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Serocrux : having 0% commision is such a scam, they wouldnt even make profit then

Smikkelbeer : I'll change my money in my home country

kevinbrueck : You're doing God's work. Papa bless.

Ryan G : How bout tagging them on google maps

Art V. : But why are exchange places allowed to do these kind of practices? Couldnt they be sued for this kind of stuff? : These guys need better stickers that do NOT come off easy

General Zubbis : Well really considering the huge amount of money most europeans tourists bring with them, even being honest and charging 5% would make a damn good amount of money.

Von Zuchter : I changed euros to chech money in my hotel and they had a 7% commision and I felt i got cheated... imagine 42%. its like rape

Tomlegend : I’m laughing so hard at what you are doing. You are an amazing person.

Sheerios : Why most of the cashier recorded this guy?

CRIS - 34 : Wherever Africans go they cause troubles... unbelievable

Mighty Power : Why did he have to take the stickers down, and its been like this for 30 years?? why dosnt police get involved? Is it not illigal?

TEJI GILL VLOGS : Thank you to Guide us, actually were planing to come to Prague from UK

Osman Sturm : Ehrenmann

Ben Sassoon : I went on a free walking tour here last month, and my tour guide stopped the group outside Cheque Point. He paused, took a deep breath and screamed at the top of his voice "EVERYONE LISTEN. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MONEY HERE. IT IS A SCAM" and then we continued on the tour. It was amazing.

Kevessi : 1:38"And what?" Damn, that's savage🙄

John III Sobieski : These scammers must be deported out of Europe

FoXcHe : 00.0000.0001% commission Seems legit.

Okkako1 : How peoples do not understand with 0% commission how they gonna paid their employees, rent and other fees? They do it for free? ROLF.

Midwaypick 710 : The world needs more people like you Thank you for doing this 😊 Who knows maybe one of these days I will go there and take a selfie ( if I can afford it )

Khalid Panda : Why u have to? What about the government? Police?

phynesse2000 : Cashier was right, you don't matter, he said they ve been there for 30 years. This video is nice sentiment, but it s only traffic generator. IF YOU WERE SERIOUS YOU WOULD BE LOBBYING LOCAL GOVT TO CHANGE REGULATIONS FORBIDDING THIS SCAMMING.

Michael Thompson : Hahaha, props to you for doing that. How can you get an honest exchange their?

Patrick's Vlogs : I was in Prague and my dad want's tu change 50 euro in like 2200 crowns and he get's like 1500 just scamers stay safe in Prague

Pedro Luft : Yesterday I saw a tour guide taking a big group of tourists inside Chequepoint. I talked to a guy in the group and he could convince the rest not to exchange money there. They all thanked me, except for the tour guide. He was so pissed! I'm still laughing. It made my day. Thank you for your work guys! This channel is amazing! Cheers from Brazil ;))

Bramantio S : Actually, this is "not" your responsibility but city state responsibility. good job man..lovely :)

hemprivat mejl : Haha but you are funny

navboi12 : It's the same story everywhere... Google the day's 'expected' exchange rate and look accordingly for the best shop rate.

Cosmos : You've got Balls my Friend - I'd be too damn scared that I'd get stabbed or shot !

109 : Why don't Czech have false advertisement legislation? In my country this practice is extremely illegal and you'd be fined and closed within a day.

KrisRaps : I Hiope someone will wandalise that places like crazy at nighttime, smash all the windows and burn down the places, ouu, dont do that because they are just renting that place, finf the real place of the firm tand vandalise that place

Anton Engdahl : I was in prauge a couple of months after this video, a while ago. I lived at a hotel near the astronomical clock and we didn’t change at any 0% commission stores only at dispensers

D-G-A-F : Where do you change your money?

Kamil Jawor : nice job out there :)

Simon Earnshaw : Brilliant work here guys, hope you put them out of business. Going to Prague end of the month so nice one!!

frankeyDI : Good job dude

ISnipeHell ISH : omg ur hero lmao

DormentHD _ : I only watched 2 vids and in interested

Matthew Downes : Haha! I went to this place to see for myself, and they yelled at me to get out when I stopped several people from exchanging there by showing how bad the exchange was.

Justin Y. : The thumbnail looked like a video game

Fares Berreghis : Keep it going bro purging ur country from these vampires, good luck sir 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Meatduck : Thank you for making these videos!

UghStar YT : I wast just going around Prague and I was taking pics of the exchange places paper with how much money for 1 euro and I found a place that charges you 12 crowns for 1 euro and that makes it 57 % commission and I was like #$&@ wow damn

Burrelinho : People are dumb. It takes 30 seconds to look up the exchange rate from google

Riiyuk : this guy is a savage xDDDD

nicksixer : Do your thing cowboy, we appreciate you!

Josqu : I think the problem is that in Europe most people won't have to exchange money anymore because of the euro so the good guys can't make enough profit anymore to stay in business the legit way. Also mostly the guys who live way outside europe(except switzterland) have to exchange, these guys are easier to trick because they have no idea about Europe.

Anna Vachova : Děláš vážně skvělou věc a dělat taková videa je vážně dobrý nápad Myslím že si hodně turistům pomohl

snafuart : According to EU laws you should be able to press charges, since claiming a zero percent rate is a fraud on purpose, means: A criminal act. Blessings from Germany, keep on doing your great work.

Jamie Garlock : So one euro IS 26 euros?