WKUK - Bear Problems
WKUK Bear Problems

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From Season 2 Episode 8 whitestkids.com


Eddy Creato : XD "... or the other 12 planets." 9 Planets. o.o "Right.."

ackbarfan5556 : 'Intergalactic Drug Cartel.' Man, those bears get around.

turd furgeson : WIZARD ALLIANCES??!

Nick Thoreson : @seanspicer

CameraBox : perhaps the wizard alliance is involved with the 6 dislikers

LikeANinja64 : Can't blame a guy for trying though, right?

TheStormofStorms : 2:10 watch zach's face

MysterMyschievious : what actually happens in the white house

PipingScott : Are you fucking with us?

Mike Zilla : If America doesn't do this when we invade Iran, I will be disappointed.

Sam Winchester : This is the first time I mention an asdf moment in a video, and by the way I have never seen an asdf reference in a video other than an asdf video.

DFerociousbeast : why can't there be one video without an asdf reference....

Haden Whorton : You'd think with a name like "WhitestFanUKnow", their videos would be better than 360p...

Meowholio : Ha was just gonna say that

DiscnWhiskey : the 67 people that liked your comment are in the very same alliance

Sam Winchester : who else thought of Desmond the moon bear? omg

NovaHessia : Eight Planets!

JazzMan And Friends : At least he tried playin it off though, up top!

Xailashi moist : first world bear problems

squiddie96 : Dont sell yourself short...

Kyozayoi : you mean the 7, they just recruited another person

Epicrusader : On unicycles...can't forget that part xD

Porkusido : Well.. according to family guy, all Russians are bears. So in reality, the moonbears are the Russian mafias expansion to the moon! Now this is a conspiracy-theory!

bloodtachin : They got him.............he was trying to play it off tho

mtmhockey : @Uzerc I know its youtube I'm not going to capitalize all the letters. but when pluto was counted in the solar system there was 9 planets and you just argued there is 10. Kepler 22b is not in the solar system it is 600 light yrs away.

mtmhockey : @Uzerc The sun is a star not a planet other than that: 1) mercury 2)venus 3)earth 4)mars 5)jupiter 6)saturn 7)uranus 8)neptune 9)pluto

mtmhockey : @NedwardCberry u serious bro?????

mtmhockey : @Uzerc 9 dude wow fail

Jennifer's Travels : that guy's face after he says "Intergalatic drug cartel" XD ahahaha

poopy mcscoopy : that was fucking hilarious

SkwerlBergamot : clearly he made a split second decision, and everything he said up to that point was really the truth, but he tricked them into thinking they were invading iran

ReptarSickness : @Doaclanleader81 that was the nicest comment ive ever recieved. thank you

Nikolaos Barber : @ReptarSickness I apologize fully, I actually never guessed that comment would get voted to the top after a year. On a side note, thank you for bringing me back to an entertaining video.

ReptarSickness : @Doaclanleader81 thanks for telling me the punchline, douche.

Mike Shapiro : @thatoneguy1431234 Press Secretary

Riboh : This is basically the backstory of Winston from Overwatch.

Olive Rafalko : SATURN BEARS!??!!?!

tstamakiberry114 : @KrankieV2 Oh~ I see now, thank you! :D

Krankie V : @tstamakiberry114 the moon bears and everything associated with them was to distract the media so they don't report about invading Iran

tstamakiberry114 : I don't really get it, sorry if I sound dumb, but can somebody explain the end to me?

frack : Betsy Devos press conference 2018

sk84ever515 : @anybodyspage124 they say press secretary, not president

Hollythannna : @karateanoCheer4ever at the begining he says "the president has asked me to come out and say a few words..." but for the rest of the sketch everyone calls him Mr. president XD but trevor being president WOULD be totally amazing!!

Jose Diaz : so as you can see, bears everywhere

mahnkark : I wish the president secretary was like that hhaha

musicheart98 : its funny cause im mexican

Michael : 8 PLANETS NOW HAHAHAH man this show must be old

modelmajorpita : @Godfreak41 It must be terrible, people replying to your comments weeks later.

D567 : @Godfreak41 nice job, you can steal a line from full metal jacket. your tough