homer simpson chiropractic

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Average Optimized : "i'll need to see you three times a week for... many years"

okrajoe : Drugs. Drugs and surgery.

Kay Gow : 1, 2 better not sue 😂😂

Wanderlust : Too funny. totally forgot about this one

Airbus Express : Ah, the good ol days when the Simpsons episodes were actually funny and didn't have overly complicated story lines.

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : "You brought a convict here? Near my un-patented idea!?"

Ryder Washington : "So? Gimmie drugs and surgery." loooool best line ever

dewfall56 : Yeah, 3 times a week for many years sound about right. Bleed your bank account, each and every time.

The revolution will Not be televised : Not unless you think of the irony

Grey Knight : Loved the Chinatown reference.

Schwatvogel : "Forget it, Homer... its Chirotown."

Avoozl : "One, two, better not sue!"

Stephen Harris : that spino cylinder has to be thrown in the garbage.think about the irony.

Replicator : I need to see you three times a week for many years LOL

LunaTwi01 : Like what Bill Gates did when Homer created his dot-com company. Destroying his office during his "buying out" procedure. He didn't get rich writing checks.

Steven Nguyen : As a kid, I didn't understand the Chiro-town reference. As an adult, I get it. I wish the Simpsons was still this clever.

The Lord Mentlegan : I would be interested in seeing if there are any Homer Simpson clinics in my area.

WhatDidYouSay 145 : Old Simpsons are the Best! This new Simpsons sucks so hardd

humbledb4jesus : perfectly epitomizes the fraud that chiropractors are....

ZS K : Dr. Alan Harper could use the spinocylinder

Dylan Brass : El clinico magnifico lmfao

Surfercharlie25 : "WHOA that's a pushing...motion!"

Gabriel Kawa : "No investor can bend like that" lmao

Quick Clips : Patten pending, that's a paddlin.

craig taylor : We don't crack backs its merely an adjustment. You going to hear a loud cracking noise lol

Uborpriest : When I saw this episode, I was blown away! I have a long history with back pain, and this episode catches the beef between "real doctors" and chiropractors, the controversial chiropractic topics in general, AND it has a great Chinatown reference. Really insightful episode.

Tom Marvan : Vertebrains.

Gleppy Gloop : "Hey it don't hurt no more, now I can focus on my crippling emotional pain!"

VengefulSage : ah the good ol days of the simpson when they were just funny short stories that didnt make everything about fucking politics or life. Love it. :D

JaxBlade : 1:46 and on still cracks me up 😂😂😂

conformist : 1, 2, better not sue

justkeepitoriginal : Forget it homer. It's chiro town.

ögblööö : Just noticed Bart called Homer "Dad", probably never heard Bart call him that.

Theo P : IT FEELS alittle BETTER!!

Dr. Drake Ramoray : Dr. Steve sounds like Flanders.

Jesse Pinkman : Bro, put the season and episode in the description

Backyard Arsenal : 2:58 I have crippling depression

Evil Gary : Chiropractic is basically based on magic.

gfy everyone : Beating the cylinder with spines cracked me up the most.

Sursion : Such a shame. That spinal cylinder was one day away from retirement.

GaelicCelt1990 : "And as you can see, the unique dents in my invention perfectly match with the contours of the human vertebrains"

James Owl : You hugged the mail man.... :(

Scott Nahler : One of my favorites..I'll need to see you for many many years!!

Kyle Plante : Chiropractors are not doctors.

YT YT : What happen to those guys who destroyed Homer's trash can?

Erik Ramirez : Not unless...you think about the irony.

Kev Irl : miracle spino cylinder! just too freaking funny..

John McGuire : The ending was actually sad to me... I need hobbies

BIGGIEDEVIL : Patent pending

Large Coke : the funniest thing of all is...Chiropractors think they are doctors...