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Ghalaghor McAllistor : This song is still relative today.

Lamarr Otems : this song is so fricken amazing. getting better over the years. I'd pay him to make more songs like this

Mason Austin : I'm only 13, and this makes me scared to grow up.

Junie Haloway : This is actually really sad..

mark maguire : This is such an awesome song. I wish they would play this on the radio.

Skraith : So we're in debt because we take money that isn't ours, promise to pay them back, and not have the money to do so?

Hari TC : This song is more instructive than anything that I studied at school...

chunksthemonkey1 : 4/10, didn't move away from the mic to breathe.

Centennial : The Hamilton of Econ.

RebelBeamMaster X84 : Seize the means of production!

Skullkan6 : The sad part is this isn't even radical, this is just the facts of how things work with the american economy.

TheAverageUser TheAverageUser : i wish tay was elected for president.

Ghalaghor McAllistor : Song is still relevant today and Lindsey looks cute in this video.

Javier Mercedes : You have to listen to this song a couple times to get everything thats in there

Joseph Bennett : I'm posting this from Internet Explorer. don't know when it will actually be posted but congrats on 100 views!!

TrYz RAID : i watched this in 2011 (i was 11), had no clue what he was on about, now im 19 and studied business. now i see how amazing this song is :D

Dominator J : man I wish he didn't breathe into the mic, why doesn't he just turn away?

Greenpoptartover9000 : this video was how I discovered Lindsey Stirling.

Nathaniel Williams : Economics homework now complete

DanTheMan225 : 2:52 "So the Ph.D's and the G.E.D's cry with Ayn Rand down at the temp agency Screamin "We believed in meritocracy!" Damn that is vivid. So true.

LOrdkahuna : This got me a A in social studies thanks man

Joe King : More helpful then my economics class thanks for helping me pass me test

theCornyJoke : This just made me sad. It was catchy, but very sad...

Skald 'n' Scrivener : This song is legitimately epic. And it explains it perfectly.

yeet police : can you repeat that in english please?

Liberal Euthanizer : I feel like offering this man human sacrifices

Jimmy : When you consider that production affects all of us, you have to wonder why we don't all have a say in production. Production should be controlled democratically.

Link Hidalgogato : from when no one knew lindsey sterling

Tracertong322 : Damn. New respect for you dude.

Nikushimi_Zero : I really love the beat to this song. I hope to hear more songs from you with similar beats. Idk, I just really love the beat and flow.

Tony Dominguez : Thank you so much for this song

Crayz : Alright time to present this to Congress...

Andrew Mitchell : I gotta ask, what's up with all the irrelevant and trolling comments on this video. This video has messages ya'll know!?

Wandering Marine Vet : I love this video. It is insightful and catchy. You seem to be a good person. Thank you for your work.

Miccoli Official : Quailty video, thanks for uploading. Much Love Miccoli

Grandmaster UV : Thank you tay for your service to this country spreading ultra important information. Hopefully through our consolidated efforts we will reform this country and make it a great system once again... before the banking turned private. Jefferson predicted the fail of US economy if private bankers were allowed.

Michel Jobez : Bravo. Simply bravo. This song is simply brilliant, be it in the purpose, the music or the lyrics. And the almost-cutesy presentation ('Mama economy') clashing with all of the hidden snark. Incredible.

GanjalfDaGreen0 : This guy's hairline is so low

ewhjfewh ehgkwhgew : wtf happened to your hairline

Eli Stanford : God damn, Lindsey is attractive

soviet pepe : Spain could use this video

Fahad Khan : Just finished reading "Debt" by Dave Graeber. Could've saved time by listening to this first.

Micah Schweitzer : Mr. Zonday, you're awesome. I hate to be the Neo-Godwin in the room, but this song is extra relevant now that we have Trump. As long as business ownership is out of reach for the vast majority of us, the stock market isn't a good indicator of the standard of living.

UnderdoneElm77 : I think I understand the economy less now.

Phoenix Nebula : *Watches U.S. National Debt Clock while listening* Currently 18,772,300,000,000+

Emin Nart : your voice fits this song so well

NuB_Lextrader : Dam that hairline tho

Jinga Yinga : 3 years later and nothing has changed... just that there is now a new bubble. My generation will be saddled with debt... and the generations after that until the end of humanity if we don't realise that voting for the party which takes the most out of the treasury is unsustainable.

I eat playdoh : Comrade Tay Zonday?

Maria Elisabetta Migaleddu : I love this so much <3