Megan Fox audits the Field Museum's "Evolving Earth" exhibit

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bigturnip : It's her kids I feel sorry for.

Zev Benjamin : Condoms people...please use 'em.

valcard : Megan be like: "I don´t understand science and facts, therefore GOD!"

TheGreatNorth : She said we shouldn't believe what Darwin said because it's 100 years old but she believes the bible which is several thousands of years old. Hypocrisy? Yes.

The Luigi Fanatic : lik dis if u cry evertim

Vomitas13 : "I don't know what this word is, but let me tell you why some of the science surrounding it wrong." wat

Sana Rinomi : She is the definition of idiot. I'm sorry, but how on Earth can you not grasp the concept of SCIENCE!!! Especially oversimplified science for everyone to understand!!!


Fernando Dobbin : What makes me sad is the fact that she has children...

Dusty Durr : I love how she says w are thinking like Darwin which is 100 year old way of thinking. Yet she follows the Bible which is almost 2,000 years old and not a shred of factual proof...

Matthew English : Wow in less than 40 seconds she made me want to slap her.

Connor : >doesn't know what a eukaryote is >decides she knows best anyway Are you a troll or just too stupid to understand that science isn't a magical buzzword people throw around as an antonym to religion?

Rifleman Moore : One thing to your credit Megan, this video is still up and you have not censored the comments. That's something I suppose.

Darth Sidious : "It doesn't make sense to a 5th grader, it doesn't make sense to a 3rd grader and it doesn't make sense to a 30 year old". Yes, that's because the 30 year old in this case has a malformed brain.

Jason Granger : Dragons.... You believe in dragons. Do you also believe in mermaids?

William Mcintyre : I Agree with everything this wonderful lady is saying and the rest of you are wrong.. Leave her alone and me.. Now it's time for my medication ....

SteveJones313 : Rational Person: I don't seem to understand this. Could someone who knows about this explain it to me on a level I can understand? Expert: Sure thing. *explains* Rational Person: Ah, cheers. Now I get why I was confused before. Megan Fox: I don't understand this. YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Expert: Actually, you've misunderstood a very sim- Megan Fox: CREATIONISM FOR THE WIN! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Eric van Bezooijen : I've never been to Australia, therefore the theories "Australia exists" and "Australia doesn't exist" are equally valid. There is no mention of Australia in the Bible, so I can conclude it doesn't exist. It's amazing her nervous system gets enough nutrition to allow her to be ambulatory, because it appears to be gasping for resources.

alyssa rios : This makes no sense because you're an idiot.

Mandraquex3000 : Is this some kind of audition tape for SNL? If so, it is kind of funny, but I guess part of the jokes are kind of going past me. Sorry, but good try. Hope you get in!

Ugly Coyote : What's funny is I heard about this video but didn't know her name or video title, so I typed in "crazy woman at museum" and it was the first.

Hardy Aardvark : I usually do not engage in ad hominem attacks, but nowI really have to say that it is indeed sad that you have managed to procreate, even more so that you do not allow your children to think critically but rather brainwash them by home-schooling them according to the Bible. #sadpanda

renato niola : the U.S. clearly use the death penalty on the wrong people

Monketron : "i don't even know how to say this word, so i'm just gonna pretend that i know how to say it" Immediately, your argument is invalid. I'm sure you don't even know what Eukaryotes are.

Jim Cid : This video needs a warning label stating that watching this video may cause brain damage. "This makes no sense" I bet she says that a lot!

Wolfgang : just remember woman you will be at the wrong side of history! And it's honestly not our fault, america has the worst education system for a developed nation :(

fook yu : Its funny how she only manages to be the second smartest Megan Fox

yasminload63 : to add onto my other comment she needs to look up carbon dating. omfg

Knuckle Dragger : this video actually hurts to watch

Stacy Parker : And this person votes. 🤔🙈🙄

The Avrowolf : I'm speechless by the sheer stupidity and ignorance...

