Young souvenir seller shows off linguistic skills
A Khmer boy showing off his linguistic talent while trying to sell souvenirs to a tourist in Cambodia

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A video clip showing a Khmer boy showing off his linguistic talent while trying to sell souvenirs to M'sian tourist, known on Facebook as Venus Gwc, has gone viral on social media. Many netizens are impressed by his talent, with some saying that the boy had to develop the skill in order to survive. We attempted to translate what he says.


Heavy_ Mercy : β€œI don’t have enough money to go to school” my heart broke....

KimsonJohn : His linguistics ability is phenomenal but his ability to focus is legendary. Not once did he got thrown off his objective to sell.

Rod Chung : Lol...little salesman...Do you speak Spanish? And he says in Spanish "miss, you're so pretty"!!! Damn the boy has skill!

Winifred Sanderson : Can someone do a GoFundMe and put this kid in college?

Ray Mak : The Malaysian who asked him questions in so many different languages is quite talented herself too.

Hinakichu : Boy: Can you buy now? Woman: Can you speak German

Ritesh Ranjan : These dislikes are from those who can't even speak their own native language !

Frolic the Cat : Boy: I need to sell this so i can eat Women: Hold on lets here some tigawanese first 😑

Gabriel von Wolfhausen : Very impressed, his Spanish is not the greatest but given his young age and lack of proper teaching, I think he did exceptionally well

Aracelis Santos Torres : I would give him 20 bucks just for showing me that amazing talent

Melissa Tan : Wow The lady is also very talented Speaking many languages

Rachel Pamorada : Yes! I remember, that's why he looks familiar, he talked to me in Tagalog when I visited there. Haha. Very clever kid.

Its a She PuBg : Im a Filipino. "wala pera" - no money "wala jowa" - means no boy/girlfriend HAHAHA the jowa one is funny he is so clever.. I cant even master my own mother tongue

Gina Maries : I hope you bought everything the little boy was selling. Because you made him speak several languages and video taped him. He is brilliant! The United Nations should hire him as an interpreter.

Shar Blackmon : He is raising money to go to school but he’s already smarter than the teacher πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

akshay Shanmughan : This boy made me regret my past..!! I had everything that he could wish for...lots of opportunities, a supporting family n friends, Good financial background, But still.....

Marin Kustić : Please send him somewhere to school but don't abuse him with unnecessary shit... The last part is impossible, unfortunately...

μΊμ‹œλ””Cassidy : If I could I would pay for him to go to school...he seems very intelligent ☺️

james mendoza : Bruh, not only is he multilingual, he also uses different selling tactics for each culture.

internetguy : Selling trinkets is below him lets make him ceo of a multinational company πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Milonso : Would have given him 50€ and said he should not tell anyone. These sellers are often in little gangs and they get used by adults to sell these things for a tiny wage...

Mickey Jab Jab : An here i am trying to understand my own English...🀣🀣.. Congrats to u kid i hope u are very sucessfull in the future.. I hope that lady give u a big tip as well...

NETTY : My mom: I still have an accent speaking in English after 40 years of learning πŸ˜‘

Ken Bone : Everyone: this boi so talented Me: I dont see a boy, I see a man is trying to survive a hardship of life

VIMEDE SELEYI : The boy is gifted with talent to percive,adapt and apply and focus sharp.

FriedEgg : I was walking through Siem Reap in 2007 and this 12 year old boy selling postcards came up to me and asked me where I was from. I asked him why he wasn't in school and he said he had school every day until 12, then he worked after that. I told him I was from the UK, he replied by telling me the capital of England and its population. I then told him I actually lived in Wales, and he replied by telling me the capital of Wales and its population. I was so impressed with his english and general knowledge I bought several postcards from him.

AMD Mei : I don't regret I clicked this recommendation. This bring me tears. God bless you, boy

Zetty Ali : the girl who talking also amazing😍

saddie sinclaire : He is telling her that he needs money to go to school and she is like β€œCaN yOu SpEaK tHiS lAnGuAgE?!?!”

Kiev Tulchins : Exposure to different tourists for years. his linguist talent acquisition is awesome.

Kshetrimayum Chengloulemba : Then there are some people who even unlike the video.. Are they jealous or what???

Jabs420 : Truth be told, school would probably only slow him down. His ability to absorb would likely eclipse his peers. His talents will take him far, ain't nobody need to worry about this one πŸ‘

Bobby Lancer : When I was his aged I know 20 language already but pity now I can't be name the alphabet

LoveKookie4ever : If I was there, I would force my parents to send him to schl instead of sending me

Mrnemo 8487 : AMERICAN KIDS! GET YOUR EDUCATION awareness. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ little man killed it

Island Skipper : But can he do a backflip?

Ren Ren : that filipino part. πŸ˜‚ HAHAHAHA so naughty. πŸ˜‚ more practice you can be more fluent. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Vlad Hardware : This video made me cry. Don't know why. Maybe because, I'm half drunk.


Jabes Khongsai : I reallly need to coment that is he's super cute n fineπŸ‘Œ

Verowatches : I can't stand how precious that child is. I just want to hug him and give him every good thing he wants in life.

Prescott S. : Keep up the hustle, young man.πŸ‘

Quron Cooper : Someone give this kid a million dollars πŸ˜­πŸ’― his hustle is real πŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§’

77 Tickler : just give him money he’s trying so hard

Jakov Ćurić : *proceeds to rob him off of 10 magnets for 2$*

A.N.A : Please create a GoFundMe for him. Breaks my heart that a kid so intelligent is struggling to go to school. 😒

Maybe Keith Chan : Psst, he learnt them, anyone can do it, it just takes a lot of time through experience

Fhiona Domini Escurzon : What?! You can speak Thai?! And Hangul?! 😭 how did you learn it?! 😲

Awkward Aesthetics : Can we just talk about how good his singing is though?!