Amazing Real 1950s Interview With Lifelong Criminal

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If you liked this, take look at this one - I find this interview haunting. The interviewer is just asking frank real questions with no emotion–we call it flat. The subject is responding with no emotion. But those of you watching this who weren't around at that time should know that this piece of film was considered outrageously real for its time. #criminal #inmate #crook #lifer #detective #policework #crime

Comments from Youtube

Celebrity Tributes : Video games are to blame for this... no wait, hang on 🤔

JTsuits : I wish we still talked like this

Ekonomen : *I stole a caerww* Why a caaaahhhrrrrrr

Davide Stefani : I bet this guy grew up in an abusive household. "That's none of your business". Damn that's stone cold.

coc0s : His anti-social problems were because he went around everywhere with that mask on.

Sallent R : That's one well dressed and well spoken criminal thug and psychopath.

balham456 : The cadence of speech is fascinating.

Justin Y. : If you think about it, everyone involved in the production of this film is probably long gone by now.

jmctigret : That’s none of your business. Lol lmao. Very interesting interview, this man is cold hearted

Youtube Veterinarian : I like the part where he says "that's right".

Feng Shi : The accent is very different from today.

Aftenposten : Even criminals were gentlemen back in the 50s.

travis metzger : At the time his mask probably wasn’t that creepy. Have you seen Halloween costumes from back then and earlier?! Super scary.

Themistokles Theodosopoulos : What was wrong at home? That's none of your business. Ok damn son.

Sam Rivers : *That's Right*

Brenna Sparks : "That's right." -Psycho Stylish With Also Great Grammar Guy From The 50s

jacob kanal : “Thats none of your business”

Liam Tube : 4:08 You gotta love the way the interviewer says "Whyyy?" So 1950's

Darryl : The dude was honest. He said he wanted money, but didn't want to work for it.

krunkle : It's sad he thought no one would care if he died. It's like he just sees all the hate in the world and then acts upon it.

ShitinWithNoBathroom : Difference between journalism now and then: Then: Q: What was wrong at home? A: That’s none of your business. *carries on to have a productive interview about the topic.* Now: Q: What was wrong at home? A: That’s none of your business. Q: No, no. What was wrong at home? A: ... Q: What was wrong at home? Q: Did your parents fight? Q: Did your father touch you? Q: Did you have sexual relations with that woman? Q: Do you disavow David Duke? A: ... *No productive interview, because the journalist wants to discover the next watergate.*

Nature is Wonderful : This a real psychopath.

Illmatic : He has that chilling, almost whispering, but at the same time pleasant voice.

CBS67 : 'My hungry hands would not behave When they got close to things they crave I just got tired of bein' poor' - George Jones

boasome1 Brule : *T H A T S R I G H T*

Gus Alcon : Wait...... dad??

Leonardo da Meechy : He was a good boy. *Dindu nuffin*

Kevin Beteta : That’s an extremely creepy mask. His calm and relaxed voice only makes it more unsettling. “It would just have been another death” god what a FREAKY MAN

Max Volume : He sounds like Clint Eastwood

Rodigo Duterte : *This my ASMR*

Atomic Boy : Next question, "How do you like wearing a paper bag over your face?

Jason A Stevens : "Until i end up in the penitentiary for the rest of my life" most savage of all time

Kwame Enoch : He was pimping himself out to older women lol..

stevenwall2010 : I really love how everyone romanticizes the past, even to the point where they admire criminals. What’s next? “Wow, this guy from the 50’s is a child molester but he’s so well spoken and classy!”

OneKing : nice to know that however much of a rotten person you are, people 50 years from now (who are emotionally detached from the terrible things you've done) will think you're so cool they'll wanna have a beer with you...

Wandering Scenes : "That's none of your business" = I forgot my line?

Kassidy Lingenfelter : The odd thing is how... Modern? the criminal speaks. If that makes sense, the interviewer sounds so innocent and childish, and something about the life the criminal experienced has given him a weird self-awareness that probably wasn't as common back in the days before the internet.

Natalie Corrigan : I'm sorry but I burst out laughing at 1:03 when he tells the doc "well, that's none of your business" - honest answer.

weird science : They call him sheet face mcgee

Shelby Brown : This strikingly similar to my grandfather's story Fortunately for me he made a 180 and completely settled down got a decent job had kids and so on. But from his early teens til his mid 20s my grandfather was more or less a professional criminal He only had one prison stay for a little over a yr from 18 to 20 and that wasnt what caused his turn around I really dont know what did I can only guess personal responsibility to his wife and family

torso99 : 1950 had millenials too

Benjamin Klein : "I met a couple of guys in Oklahoma in a bar one night" is the start to many horror stories

Tampatec : American Justice system failed his victims and failed to reform him.

Paul ST : Wonderful accents. Much more refined and gentlemanly. The guy with the mask has hints of Irish accent I think.

gabe 25 : I like his honesty when he plainly states that he and his criminal cohorts were alike in that they all wanted money and didn’t want to work for it. You wouldn’t find any criminals in this day and time who would admit that.

Moomin Mai : 2:08 I’m not the average person” jeez sent chills down my spine. There’s such a pause after it’s said as well like the interviewer is a little intimidated for a few seconds before he restarts his questions...

PooDot StinkPants : *Tonto, go get Silver*

Mystic Mac : Why? Easy? Didn’t want to work.

Brandon Clarke : The past is literally now, but then.