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Just For : I love Paloma, but you doing videos by yourself is really funny and great too!

kid lamb : victoria, you have been missed! this is hilarious lol

Latoya Kibusi : I have a crush on you Victoria

Chyniz Siu M. : Omfg Victoria are making a video by herself for the first time 😆😆, so FUNNY 😂 BUT but but but the latest scene about buzzfeed video ...are they really using period blood for painting...really 🤦 well where the world is going on ? FACK !💩💩💩 So love you guys ❤️😘

Caitlyn M : Love that random cactus

Caitlyn M : New star of youtube

issamoney maker : Victoria is so hotttt in this video 😍 amazing video!

gottas33 : I like looking at your face

Grace Yi : Min 4:20 has me geeking 😂😂 angry Victoria is adorable

Vids Shee : I love you and Paloma! :*

Zayne simard moore : Is it just me or Does Victoria have no filter? if Paloma has a filter she’s gotta rub off on Victoria. That girls got no filter. I mean, I have no room to be a hypocrite either since I say the f-bomb daily and I try not to swear, but I can’t help it most of the time.

Grace Yi : lol I love Victoria 😂😍😍

maybesoda : Victoria ranting about Buzzfeed was funny lol You should do more videos :) I like when both of you are in the videos too

Zianne Padernilla : Victoria should do these more often. She have her own video content and it's witty. Same wavelength with Paloma

Mary May Owfive88 : I love V ❤💛💜💚💙

Heather Stevens : Hi 🙋👋🤘😎🤗💜💛💚💙

clubOrange : LARGE right?

Icy Dimensions : Neat 😏

Just For : I love this!!!

Ivy Alexandra : Erm, so this is more of roasting Buzz feed.

cahaya Al : ❤❤❤

Marcus : I never thought you were a Pabst Blue Ribbon girl.

Tomato Pan : 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

athena ferrat : Can you guys tell the ICU story pleaseeee 💖💖

Grace Yi : HAHAH legit so good!!!! I love Victoria 😍😍😍😍

Juicy Banana : Haha 😂 this was super funny 😁

Mythie Falldown : Sup dude

See Lee : Where's Paloma? 😂😂😂 Kidding, not done watching yet 😁 Edit: The timing of you eating and the pet's poo, pee, vomit story was so perfect 😂 Also, good to hear you're almost done school. Good night sleeps are right around the corner.

Slipknotking133 : i love buzzfeed...all original and stuff...........kidding obvs

Olive : this video is way more entertaining than buzzfeed

jen jing : your so cool dude! lol...🤣🤣🤣

1cmijoo : love you sweetie💝💝 you are just soooo HERMOSA

kate tsui : Toilet paper is important 🤜🤛🏻

👑CrownZ Official : Lol I'm eating mccdonalds as I watch the video😂

Gejza Bandy : ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍

its_ taure : She ate the burger upside down, except while she was in the shower...

ms.sagittarius 25 : Oh..its Victoria!!! Waiting is end..its nice to see you again Victoria..love you guys..

Katak : You are amazing at it Victoria

Kenneth Corey : Your Gorgeous and funny!!!

oliviYAH N : You're so dang fine.

Spencer Gundersen : I used to want to be an architect but now I just play Minecraft

Apertudist 17 : Yeahh 🔥🔥🔥☇☇

C JB-9000 : I need a Maccys d's

Ms. Dhias RD : New hair cut hah? Luv it

Bell Balaba : I love u victoria😍😘😊

Vlogwaves : Nice self-healing cutting board. :D

Hazel Nuut : I really miss you guys 😭

claire c. : Hi V ❤️❤️❤️

Miss Lae! : Hello :)

Alexander C : Getting a degree in gender studies is about as useful as getting concrete block tires for your car, you’re not going anywhere. Edit: actually the concrete tires are probably more useful because they at least elevate your car