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ThatMidgetAsian : The thumbnail is all of Gordon’s emotions

Tetrahydrocannibinol : Gordon gave us an extra 19 seconds!

books out for hoseok : 0:00-0:09 me before a test

** Destroyer : So much for actions speak louder than words...

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Take a bottle of vodka for every beautiful face in the thumbnail

Dat : a video i didnt know i needed

Kooniiee : I was expecting 4 mintues of.... "RAW-INSULTS"

Pixalated : You WOMBAT

Dragorific : I liked the part where he insulted someone.

Azfar90 - A2ZGames - : Everytime Gordon says "I don't know where to start" to you, you know it's going to be the end....

Ruben Avila : Something tells me that this channel is not family friendly.

Jamie Buchanan : That thumbnail...it's beautiful...

Jayda Fullarton : Here's what Gordon Ramsay should have said Why did the chicken cross the road Because you didn't fucking cook it 😂😂😂

Jimmy F : "Its an insult to Jamaica" lmao

Bleu231™ : The fact that this video doesn't already have more than 1 million views should be a crime.

Arooba xxx : Whoever made this video and the thumbnail is my hero. 😂

Ana S. : Me when I'm hungry.

Nick Pell : Gordon needs to make a show where he tries school food!

Bobby Popick : It's so satisfying when you see a scene from an episode you watched

Frilleon : There needs to be a Gordon Ramsay soundboard with pranks


Leio Animations : Here before this hits a million views

Crystal Carol : I... I think this is my new kink. Please roast me, daddy Gordon.

Nafis Uddin : put this on trending

Shinominh ~ Shinda : My ears are pregnant.

Star Dust : My proudest fap

Space Duck : Ah, so this is what sex feels like

GlennCocoGuitar : This is PG compared to Hell's Kitchen version

Chef Mike : Nino probably cleaned up their tears after this

Gameboysdatabase : Doctor: "You have 4 minutes to live." Me:

Shaylan Jasani : I got an advert about frozen food before this, saying "if it's frozen it traps the freshness"😂😂

CM PUNK : Were you guys lazy? Only 4 minutes?

YRGK09 : If videos could be alarm clocks, this would be mine

Matt P : Some people may say he is harsh, but when it comes to him, he just doesn't want to see a career he works so hard in fall apart under less appreciative people.

Hashim Malik : I don't know where to start. I don't know where to start. I don't know where to start. I don't know where to start. I don't know where to start.


Brian 4Real : My Friday is finally blessed

BulletSh0t : The thumbnail has to be the best one yet!

Inspire the Liars : it probably took the editor less than 5 minutes to find all these clips

David Flores 123456789 : MY NAME IS NINOO!!!👽

WolfBro Gamers : on my birthday woot woot

敗者と勝者 : I like to think this as Gordon Ramsay insulting Gordon Ramsay

MangyMangoe : What is always the best thing in these disgusting restaurants? The water. ;)

TheaMarie101 : My friend: I like Taylor Swift. Me:

Mint_Pickles : “I don’t know where to start” You’re supposed to start at 0:00

Malith Heshan : Please we want a new season of Kitchen Nightmares

kayla kim : Gordan could compliment me and it would still feel like an insult

Jimmy F : NINOO

Joseph : thumbnail doesn't have enough gordon ramsay 4/10

CACox97 : In before 5 Million views.