Christina Nicholls : All I heard in this video was "I don't get it so I won't believe it!". And that - my friends - is why the future may well be absolutely screwed. It's parents like this that make the future terrifying.  I'm going to the museum tomorrow with my 6 year old, whom understands all of this awesome science because she's more intelligent and well read than a 40 year old woman on YouTube.

Claus Roquefort : You are not even worth the oxygen you breathe.

Triboy1109 : I find her funny because she hates evolotion, but believes in a book writen by humans centries ago.

Kyle Buckles : The first 60 seconds told me all i need to know. You haven't even attempted to learn the theory of evolution because you don't even understand the most basic tenants. If you did, you wouldn't have asked the questions about single celled organisms. I sure hope you'll take an honest look at the evidence without your biases attached. Best wishes.

Durruti : Awesome reductive reasoning, Megan Fox! You're super good at completely ignoring the basic fundamentals behind the theory of evolution! When a tree grows, are you also perplexed by why it still has roots after it's grown branches?

Triple J : Every time she reads something and give a confused look at the camera just shows how she refuses to learn anything about evolutionary science.

Jake Garza : I love how people try to make arguments about evolution being false when they haven't even read up on the theory.

AllAmericanGamersx3 : Goes over to the animal fossils "now this is real evidence" goes over to the moss fossil "how do you know" Facepalm

SpirusOfH : Listen up, you result of a broken condom. Just because your inbreed brain can't comprehend adult words and science doesn't mean you're right. I could tell you that you suffer from a pshycological effect called the Dunning-Kruger effect, and just because you don't know what that means, doesn't make it false. Your parents told you a fairy tale to make you behave, and now you're telling it to your kids and everyone else around you (luckily everyone else grew up, tough). The bible is *thousands* of years old, and the only reason, you believe it, is because you were told as a child that it was true. Well, guess what that book was only made in order to scam people into giving other people money. So they made a list of rules that they knew no one was going to be able to live by, and told everyone that if they broke these rules they would have to pay them in order to not go to hell. Luckily a lot of people were like "Well, this is clearly bullshit" and put a stop to it. But it was too late, the children had been taught this at a very early age, so they believed it without even questioning it, and they told *their* kids the same thing and so on and so forth. And here we are today: an inbreed, brain dead idiot who uses the *very* limited time that she has on this earth to pray to a blue balled anti-masturbator, a great, all-loving faggot-hater (thanks Bo Burnham). Please die, and make someone call child protective service. Have a terrible day forever.

Baud Bits : Listen to the whiny voice. That is evidence that Megan is in full emotional mode throughout this video. She left reason and logic at home.

Grillo Chido : A free advice madam: first go to some professional that help you to audit the spiders living inside your skull.

Bubble 07 : you are at a grade 2 level

Aphetorusbull : OK I was listening to Hemant's pod cast and had to look up who this person was. What a fabulous demonstration of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. It's too bad she didn't have a scientifically literate person along side to explain it to her. I'm sure that 15 years from now as she starts to figure it out or after her scientifically literate children explain it to her she is going to feel really silly about making this video.

Spastiq Soniq : This is some kind of elaborate troll, right?

Mehar Bharatiya : If you played a drinking game where you drank every time she said something mind numbingly stupid you'd die from alcohol poisoning in the first five minutes.

Nicholas Hylton : I began to watch the video, then I thought 'why bother?' After the first 30 seconds, it was clear where her nonsense was leading and I don't feel like giving myself a migraine.

Stefan Hohnwald : I feel really sorry for you for not having recieved a proper education and being in a mindset that refuses to accept modern knowledge. By the way, about your "were you there? where are the videos proving that it's true that these things lived millions of years ago? i want to see the video tapes"-argument... where are the video tapes of genesis and jesus? Were you there? No? You see how nonsensical that argument is?

SawdEndymon 1312 : I believe in God but CREATIONISM is BULLSHIT!!! Ps: I believe that God created evolution. And the earth and Big Bang was created by him. 🐵->🚶🏻

Jack Sullivan : Lady the fact that you have kids terrifies me because give your track record I wouldn't be surprised if they grew up into wastes of space just like you