Post Malone - "Wow." (Official Music Video)

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"Wow." by Post Malone. Song available here: ►Exclusive Merch ►Follow Post Malone Kind of directed by James DeFina Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf Produced by: DEFINATE FILMS


kackb00n : Respect, so much love and respect for the fact he put that guy on his stage and in his music video. That's awesome!

John Tran : That guy dancing is my spirit animal

Ferrini Fourty-One : Damn Post Malone is a legend hopefully one day I can make a song with him

i need some suga kookies : Mr. Harry what are you doing what's my qeometry teacher doing here

WINQX : The most random music video ever.... But still a masterpiece

Sourav Roy : He's got that rare talent of looking rich and homeless at the same time

lmZell : 1:26 when earth wind and fire comes on at the family reunion

mr narang123456 : When your dad sees you smoking for the first time 😂 @1.15

Kpop Snatching people wigs! : Who else Came From WAYV ( Lucas , Yangyang & Hendery) dance cover. I did

Jenice Mulluna : Post malone be looking homless in rich at the same time 😅

Filip Sikora : Director:mr.Malone who can dance in your video Post:yes

Here is Korea Man : Came here after WayV LuHenYang's dance video!


Kendrick Silimon : so this is what my grandad meant when he said "im going to dance for grandma " ..

Skylar Unicorn : Post Malone: idk what to name my song Guy after listening to it: “wow” Post Malone: 💡

Gaming Ninja7775 : "No cameras allowed" Do u know who u are talking too

Wynisha Stricklan : Bro I was diein laughing at my guy (THE OLD MAN DANICNG). _His dancing is hella funny_.

TimmC. : 16,000 idiots that wouldn't know Lit music if they were paid to...... "WOW."!!!

German Rosero : 0:36 Post Malone with J Balvin, WOW, Saludos desde Bogota.

Alessandra : Post is such a dope guy I literally remember seeing him repost the video of that guy dancing on his main page and now he’s on stage with him, on the music video, like how cool? Love you post

Aristobaldo Socrates : Holy shit that guy dancing its really legend

Nicolas Juliette : Who is here from Jackson Wang ? 😂

Fironica Putri : Yang Yang Handry and Lucas,They dance using lThey dance using this song. That's why I see this.😘

Mamacita Chula : I love this song it’s awesome and fuckin funny as hell . Post Malone ur the best love hearing ur voice 100% postie

Sunjei Cho : Director : So how many cities do you wanna feature in the video? Post : Yes

Ebony Huffman-Bailey : How that one dude w the beard gone pull some Netflix OA moves lol

the big fruit dude : who else thought it was juice wrld when they first heard the song?

Clorox Bleach : Well I guess now after watching this all I can really say is ...... Wow

overdose- Hip-hop : Br deixa like (2019)

Mitch Manly : Man, who that bald guy dancing?? He is actually unreal.

Apiphz 360 : G-wagon stuck in my head

Dlnrl Rosemary 77 : Much respect to Mr. Alancourt.👏 If only I could dance that well! 😍💃🔥🕺

Jess NCTzen : I'm here bc Lucas, Yangyang and Hendery's freestyle on WayV channel. 💚 The song is WOW! Swag!! 👌

PolDee187 : His look is: Lobojackster ... part Lumberjack, part Hobo part Hipster.. very nais tha guy

Kamil Henri Music : Post always smilin, glad he's enjoying his life and bringing everyone up with him

D3vinThaDud3 011 : 1:25 when your grandfather hears rap for the first time

Phant0m1 : My friends don't understand why I like Post Malone. But what they don't get is That Post is polite and respectful, and I dig that shit. So now I'm looking for new friends...

1000 subscribers with no videos challenge : Me: I don't like rap Post Malone: hold my beer

Fatou DIOUM : He’s doing a concert were I live but it’s 18+

Dima tv : ههههههههههه😂😂😂😂 اول مرة اشوف حجي يرقص 1:29 هههههه خرب ان بموووووت من الضحك يا ربي اخخخخ😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Danielle Shawgo : Sippin vodka and la croix 😛 Cant forget to play some Post Malone while "I fall apart" ❤

Cristina Lupu : Someone:Edits can't ruin this song *edits:hold my beer...*

Phynn : Post malone cualquier wa vo soy shishigang

Matladi Cleopatra : My winter jam 😂 is it politically correct 💃

Snicker Playz : I will always will legends and there songs will be in my head forever ♾

Roi Nouri : English young thug English post Malone English Uk 🇬🇧 English USA ✅🚬

PowerPig 05 : Dude, 2:53 best moment in the vid

Ryan The Express : Bruhh he actually got that dude from the video on ig 😂😂

Gold Fish : Me:*shows mom the song* Mom: “Wow.”