I Didn't Mean to Make Her CRY! [NYC Interview Gone Wrong]

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Traversy Media : Something is really off about that first woman. She looks crazy

01GTB Daily : This video just proved what he was saying . The emotional woman left crying and the strong men went to protect her.

Nuno Alves : Is not only the muscles , the weight on the bones of a male are heavy ! These happen on mans and a lot of animals . These is science ( biology ) these is Basic ...

GamingFreak2010 : A combination of 1.6k feminazis and soy boys disliked this.

Chook : Those men standing up for that women: very sexist.

YogiOabs : Many more tears will be shed as the pendulum swings back.

MA AS : woman are strong, proceeds to cry when called weak :/

Struinzu Vaffencullo : Shes equally as strong but needs 2 black dudes to come and harass you

Gedders G : She seemed genuinly interested in what you were saying and wasn't obnoxious in her views (its okay to have different views) and how she displayed them and seemed very open to listen to what you were saying and agreed with you. Neither were pushy or aggressive so the only thing I can see from this is is that there was something more going on in her head beyond the conversation since her body language was just slightly perculiar through out.

zafar muzawar : 4:22 thats my friend do'in wheelie i told him to do that! Lol finally found the video!

Mr Blue : 3:13 „Men are generally on average physically stronger than women.“ This scene reminds me of the famous quote by George Orwell (1984): „In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.“

Roger Moore : The feminist a winning because the idiots are handing their balls up to defend them

Fazal Fariz : Generally (with some exceptions) men are physically stronger and capable in dealing shit and what not. Also with some exceptions, women are stronger than men, in love, they're emotionally capable, they have more intimacy. It's a strength that men lack. A man can't live a happy life without a female in his life, it could be his mother, his sister, a friend or his wife. The same goes to women. However the point is, no sex is superior, we're all given equal rights. The feminism today is so sexist against men, they're far away out of what they're meant advocate. In the end of the day, it's a blessing for both men and women to accept the differences between us, it's what makes life beautiful when two different things bond together and share the differences to make life, and love happens.

scallop holden : Men are better at everything you can put a meter to or a competition. It’s GG before you start

MrCactus : What are women better at than men? *answers right away* What are men better at than women? *erm what how can this be even asked what*

Best Mentalism : A 5 year old child would be able to answer that question instantly. Why is it so hard for this woman ?

Sara Meira Gootblatt : 1. she doesn't know what strenght is because she has NOT GIVEN BIRTH . 2. she just hid behind a clan of men, so she proved his point. 3. SHE DUMB.

N J : It is not stereotype idiot it is biology

Bic Boi : It's astonishing how little men are actually thought about these days.

vAiHoO : Is this woman HiGH oR sOmEtHiNg?

David Bond : You said nothing wrong, you were not "confrontational" any sober thinking adult knows that. Allowing these emotionally unstable people make the rules is only going to lead to the road to hell.

i-am-fr0m-eArth : Who will date these types of women ?

Jev Miller : Her gender studies class teacher with the short haircut told her that women were stronger than men. Bet she's rocking a full ass jamming set of bushes underneath those arms too. Girl power! #metoo

Tumb Blubbsen : Let me tell you a few stories: I am an active duty Soldier in the Army of my country. When I was in basic training and later in my unit in 2004 we had a company exclusively made up of men. Leadership was all men. All the grunts were men. There were no women, not even in civilian roles like you often see nowadays. Back in the day you have to imagine we'd be living in small rooms with 6 dudes cramped together on minimal space. When we went on exercises and training ground maneuvers we'd even be 10-12 guys in a room. We'd get into fights every now and then, someone would get punched in the face and that was the end of it. The next day we'd be working together again. Nobody complained we'd get it all sorted amongst ourselves. We'd be away from home for long stretches of time so naturally, we'd be plastering our lockers with centerfold posters from titty magazines like Hustler or Playboy. Like, imagine a bunch of 19 or 20-year-old infantry soldiers full of testosterone stuck in the barracks for days on end. One day someone higher up thought it was a good idea to bring a female Sergeant on board as a team leader to fulfill some stupid quota as an experiment. On the day she arrived, she took offense at the posters in the lockers of some of the blokes in her team and went straight to the company commander. Like, not even to her platoon leader but straight up to the top. The next day we had to take the posters down. The very same woman would make sure to suck and ride every single cock of the company leadership over the coming months. Another story happened very recently, just weeks ago. I went back to the Army to do a second contract, this time as a Sergeant. I went through Infantry and NCO school and these days it is normal to have women in your platoons. Every platoon has around 4. The reason in our unit for this is that by the orders of the company commander it is no longer allowed to put more than 4 women in a room together because of the drama and catfights. Imagine that! We boys still had to live in 6 -10 man quarters but the women couldn't even manage that. Just existing together in a room was apparently too much to ask. And even so, after only 3 weeks of being there one of the females filed a complaint against the other 3 for bullying her and was given a single bedroom all to herself. Because they couldn't even manage to pull themselves together. At the same time, again, the ladies were all over the platoon leader and instructors trying to earn some favors for having tits. And these bitches are supposed to lead a team later on?! They are supposed to become Sergeants?! What the serious fuck is going on here? If I should ever be asked to serve under a female platoon leader I will refuse I can tell you that much. I have also worked for big companies in 3 different countries between my 2 Army contracts and I have worked under 4 female team leaders. It was all the same. Emotional, bitchy, sneaky not at all up front or straight forward. Always trying to work some angle. In my experience, 8 out of 10 women can't get jack shit done without men and they are incapable of being in leadership positions due to not being able to properly deal with conflict or getting a point across without being complete cunts.

