Day 20 of drawings and some extra drawings
14 year old boy with terminal cancer posts videos of his drawings everyday day 20

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Hopefully you guys really like it


Syrmor : Ok my favorite is the popcorn it's so cute

CommunityGame : The popcorn drawing is too cute for words!

Leon Lush : Keep up the good work my dude, really love the drawings!

A Tribe Called Squid : RIP dude Have a good one up there

Clean My Space : Excellent drawings, I really liked the snowman! Great job!

Kegz : Great drawings. My favorite Christmas movie would be “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. Can’t wait for your next video

R G : I just want you to know your videos are reaching people all around the world. I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii and your videos have really brightened my day. You are an amazing artist! I loved your popcorn drawing, it’s so adorable! You are so young yet such a big inspiration to so many. I can say you have definitely impacted my life in such a positive way. Thank you so much for that! I will be watching all your videos and I look forward to the next one! Lots of love to you and your ohana. ❤️

GLT Music : Those drawings are awesome, and you and your mum seem like you really love each other. This put a smile on my face, thankyou for that. You've got a new subscriber :)

ArmaganVideos : Young fella! As a professional designer myself, I‘d like to tell you, that you are crazy talented! That dodo is really well drawn and the details are amazing (eyes, shape)! Never stop drawing! I bet I would have been better if I would have started earlier :( Lots of love from Germany for you and Mama!

Monstahtron : You can draw so much better than me haha, awesome work bud. Btw my favorite christmas movie is The Polar Express! I really recommend it.

elginx : Weevster, YOU'RE amazing! Subscribed from Detroit, MI. It snowed here today. Keep up your awesome drawings and do what makes you happy! My favorite Christmas movie is Elf.

Hee Hee Man : Have a great time up there with stan lee.....

brod5380 brod5380 : I am an art critic. 10/10 very well drawn *Especially* for someone his age!

Devin Dailey : Nice! That is actually really good for your age thanks for showing it off!

Ben Hoffman-kipp : Elf is my favorite Christmas movie. You should watch it sometime!

Road Rash : Great Pic Mom! Love the Snowman too. the heart on his chest is the best. Cant wait to see your next batch of drawings. Much love from Cincinnati.

Oxidize : Your legacy is with us forever. Just remember that. Each drawing you put out, is one more to remember. Hope you live the rest your life with pure joy and happiness. You’re one hell of a man, much stronger than me :)

Zskillit : The Grinch! Jim Carrey one is the best. For sure. Amazing drawings, dont stop. I'll be sure to watch every one you make.

Black Cutie : Great job keep drawling ur so talented

Logan Cravey : You’re an inspiration sir. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more drawings. Much love from Oklahoma.

SibunA : Fantastic work little dude! Keep it up. That Grinch looks fantastic!

Jaszs : I'm glad I've learned english so I can say "You are awesome" :)

Luke Keister : Dang dude! I used to love to draw but I was never that good nor creative, yours are awesome

Rohlix : Hey Weevster! Your videos reached me to the Czech Republic in Europe! I am so glad Reddit brought me to your channel. I watched all your videos and just want you to know that your drawings are amazing... I also love the little hearts you put in every one! You must have on of the greatest moms ever! :) Keep being awesome, I will check up on your videos regularly! Sending much love!❤️ PS.: My favorite Christmas movie is Grumpy Old Men, watch it every year with my family since I was 8 :)

Erica Lauzon : Sleep well sweet child. You don't have to hurt anymore.

PrettyWise : Dude your drawings always make me smile! You rock! Keep it up!

Jeremy Morris : Killing it dude! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! Love and support from Cleveland Ohio!

Scott Summers : You are amazing man, and u will get better and better in drawing, ur quite talented

The United States of America : Your really skilled dude. I can't draw half as good as that and its just amazing. Can't wait for the next video

Gavi L : Rest In Peace bud, what a phenomenal talent, an amazing young man gone far too soon.❤️

Lucas Figg : Keep drawing and hope you get your snow. To the mom...keep being an amazing mother!

Alex.L : Omg i have the same bedsheets as him! You will never be forgoten with me steven!

Joe B : Hey bud- you’re internet famous! I’m subscribing to your channel, and I’m looking forward to many more drawings! Much love from West Virginia 😊

Alex Kokaliaris : I love all of your drawings. Especially with the faces! My favorite Xmas movie is The Grinch with Jim Carrey. I always love watching that movie. As well as Charlie Brown and the Christmas Tree. Keep drawing! Can’t wait for the next video❤️❤️🤟🏻

BEAUJAN Peester : You’re very talented my man. Sending much love from PA!

Otter : Hey man, I've been in a slump lately and finding this video has really inspired me stay positive. Thanks for putting out this content you brave little dude.

Steven Berger : Really liked your Grinch drawing! Great job. Keep up the fight buddy!

James Armstrong : Keep it up dude! I especially like the happy popcorn. I can't wait to see more from you and mom!

Dominick Damico : Great drawings!! Polar Express is probably my favorite!

BitchAss : Nice drawings dude it’s amazing how strong you are but sadly he passed away Sorry Edit: your grinch is amazing btw

Paul : The popcorn is so cute great job!

Lee Wuey Yong : Nice job I like all off your drawing your very creative

David Hoggan : I love your drawings!!!! So amazing! Thanks for sharing.

matthewh84idaho : Your videos are inspiring my young friend. You should be proud of your art, you have good talent. I subscribed and will be sharing your channel. I liked that dodo bird a lot!

KillerOtter plays : The first drawing really reminds of my drawing style. Not in imagination, but just how the lines are. (I know he cant see this because... you know.)

Joe Prystash : Man.. great bird. You made my day thanks buddy

terpbaby22 : Your drawings are fantastic! Coming from a 31 year old, talent-less woman, you inspire me. Keep being so strong. I'll be checking back everyday to see your new drawings :-)

boi succ an egg : This made me cry... he needs more subs

redphive : You’ve got a great eye for drawing. Keep It up!