How to Build a $100 Million Satellite
How to Build an 100 Million Satellite

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Dmitri Pejakovich : *Elon Musk wants to know your Location*

FutureNow : How to build a $100M satellite: very carefully

Newmono : Tutorial not clear enough, accidentally built nuclear warhead instead. disliked

digimanga : Ah finally! These are the Ikea instructions I've been missing all this time

Rapier : I still don’t understand the difference between Brilliant and Skill Share, especially since it seems like every educational channel is sponsored by both.

Ban All Pineapples : You would need a "small loan of a 100 million dollars"

sfctw1 : From the title I expected a Soviet tutorial on how to build up the Polish state after '45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

crazym108 : Surprisingly, airports are only featured for a few seconds in this video!

Pixelator : "How to Build an $100 Million Satellite" Start with 100 million.

CubeZero : When will Wendover visit Dover?

Julio974 : How to learn how robots work: Proposed method: Brilliant Really useful method: KSP MOAR BOOSTERS

Jetlite : You go to Brilliant or alternatively get Kerbal Space Program to learn more about satellites

Cojoe3 Official : Thank you, now my broke ass can build a satellite.

Alex Deleeck : Acoustic test: blasts satellite with Africa by Toto

Distortion Music : But how many Toyota Corollas are there in orbit? EDIT: OMG SO MANY LIKES

Ashwin Mohan : Brilliant may be good at it, but for most people I would recommend Kerbal Space Program. You can learn all about orbits and much more. Its a scaled-down version of real solar system (although with mods you can get the real deal). Its really fun, and you can make your own rockets and satellites to learn about space travel. I love it and Im addicted to it, but be warned its not easy!

Aaron W : Would you do more airline videos?

GreenTeaKitKat : But can it survive the wrath of Phil Swift?

Fraser McFadyen : Does the motorhome driver need a second motorhome so that he can swap out? And then the driver of that motorhome needs another one and then...

LARAUJO : To build a 100 million dollar satellite you must first obtain 100 million dollars

Dev Bali : I guess Wendover is over planes now (Sorry)

Ralph Noble : Artillery Only

Martin Wisniewski : That picture you show where the satellite is being "bombarded with acoustic energy" is not a picture of an acoustic test chamber. its a Radio Frequency (RF) test chamber known in the business as a "Compact Range". Its used for antenna pattern measurement (APM) along with a myriad of other RF tests.

Your Trusted Battlefield Medic : 4:30 AT LEAST ONE of these workers must have written his name or put a sticker on the thing just for posterity.

Songbird : 0/10 I watched the entire video and still don’t know how to build a $100 million satellite.

Random Guy : “How to build a satellite in which you almost definitely can’t afford so this video is basically useless anyways”

Noway1252 : Such a good video to procrastinate while thinking that I'm still learning something for tomorrow's exam on Satellite Orbit Calculation

Kʀʏᴘ2Nɪɢʜᴛ : How to fix boredom: -Call SSL and ask them to build a satellite. Requirements: -Patience -$100+

Joshua Singletary : (Likes own comment to get the ball rolling)

Kye : How does air traffic control change around the time of launch? It seems like an interesting topic to explore maybe on here or HAI. Just wondering bc I'm sure you can't exactly have planes flying over or around the launch pads.

Nilguiri : 9:57 For the love of god, please use metric! Who the hell knows what 15,600 pounds is?

ChromezTV : Can I order one of these on Amazon?

Legendary King : FINALLY NOW I CAN BUILT MY SPY SATELLITE!! Thank you for step by step guide 10/10 Steps are clear

Your Boy Nothing : Thanks, I definitely have the money, time, and power to build a $100,000,000 Satelite!

Jaxson : Where do you get all your clips from? Do you actually go and ask to interview the people?

Chitresh Apte : Your skills in video editing are improving exponentially 👍👍👍👏👏👏

Jezza : If I had the money to purchase a satellite and to rent a rocket and launch pad could I personally (without running a company) own and run a satellite assuming I had the technical know-how?

Sir Poptart : 29 views two comments and 4 likes YouTube not dunk

Luke Hartley : $1500 for a hubble space tennis ball doesn't seem like very much. Certainly not nearly as much as top end gemstones and their products

Kostya Zhang : If you want to know all about how satellites and orbits work, Kerbal Space Program teaches you exactly that in a real-time stimulating launch process. (Don't go to god damn brilliant)

Triturate : Why does the vehicle driver have to be oversized

Momo on Tour : Kylie Jenner can afford one, can you?💁🏼‍♂️

informationtolearn 11 : Interesting. Thank you for the information!!!

Danny DeVito : Thanks for these great videos!

Elijah Martin : just looked into ssl and apperently they dont pay their employees very well. seems a lot of people have a bit of mixed feelings about the company.

nitai matan : step 1: take 100M$ step 2: buy a satellite

Pascal Friedmann : When will Wendover visit Wendover, Nevada (or Utah, it's the same thing)?

Hello World : Wait, SSL is a Maxar company, Is this another Aerospace video interviewing people from Maxar? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Adam S : Did you show up at the SSL location to film and interview the workers and that Bernstien guy?