Young souvenir seller shows off linguistic skills

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Plexiate : Can we keep him?

STEVANNUS THEnbG : He can be a translator

Dawnfall : I can already feel the Disney movie about this boy coming soon

Jay & Rengin : Alright; back to Duolingo for me!

CreasyBear : “Please buy on from me. I don’t have enough money to go to school.” That broke me😭Something many people take for granted

Carl Johnson : Darwin was right. He is definitely the fittest. He is going places when he grows. An interpreter that knows that many language is a commodity highly seeked by high paying companies.

Dank Potato : Why doesn't anyone talk about the tourist talking in all the languages??

HerK Shen : I would had bought the entire basket, he deserves it

V •Renae• : everyone is impressed at the boy but im also impressed at the one recording this. They can also speak some of the languages!

yankee doodle : Education should be a birth right across the world.

paisley viking : omg my heart just shattered to pieces when he said that he doesnt have enough money to go to school

Louenry : I’d probably give him all my money 😅

England Is My City : *just give him the money already, poor kid....there are fricking kids these days flexing on their pricey lifestyles with no talent while there are others who are truly talented but just not born on the lucky side of life*

Playonce : just give him the money already

Rahaf Gs : I hope he gets famous and has all the money his family needs like that boy who sang in walmart 😞💔🤷🏽‍♀️

Bonee Ara Jo : Ladies and gentleman we now have replaced google translator with a boy😂👌

Gabe Pereira : Can you buy thi... Can you speak French Yes, Can you buy th... Can you speak Thai? Yes, can you... I don't speak Thai. I don't have enough money for school... ... Can you speak Chinese? 😂 Lol

Can i get 1000 subscriber with no video?? : *Google translator in real world looks great.*

Bill : I’d give him everything I have on me

Adelina Graichen : Give him the money. He is trying so hard

MoyMoy Gaming : Him: Knows a lot of languages Me: *I CAN'T EVEN MEMORIZE MY HISTORY LESSONS*

Angelica Stüttchen : the fact that he just learns it from tourists got me shook. I've been watching dramas from all over the world and i still dunno how to speak the language although im trying to, especially korean, german and spanish language. And bc of him, i'm inspired to learn more then how i do now. I want to thank this boy for being an inspiration to all of the people who wanted to learn languages just as how he does.

Mr. Magistral Malik : This is incredible! I wish I could be able to speak multiple language like that! ^^

Tiano Prombut : And here im complaining about google play giftcards 😕

Ari Ar : And I can barely speak English, gosh.

Zlurm : *"Walang Pera, Walang Jowa, Walang Anak"* *_pARANG AKO YUN 🤣😂🤣_*

ROCK SOLID : Mga Pinoy talaga kunga ano ano tinuturo sa mga bata 😂😂

Rapas : Hard time create strong man. Best 4 minutes in history of youtube. But this made me wanna cry.

Chesca276 Secret Admirer : I can’t even learn to speak chinese,korean and japanese but he.. he.. he just showed that it’s easy.. around of applause everyone..👏

Umi Falieq : Wow....this kid so amazing...i hope one day he will success in his life...

//mrchazta chaz : Plot twist: The kid is a paid actor.

kedar mashalkar : He is a freaking undercover Russian agent

paisley viking : i would adopt him 💗

MTF: Nine Tailed fox : Stfu drop that bag full of souvenirs And start a tourist translator guide company

Ann Apple : Wow, I'm not nearly half as smart as this boy and only because I am living in an other country I can attend school. That's kind of unfair...

Guy Bazilanski : his a walking google translate

Rifju : I‘am from Swiss and he speak very good

Marvel Bound : He looks like a pixar character

Cobja C.Pickle : Woman:Can u speak Spanish Boy:Just buy the flute

Rahit Chowdhury : Well everybody starts somewhere. Jack ma did like him . But one thing I can say he is going places in future and if is as adaptable as today millions of dollars are waiting for him😎🤣 good luck boy

Branson Novsam : I am Cambodia and I am proud lol

Reens : Impresive for this lady too

Quench Gamer TV : lol i cant stop laughing at the filipino part who the hell teach him that omg LOL hilarious

CrazyFireFox Playz : That’s why we are Cambodians UwU I’m cambodia btw

Pirate : Since When did my Google Translate Get There?!

Buddy the BorderTerrier : I only know Norwegian, English, German and a little bit Greek and Sweedish. And im just a teen.

GussyBoombastic : I'd give em a 50 and a high five just for being that slick! Brilliant

Ray Mak : The Malaysian who asked him questions in so many different languages is quite talented herself too.

iameverlastingfriendss : This boy is so amazing. We have a mandarin subject from my school, i can speak some words but i can't speak sentences without my notes or books. I find it more difficult than japanese. 😢 (I'm learning bec of animes 😂😊) And he can speak Filipino too. 😍 *Wala pera, Wala Jowa, Wala Anak* That's me 😂😂

Joy Ahmed : So he doesn't go to school but know lots of languages Jeez I go school and i struggle with geography