1975 - South Vietnam - Last US Evacuation Flight Out of Da Nang as City Falls to North - 29/3/75

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Vandal3211 : Wow... The very definition of cowardice captured on film.

Bobby Q : So many Chinamen!

Zevin X : Amazing to see the effects of propaganda in action here as well. It's heartbreaking to see the very real fear and anxiety these people faced as the peoples liberation army moved south. A very real fear and panic that resulted in many deaths. However these people had been under very heavy propaganda for years, believing the communist forces to be almost animals, slaughtering raping and murdering the population. This didn't happen, The northern Forces saw themselves as liberators saving the people from western imperialism. The Vietnamese didn't slaughter murder and brutalize the people in scale as American propaganda made them fear. *(While war crimes did happen on both sides, as is the nature of all armed conflict, including during the american civil war. The fact remains that large scale brutalization and war crimes on the part of the north where often fabricated or exaggerated while war crimes done by the Americans and ARVN where often covered up or denied entirely.)* It is very important for people today to know that Vietnam's armed struggle and ultimate victory is a great success story and example to the rest of the world of the power of common people. A example that will live on and inspire throughout future history. One of the worlds fastest growing economies today, and when real mass murder and brutality happened in Cambodia at the hands of the Khmer Rouge the Vietnamese forces risked their lives to save the people, and they left as soon as the mission was completed, they didn't stay and try to rob the country of natural resources or play corrupt political games. They destroyed the Khmer Rouge and went home. History will show very clearly that the North Vietnamese forces were heroes, who fought for their country and for freedom against tyranny and neo-colonialism. I know this is going to seriously trigger some people from the baby boomer generation, whose wounds are still fresh. First and foremost we don't blame the soldiers, but the corrupt and immoral American government. Many American soldiers mislead, did what they thought was right with the inaccurate information and lies they were given. *It is hard to fault determined American soldiers doing what they thought was morally right, even if what they thought was right turned out to be based on lies and misinformation. They are as much victims of the Vietnam war as the Vietnamese. Now is a time for healing on both sides, and setting the record strait for future generations.*

dogsitter68 : millennials in the army ......

Mr Bonanarr : It’s like a zombie apocalypse

Romy Rei08 : https://youtu.be/OX1z63ySeo0

Bao Tieu Bao : South Vietnam fall and no longer cut like North Korea and South Korea

Liftheavy85 : pussies

xGodric : A good example when things are out of control.

Sean : Wow your videos are so diversified

3chan . io : China boy chivalry ladies and gentlemen

dung van : Việt nam vô địch