Is YouTube Really Worth It?

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Hollow : Pewdiepie is still the best YouTuber. Simply a likable personality. Something that cannot be learned.

Kdog O : BROFIST?!!!!

Mark de Scande : Cool Dude 10/10

Jo B : I started out as a fan in the Amnesia days, and when your gameplay changed after a few years I sort of lost interest. But recently I've come back and have been loving the comedic videos you do. I think you are a great entertainer who takes criticism so well and knows how to laugh at themselves. People may tease about you recycling video ideas like laugh challenges, but you take those ideas and put your own spin on them. To me, your YLYL is funnier than most challenges. It's always a pleasant surprise when you find new games to play, but I think any videos you enjoy making end up hilarious and always leave me smiling. You have amazing editors that put the icing on the cake. With your great team, you can do anything! Stay happy and stay true bro! :)

Artur : To be happy all the time you need to scream at every beginning of your videos *TOP OF THE MORNING EVERYONE MY NAME IS JACKSPIDECY*

Batman 007 : Yeh you can have happiness, *BUT CAN YOU DO THIS!?*

Spencer Christensen : Why is he so SMART

Sophia Obe : I feel like people are drawn to truth so when you become authentic it's easy to have people understand and respect you

urmi majumdar : I love pewdiepie because of who he is

Redlytning : 4.000 disslikes are no youtubers

Rhys Williams : You know it's real when it's shorter than 10:01

Just another army goat : The only person I respec that’s not a wamen is poods

nestcuni : I am happy for you. Faking your happiness is not healthy at all. It is really OK to not be happy all the time. And yes, show your emotions, be sincere to yourself. I used to fake my emotions, I still do. I am trying to not do that for too long though. When somebody said a joke that wasn't funny, I would laugh, the kind of the fake laugh you notice it is fake, but I would do it in order for the other person not to feel bad-1, and 2- because I did not want to be perceived as arrogant(and thus I would loose friends i thought). But in the end none of those things matter before your well being.

KingmullacPro : pewdiepie is the most underrated channel

Drago Galaxy : Grande ! Il brofist è tornato

I think I'm cool : You should really make a podcast. I'd love to just hear you talk without trying to be funny, without filtering what you say. I just like hearing what you have to say about things

Alex Nieto Thomson : 60,000,000 subs, cheers man

Matty Love : As your beard gets longer The video gets shorter

hellbringer : fame+money doesnot equal to happiness but without money and fame happiness is the toughest thing to gain so people prefer to have money/fame and be unhappy than be unhappy without money/fame

Isayah Kelly : Ppl said your channel died but look at the views u get each video

Bright Darkness : You know he's serious when the video isn't 10 minutes 😂

ShorNiWa : i love pewds but... the outline of his beard looks like a pair of balls with talking lips =,=.....

Sick Banana : I can honestly see how most gaming YouTubers are really unhappy and even depressed sometimes. Unless you already have a really positive state of mind and don't care if you are just sitting there and talking to your camera and narrating your game or vlogging or whatever, it can be kinda hard on people. I noticed that YouTubers generally seem more happy when they're doing stuff with friends and making collaborations. It's a lot different when you're just talking into a camera with no one around you, and can make you feel pretty lonely even when you're fully aware you have an audience watching your videos. So JoogSquad for example, Jack is around a lot of friends all the time pulling crazy stunts and pranks and jokes with friends, and also he's a very physically and mentally healthy person. General traits like that can also affect how you do/view things. Felix also mentioned how he never used to go out or have hobbies which is pretty sure way to end up unhappy or even depressed and pretty much most people understand that, but it's easier said than done. For people starting out on YouTube, you don't always need to invent something new. You don't always have to be alone or stick to one thing. You don't even have to have one channel, notice how so many YouTubers have 2 to 3 channels for vlogging or gaming or behind the scenes and so much more. If you DO want to be an inventor, go for it. So many trends caught on YouTube because people have a creative way of thinking.

TakeTwoBrothers : Pewdiepie - when you come across happy and fulfilled its infectious and makes me as a viewer feed off your positive energy - Keep doing what you love and thats all that matters man. Love the new videos.

Ana Darko : I kind of think humans aren’t beings that can be happy and fulfilled at all times forever and once we accept that we’ll feel less anxiety about those less than happy times. I think we try to lay blame on society or economics to make sense of it when it happens, but really I think we just get bored after a while regardless. That’s how our technologies have advanced. Someone chased something interesting until I’m here writing nonsense on a Swistian boy’s recording of 7:44 minutes of his life on my metal box powered by lightning. If we were content creatures that never would’ve happened. We’d just be stuck living the same lives over and over like all the other animals. In conclusion, Hello Darkness my old friend is TRULY the human anthem. 👍🏽

Kishan Joshi : you know why this video isn't 10:01 minutes long because it's not supposed to be funny

Tater Tot Gaming : YouTube is getting harder and harder to grow a channel if your just starting out. I'm keeping on going as a hobby that I enjoy. If something becomes of it, fine, if not, that's fine too

angela michelle : I love it way more now. When I watch any of your videos I feel like everyone is seeing you for who you are, like your pretty much the same person in real life and on YouTube ? Don't know if it's true, but it looks to be your honest real personality, along with your actual true opinions and stuff like that. People love that shit. 🤑🤑👽👽

Сергей К : My name Sergey it's Rasha короче я хочу спросить я тут один русский поставьте лайки и я посмотрю сколько нас здесь Okey yes what Rasshia

Pato Valdes : when the video ends and you realize that you look like you were going to punch your computer

Cyranek : No, youtube is not worth it. I have developed an unhealthy meme addiction.

NidgeDFX : when i started on month 8 i made almost 100 dollars... now 2 half years later more views and less money.

Justice Gemini : Such great advice here. As a YouTuber I can resonate with what Felix is saying here I guess in the end HAPPINESS matters

عبودي XD : في منكم عربي

Damien Leigh : I hope you really are having a blast right now. I used to despise the people that would talk about your content around 2012 ish. And from 2015 to present, you are actually my favourite YouTuber! No disrespect for your older content, but it just wasn't for me.

Rafi Abdelilah : but the million dollar question is why are you wearing headphones when there is no need for them lol ??

CcatLlover : 2019?

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it's true : You're very successful !! You definitely have to give yourself some credit there.

Igor DuLow : Оу май! Думаю и нам следует снять маски, не так ли?

Care Bear : *Waiting for the re-upload that includes extra **2:16** minutes*

monibstar : YouTube

skullcam : bro thanks for the tips......i do pocket bike vids...and pocket bikes make me happy

noh k : МИЛИОН МИЛЛИАРД тысяча пятьсот ноль.

AGURI room : 素敵な考えですね😊👊

IneptOrange : I remember when I stopped watching pewdiepie because he made *too many* videos. I couldn't keep up with the uploads at the time, and they all seemed rushed. I'm happy he moved on.

Pato Valdes : BRO ARMY!! GIVE ME A BROFIST. esketiit

Kim Townsel : Thanks for the frankness. My channel has plateaued; you are so correct in the need to "out-do" one's own self. I still enjoying creating, regardless of the ebb and flow of external data. 😎

Phil Lewis : Watched your slenderman videos in 2012 and then stopped. This new content is hella cool!!!! New favorite entertainment media!!!!!!

Stjepan Matić : money cant give u happines always but it can give u freedom and for me that is 2nd most important thing in life