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The Economy Explained by Tay Zonday! http://amzn.to/1TSs0kt 🔥🔥More singing! 🔥🔥 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL87KbhWjUH2ZwqRWBi9g9d28lUbs-xmIO 😀 SUBSCRIBE 😀 to Tay Zonday! -- https://goo.gl/Tnkbs1 Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/tayzonday I'm writing emails to you! http://www.taymail.net FREE MP3! https://soundcloud.com/tayzonday/mama-economy THE GIRL ON THE VIOLIN: http://www.youtube.com/lindseystomp ----- MAMA ECONOMY SONG LYRICS ----- Are you confused about the economy? Well have no fear -- I'm going to explain the American economy right now +The dollar just think of it like a promise from the government But the value of the dollar has to be there to be relevant The value of the dollar comes from China and Iran When they put their cash reserves in a U.S. dollar plan - +They buy treasury bonds from The Federal Reserve We say "we owe you extra money cause you gave us some of yours" That's a big part of the National Debt All the interest that we haven't paid to China quite yet - +And a hundred other countries Cause we're such a good investment The whole world gives us money We say "Hey we'll pay you interest!" This is how money is created from air Bank bailouts, federal budgets Money isn't really there - +It's an I.O.U., remember dollars are a promise When you borrow from a bank It's not from other depositors The money for your loan Gets created on the spot Then they put it in your name Gamble on your life and body - +But if you lose your job Then you were a bad bet If a million lose their jobs Then we have a recession Here's the dirty secret Your labor's too expensive Wall Street wants you spending money But they never want to pay you - +In your life cash and credit They are very different things But your credit's someone else's cash Once it leaves your name This is why money is debt And your debt is good for Wall Street prosperity - +And economic growth since the 1970s Is consumers getting credit Without wages increasing So when they talk about the housing crisis They never say we need to lower housing prices - +We need ^better devices To afford high prices Meaning higher debt lower interest Cause you're underpaid to begin with That's the cycle we're in We don't understand so All we can do is question [Chorus] Mama economy make me understand All the numbers why Daddy's on a welfare plan 'Turnin thirty forty fifty gotta move in with my parents And the stocks go up but the jobs disappear +^Because wages barely grew for 40 years When you buy stuff They delay the cost of ownership You can't afford it so they make it to depend On endless small transactions Which is more like renting +You pay more for printer ink Than you do for gold and More for bottled water Than you do for oil Razor blades are made to Oxidate So you're forever in debt to them Just to shave +It's a type of socialism called market socialism The best designed product Meets a need and doesn't last We subsidize waste With landfills and holidays like Earth Day teachin' kids: Recycle please +Kids won't learn in school we live one worldview neoliberal economics In all of our politics They don't ask why corporations are human citizens Or why grandma pays more taxes Cause she lacks stock dividends +Or why private bankers Print the public money Or why democracy is broken Cause their leaders won't be cutting Loopholes or subsidies For constituent industries Putting legislative bodies In a deep freeze +So the Ph.Ds and the G.E.D.s Cry with Ayn Rand down at the temp agency Sayin' "we believed in Meri-tocracy But there's more to the story-- Someone answer me! [Chorus] Economy: An economy (Greek οίκος – "household" and νέμoμαι – "manage") is an area of the production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services by different agents in a given geographical location. Understood in its broadest sense, 'The economic is defined as a social domain that emphasizes the practices, discourses, and material expressions associated with the production, use and management of resources'.[1] Economic agents can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or governments. Economic transactions occur when two parties agree to the value or price of the transacted good or service, commonly expressed in a certain currency, but monetary transactions are only a small part of the economic domain.


chunksthemonkey1 : 4/10, didn't move away from the mic to breathe.

From Venus To Saturn : Remember this dude has a Phd

Skullkan6 : The sad part is this isn't even radical, this is just the facts of how things work with the american economy.

2serveand2protect : Listen up & listen well - six years of "ECONOMY SCHOOL" explained in 4 minutes.

