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EXPERIMENT LAVA vs DRY ICE ! In this video i'm pouring lava on dry ice. The lava is 1400C° and the Dry Ice is -78C° Enjoy !! contact me : presstube@telenet.be DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF! I DO THESE EXPERIMENTS SO YOU DONT HAVE TO It's not safe to do this yourself if you don't have the correct equipment.

Comments from Youtube

Trash Furry : Lava: I can melt anything!! Dry ice: hold my beer..

Anonymous ? : And thats how obsidian is made my fellow minecrafters

Alexis Giles : We now know how to stop volcano eruptions in Hawaii 🌋

Damian Araneta : i didnt expect that dry ice can beat the lava

Joseph Bird : U got a sub like how you get straight to it and not make it a 10 min explaining stuff I don’t wanna hear

M0N TAGE : Should’ve thrown the dry ice inside the lava instead.

mysticdaredevil : Pokémon: Ice is weak to fire Dry ice: Are you sure about that?

Orin : Why dont we throw thousands of dry ice into active mountain to disable the eruption

Timmay : Now do it the other way. Put dry ice in lava

Radheshyam : Lava: I am the power of the world Dry ice: am I a joke to you

Shadow gaming : The lava when its cooled down looks like something off of devil may cry

Luna Ranger : For years, these two elements have been rivals Today we settle the score once and for all Lava was there when Pompei was buried alive Dry ice has been burning human skin for centuries ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!

Robbin Tenn : Lava: I am so hot I melt everything Dry ice: go home your drunk

احمد التميمي : If the amount of lava is equal to the dry ice i think the result will be different

YOUR T R A S H : Ice king would be proud *Cue adventure Time theme song*

Zerania : The dry ice won this round xD

Lovely edits : *I REALLY want to eat that dry ice*

Funny family Kids : Lava: ice? This is gonna be easy Dry ice: I’m DRY ICE! so don’t get your hopes up Lava: whatever Dry ice: kills lava

Destiny Francis : I am only here, because it was recommended to me.

GamingwithSteven 1 : Neighbor:Trying to do something Weird Experiment again Me:Someone Cooking?

Aryan vds : I am with the ice... FINALLY, ICE WINS!

Kris Garcia : Lava:I Can Melt All Dry Ice:Is This A Joke?

Katie Niecy : This is fake there was way more dry ice then lava if there was more lava as much as dry ice that ice would be gone

Kermit the bug : "A man puts lava on dry ice" Me: *Minecraft real life*

sans chungus : Legend has it when you mix the two you get the secret ingredient to the Krabby Patty secret formula.

Caleb dejoun : Lava: it’s feel so good Ice: it feels so warm

marcus hinks : Well Damn dry ice won, not what I was expecting.

Taesicles : *nice, I just found some lava in my local park*

wickandde : Did you just make dragon glass? Excellent now we're prepared for the whitewalkers.

Mushroom : Man, the partially cooled lava glowing through those holes looked awesome.

Fabian Dc : Aokiji debería haber ganado a akainu. Aokiji should've won against Akaiunu. 😂😂😂

Gravity Shock : Dry Ice: Am i joke to you?!

El Madruguinha : Perfeito! Só fazer um portal para o Nether com essa obsidian

我喜欢你 : Wowww que impresioneishon fantabuleishon (◔‿◔)😱✨✨✨

Farorito : The lava looks like candy D: I want eat lava xD

Mircea Mardale : This is how you make obsidian in real life

Daniel Doyle : Looked like he was frying a lava steak on ice

my heart Is very crazy for BTS : Tipo el se pelea con vos te quema con lava y te cagas muriendo :U xdxd

kaisar s : Вот блядь где ворует Timon Chaves)

YouTube Quora : I think regular ice could cool it down faster and melt faster as well

Vixiniara * : Neighbors: WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND WHATS THAT SMELL Me: oh we are having a bbq. We got crispy lava cookies and freezing cold ice

Kitchen life with Nicole Lee : Damn😮😯!!! Dry ice said I'll show you who's boss Mr. LAVA😎

DefMekken : Now you know. If you ever had a friend who’s been roasted so hard in a roast battle, just throw some dry ice at his ass.

ray : This is a cool experiment. I was actually thinking lava was going to melt through the dry ice and me being curious now I learned something new.

chakodewatts : Legend has it he just solved what to use in hawaii when a volcano erups. Hot ice bags around your house 💡!!!

01Alone : *Next time put the dry ice into lava*

Julissa Ramirez : Damn dry ice totally has beaten lava 🏔️❄️ vs 🔥🔥

Kandie Bby : They should've dropped dry ice on the volcanos that erupted in Hawaii recently 🤣🤷

Shane Black : So you all must be unfamiliar with my dear friend Leidenfrost. 😂😂