Jamal Jackson : There is DEFINITELY something wrong with her. She's not playing with a full deck of cards.

YogiOabs : Sasha keep this up. This is what society needs to hear more of.

Vath Le : I think the woman is on drugs. Also, she took offense to just ditching the conversation with her. You make it clear with your mimics and gestures that you think she's kinda stupid and then just move off and question someone else.

DatsRandom : She’s... she’s a little different. Something is off with her. Not in a terribly bad way but how she reacts to this is... pretty out there. This reaction is unlike my I seen before.

Jimmy Gangster : Morons like these modern day feminazis seem to think the world is a men vs. women competition. It's hilarious. I love how those 2 tool bags showed up and claimed they weren't being confrontational while puffing their chests, getting close to him, and quite literally CONFRONTING him. Also, there's no need for you to sit down and defend yourself, you did nothing wrong and have nothing to apologize for, apologizing and being defensive makes them win. Just explain what happened off camera and move on.

Will Freeark : brain cells. dying.

Safdar Kh : Her face was the face of a person whose false fantasy beliefs got shattrred!

Marin Geljič : 4:47 dude in the background on the bike is killing it

RiSHi Negi : She seems really off about something .... i see it too.

Michael Thompson : Black racism in full effect. As soon as they see a white guy asking questions they don't like they have to get confrontational

nortika : 6:41 that's Atandwa Kani from Black Panther!! The guy that acted as T'Chaka. Wow who knew T'Challa's dad was a soy boy 😂😂

Mr Blue : snowflakes. these women would not have been able to survive thoursands years ago.

Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz : I was taught that when a woman attacks you physically you should not fight her back because we are stronger, and now she says we are the same!? Now I feel stupid for not defending myself

Dan Dabocol : This type of Western women needs to be conquered by Asian Men to be taught their place. Western men have been too soft with them lately. Those soy boys including the blacks soys should be sent also to be taught how to be a real man.

biaggiwins : That woman is bat **** crazy!!

A ri : He only said the simple truth, and it's not a reason to cry about, but I won't judge the girl for getting emotional over it. She was probably not having a good day and as a woman I know how the most stupid things may look terrible when we're not feeling ok. It wasn't Sasha's fault though.

O K : Stop it. You’re destroying her with your toxic masculinity. 🤣 It’s amazing watching her mind implode.

Yolo Yolo : I never seen so many white knights in one place!!! These ppl disgust me!!!!

sexyboi : She's hella creepy

gurjodh dhillon : Yall see the guy on the bike in the background 5:00

EyzHD : I legit believe the girl has some serious mental problems, that eyecontact she made, made me uncomfortable.

Dan Saghin : Liberalism is a disease of the mind...

robert rossiter : what i take from this .... women are as "STRONG" as men, but cry from words and they then need other "MEN" to come and protect them from words ? is this correct ?

VypeReaper : Bro, no offense to any ladies reading this but she was probably in her days and she was having a difficult/terrible day that day. You definetely tapped into her feelings, and she broke down. It was like the last straw, it happens to the best of us (maybe not men), but it does happen quite often.

Eamon Shields : Never stop recording !!

MarkII69 : *50 years ago, this Satan-serving Libturd would be being tortured to a slow death, in an insane asylum. Those days re reurning, soon. :-)*