Lamarr Otems : this song is so fricken amazing. getting better over the years. I'd pay him to make more songs like this

Joseph Bennett : I'm posting this from Internet Explorer. don't know when it will actually be posted but congrats on 100 views!!

Phoenix Nebula : *Watches U.S. National Debt Clock while listening* Currently 18,772,300,000,000+

Hari TC : This song is more instructive than anything that I studied at school...

Etzerdlas Gaudistuben : Hello TayZonday, have u ever thought about making a song about bitcoin? Mama Economy is still 1 of my favorites after all this years, m8!

Ghalaghor McAllistor : Sadly, this song will never stop being relevant.

Nicholas Gregory Brown : This is so woke

Blisteryearth : You know John Adams (past president) saw this coming. When the "federal reserve" decided to handle U.S's money supply has a privately owned banking company. The federal reserve had an internet rate when ever the U.S wanted to make money meaning that once they borrowed 1000000 dollars they would need to pay 1100000. this caused a hole that can never be filled. No matter what we ever do we will be in debt because of this they call this "Fiot money." During the time john Adams ran a campaign to trying to make the use of Fiot Money Illegal but John Adams died before his campaign would have enough of an effect. and now we can't do anything because we are to far in. the only thing that would fix this economy is the global collapse of economy or the collapse of the dollar. At this moment we're called Debt slaves. Every dollar we own has attached interest with it. There is only one way to get rid of our debt.. to give every single printed dollar, and computerized versions of them to the federal reserve which would buy back interest rates, but even then we would still be in debt due to interest but then we could claim global economical collapse and if we could then receive support from other countries we could finally end this debt... Then we would need to focus our attention on the Euro because they are about to collapse like us as well for the same reasons.

theCornyJoke : This just made me sad. It was catchy, but very sad...

Crystal W : I sing this to small children when they get fussy.

Prisca Lovu : i can't believe he's 33 years old he looks soo young....

Scott Buck : The fact that this is still extemely accurate is extremely upsetting

Moloch Adui : raising consciousness with a powerful voice.

Rick with Soil Samurai Gardens : There were a few spots there where you should have moved away from the mic to breathe in.

Cherie Guinn : Dear Internet, Why did I not know of this masterpiece? Sincerely, Me

Wandering Marine Veteran : I love this video. It is insightful and catchy. You seem to be a good person. Thank you for your work.

Tracertong322 : Damn. New respect for you dude.

Nathaniel Williams : Economics homework now complete

Jinga Yinga : 3 years later and nothing has changed... just that there is now a new bubble. My generation will be saddled with debt... and the generations after that until the end of humanity if we don't realise that voting for the party which takes the most out of the treasury is unsustainable.

Crayz : Alright time to present this to Congress...

Andrew Mitchell : I gotta ask, what's up with all the irrelevant and trolling comments on this video. This video has messages ya'll know!?

Leo F : I saw this video years ago, before I knew who Lindsay sterling was. Love this. Love Lindsay.

Junie Haloway : This is actually really sad..

Ghalaghor McAllistor : Song is still relevant today and Lindsey looks cute in this video.

Snowball Effect : that was actually quite informative. good job

Link Hidalgogato : from when no one knew lindsey sterling

Skald 'n' Scrivener : This song is legitimately epic. And it explains it perfectly.

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Dominator J : man I wish he didn't breathe into the mic, why doesn't he just turn away?

sogghartha : "Turning 30 40 50 gotta move in with my parents" .. and then your parents die and you're out on the street. :O

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natty features EVERYTHING : so glad to see you be known for more than chocolate rain tay keep it up man

Unknown Gamer : Like if you're watching in 2017.

kendanielone : Big picture: stay out of debt, debt is how the elite keep you dependent. Also, you'll always be ripped off if dependent on wages from being someone else's employee.

for the day Parke : I had to see how old he is now in 2016 he is 34 years old

LOrdkahuna : This got me a A in social studies thanks man

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