn't believe how hard this man's head was. I see why he keeps his head bald and not shaved, He got a weapon in there he had a hard weapon" LMAO 

rémi trudel bellemare : Mythical matchup for Doug Fisher : Hagler vs Golovkin with Richard Steel as a referee

Bilal Ounees : Hagler hearns leanord would beat mayweather snr and junior at the same time ,

An Electrician : 1st Hagler, 2nd Hearns, 2nd Sugar Ray.

M Brickey : Hearns actually lost 2 of the biggest fights in history, the 1st being to Sugar Ray Leonard in 1981. THIS fight was breathtaking. I love Legendary Nights.

Jmichael Isbell : Good to see Hagler showing the respect Tommy earned, the guy who came to fight. The commentator saying Tommy will be remembered for 2 key losses, says something more about that commentator than it does about Tommy, who will be remembered as "the hit man" and a great champion

Mr24NOFX : I love these legendary night shows

Charles Crump : Hearns predicted his fate in this fight.

mazhar rehman : They had to mention that prick Leonard at the end....nob heads....nobody seems to remember Ray getting his head blown off by Terry Norris.

drobirds : Man I remember these days. Boxing was my favorite sport.  The when I seen Hagler beat the crap out of Sugar Ray and lose the split decision, I never cared about boxing again

Nautilus1972 : This fight, and Frazier-Ali III,

Franco G. Marino : Most Vicious Fight (Punching each other Continuously) that I've ever Seen in This weight Category for Sure, Ever !

Baby Gee : The Marvelous and The Hitman The Greateast 1st Round Fight in History ! Marvin's Heart is bigger in this fight .

Richard Williams : hagler right hand was lethal in close fighting ,,,,,wat a weapon spear right jab

Audrey Mbugua : The music at the end is moving.

D DIESEL : that just sends shivers up my spine "for the undisputed middleweight championship of the world" YEAH

carlosBVR 66 : great champ..hagler one unique fine boxer..respects to him.


Donatelo Antolino : One of the Best fights ever.!!! Hagler and Hearns.. thank you for this great fight and to give and leave in the ring everything you got!... These were really Gladiators!

kelly higgins : I miss the days of running home to watch a great fight! Better than a Superbowl could ever be in my book!

callyharley : Tommy Hearns was one of the best boxers that I've seen, technically brilliant. If only God had blessed Tommy with a proper pair of legs........... In 1982 I lost some of my respect for Leonard after watching him spout shit at that charity thing in Maryland, in the ring he said he wouldn't fight Hagler and Hearns.

Neil Tipton : ive fought with a broken hand. you might as well fight on one leg. same thing

Roy Meadows : Two of the greatest fighters of all time..No other words needed..

Daniel Kelegian : "Hearns will be remembered for the two losses against Hagler and Leonard". GTFO here!! Hearns has World Championships in 6 different weight classes. Nobody will ever break that record, nobody!!!

Paula J. : Wilfred Benetiz would have given Mayweather a good fight.

marvelousmarvin : We need another Don Dunphy or al Bernstein. Jim lamply, and Larry is bad for boxing.

Kyle Baltzer : 2 of the best boxers of alltime great fight no matter who won

Matt Barringer : I'm glad these guys still seem to have all their marbles.  They sound coherent and healthy. Thank God.

Kurelek's Revenge : I wish Marvelous had come out this hot against Sugar.

safar ektal : Hagler had the best jab ever. He knocked people out with his jab.

Dean Pizarro : i really miss this show

Mr Chavez81 : Hagler vs Leonard was by far more spectacular and epic!!

Mark Moore : This.... Was the BEST FIGHT i have ever viewed...

marcjon000 : Hagler/Hearns, Ward/Gatti, Morales/Barrera, Pacquiao/Morales, Pacquiao/Marquez are the greatest wars in boxing..