Binging with Babish: Eggs Florentine from Frasier
Binging with Babish Eggs Florentine from Frasier

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This episode was sponsored by The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. I was given the opportunity to choose a dish to be featured on their secret room service menu: Eggs Florentine. When you visit Vegas, make sure you order it and tag me and @VenetianLasVegas. YouTube: This week, we return once again to the hallowed halls of the fancy foods of Frasier. Instead of the brothers Crane, however, we turn to Lilith Sternin for inspiration as we recreate her postcoital breakfast of choice, eggs florentine - even if it's slathered in ketchup and devoured in the bathroom. Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: Binging With Babish Website: Basics With Babish Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Soundcloud: Stitcher:


『SYnTH』 : Can you make sentient Italian food from JoJos Bizarre Adventure?

2wingo : Babish, you should try making jelly donuts that look like Japanese rice balls, in honor of the infamous localization in the 4Kids dub of "Pokemon."

Harrison : 1:59 let rise for at *yeast* 30 minutes


Alex Redd : Where is bubba’s shrimp part 2?!?!?!

Bombed Nevada : Some day I hope to love a woman as much as Binging with Babish loves Frazier.

Broken : Am I the only one who thinks that tiny whisk is one of the best characters of this show

ziljin : I love eggs, but every egg I make turns into scrambled eggs.

Lord Wizrak : Please do a tribute dish for Stan Lee

The Faceless Gamer : Is Tiny W. Hisk ever gonna be in your credits Babish?

William Compton : I just watched an episode of the great British baking show where they made English muffins. This isn't important, but I wanted to share.

Bumpy Mcbump : Babish should do merch I'm thinking a tiny whisk apron??

Monica C : Can you do the pie from the help??? But uh...I think you should eliminate one ‘ingredient’ if you know what I mean...

NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW : I'm not one to make homemade english muffins but those look really awesome and I'm inspired.

NeonGhost34 Gaming : You can just oil ur hands so the dough doesn’t stick

Alexandra Muer : I just came from your Chicken Paprikash episode and it made me think of something awesome. See, even though my Hungarian grandma lost the language, she still remembers all the old family recipes and her top 3 have always been Cabbage Stew (that the whole family lovingly refers to as “cabbage roll slop”), Beef Stew (god in a bowl), and Chicken Paprikash (also hellishly delicious) Maybe you could do a Hungarian Grandma Special Episode of BWB wherein you do all those delicious comfort food recipes from the old country, “Basics With Babish, Hungarian Comfort Food”😊🇭🇺 Also, hello from Montréal! And speaking of Montréal, maybe you could also do a poutine episode because honestly it’s got endless forms. There are pulled pork poutines, smoked meat, prime rib...there are legit gourmet poutines. Anyway, love your show!

Tom the Fish : Your stand mixer? *LETS MAKE IT A JOJO REFERENCE*

Dominik Seyschab : What kind of wrap is that? Doesn't look like plastic wrap

James Iyer : 5:51 you made a whole brand new dish just to make a little joke/point?? Is anyone even that dedicated??

Sergio García : "melange? I thought you said menage!"

StrongSinger : Lost it at flacidly flopping and Liliths 🤣🤣🤣☠️

Colin Daniel : This may be a really stupid question but what kind of cling film are you using?

Waheed Abdullah : Hey BWB, since Thanksgiving is about a banquet of food, make either one of these banquets for Thanksgiving: 1. Peanuts- the banquet from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: white popcorn, buttered toasts, jelly beans, pretzel sticks, ice cream sundae, pumpkin pie, & turkey 2. Shrek 2- the dinner banquet when Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Harold, & Lillian were having: turkey, lobster, fondue, ham, grey fish, banana, crackers, walnuts, & pig roast 3. Spongebob- the picnic banquet from Club Spongebob episode 4. Sam & Cat- Nona's lunch banquet from GettinWiggy episode 5. Garfield and Friends- the Thanksgiving banquet from A Garfield Thanksgiving special 6. Pokemon Black & White: Adventures in Unova- the honey banquet from, "Danger, Sweet as Honey!" episode

Agam Makkar : hey babish can you pls do chocolate souffle for your next basics

StevenSparrow99 : >makes muffins from scratch >uses frozen spinach Babish? What the hell you doin?

Theo Rhami : See being a classy English folk, I just buy these muffins from the co-op😂

verdatum : meh, it's no eggs Woodhouse.

dayofthesnakes : Please do Lobster Thermidor from the Lego Batman movie

Danny Boiy : Can we get a JoJo's episode? I mean what other use could there be for a STAND mixer?

Citrus Pirate : One of my favorite restaurants serves this with a thick spread of goat cheese as the first layer on top of the muffin.


Bessie Hillum : Americans know how to yak. Good video.

Jason M : How about charlie brown thanksgiving dinner

shawna gaddi : "Jeezus thats hard to say" 😂😂😂 Pls do some of remy's dish from ratatouille! Like the sweet bread a la gusteau or the soup that he made/fixed for linguini

Megan Forster : You should do an adventures in tiny whisk spin off- as for the naming of the sieve May I recommend steve the medium sized sieve . Thanks for all your work long time fan here!

Leda Bug : Dude you almost exactly like my dad.... he just older and his bowl is metal..... tf you cool

Hououin Kyouma : do this.......... Opening cooking scene - "Eat Drink Man Woman" (1994)

Sinsanatis : awwww man that looks good. wish i had seen this before i went to vegas couple of months ago :( in the venetian too no less

Yep It'sMe : Best choice of words in history of Cooking videos... "After about 5 minutes -- in my case -- " Words of Magic

Andrew Moran : You should make the Hunters Soufflé from season 2 of True Blood (Minus the human heart obviously)

ジョーンズジャヤ : Please can you make The Norwegian Black Forest Feather Cake Truffle Divine aka The Super Truffle from Hoodwinked Too!

Sheldon Gunby : TIL English Muffins can be made in a skillet. Maybe I should have known that.. Maybe not. But now I do.

Wizardpig02 _ : I personally like ketchup on scrambled eggs not any other way though

christopher martinez : I just have to say thank you. you have brought forth a new passion towards preparing food and making it. Love the channel!

Abigail Redding : Madona ICONIC David Bowie ICONIC Waffles ICONIC Surprise hands ICONIC

Ronnie _ : Omg I love Frasier! My mom and I binge watch it all the time! Great pick from the show! ❤️❤️

Matt Nordan : You should remake Eugene's sardine and garlic Mac and cheese from The Walking Dead! Love the show! Me and my friends watch it all the time. I'm in school for culinary arts and I enjoy watching your process!

ItsYaBoyKeko : Ah Frasier. One of my favorite shows to stay up till 3 am just to watch. Besides George Lopez of course.

Brian Dela Rosa : Any chance you can do Wilson Fisk’s omelette from daredevil?