Is YouTube Really Worth It?

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Basilar Hatake : I respect your suffering pewds

Top 5 Auto Repairs : yes it's worth t if it makes you happy

Kdog O : BROFIST?!!!!

3D VR TV PC Games Videos : 😌✌️👍

MegaHarv : It's not about smiling. It's about not scowling. Be comfortable. :D

Drago Galaxy : Grande ! Il brofist è tornato

foolintilmornin : That beard bro its lit

Mark de Scande : Cool Dude 10/10

Nefrai Laysh : Good to see this kind of self awareness. I watched Markiplier go through the same thing, happy with Youtube, to fighting through stuff he didn't want to do for the fans, back to having fun with Youtube again. All the channels I actually stay with, have really genuine people that just play what and how they like - for games, or comedy, skits, whatever. I used to not like Felix because of the old videos, the emotions and everything seemed so forced, but in more recent times I've grown to respect him a lot more. Unlike people like Logan Paul, I can see a genuine person behind the "Pewdiepie" silliness, now.

homedeep saggu : FINALLY A BRO FIST #RESPECT.

Darksider 220 : BROOOOFIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this comment to bring back the bro army 👊

Ярослав TV : Кто русский

BeardedDudeFromSpace : One year later. BEARD!

Positive Sigh : YouTube is very difficult but I love it and don't want to ever give up on it, 2018 is the year I can hopefully push even further on my channel 😄

Api Vlogs : The goat 🐐

Alex Nieto Thomson : 60,000,000 subs, cheers man

TheDoors00 : I love you dude! As an artist i feel like i know you very well. Youre down to earth, real and straight to what you want. You prob wont read this but youre a creator! Know that youre truly the result of evolution! As you know its okay to go down like this. It will only make you go up, keep up the real work . Fuck being #1 if logan paul can get as famous as he did its for a reasons xD you dont deserve that

ShorNiWa : i love pewds but... the outline of his beard looks like a pair of balls with talking lips =,=.....

urmi majumdar : I love pewdiepie because of who he is

Kishan Joshi : Here before Reupload

Adrian : Anyone else feel like Felix should be rocking a hard hat

Vukasin Tomic : Honesty comes from the heart... Good to know... Congrats

Ahmad : Am I the only one who prefers the new pewdiepie so much more?

عبودي XD : في منكم عربي

Seashells99 : Lol 80% of the comment section is reacting to how the video is shorter than 10 minutes. 😂😂😂

chinezyxx : Awesome video !! I love that you showed us how you really feel.

Gianluca GF : Se volete passate sul mio profilo iscrivetevi ♥️💣

Isayah Kelly : Ppl said your channel died but look at the views u get each video

Pato Valdes : when the video ends and you realize that you look like you were going to punch your computer

inspirepaul : Do your thing we will keep watching you! ❤️

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AGURI room : 素敵な考えですね😊👊

Team Asian : Judging from your content, no

Spencer Christensen : Why is he so SMART

SimpleSexyStupid : True words

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Nobile Arwen : A D O R O !!

Zytah : братцы русичи,кто здесь?отзовитесь!


Karen Foo : Thanks Pewdiepie i needed this because i was burnt out from youtube recently and wanted to give up yesterday night.

عبودي XD : ههههه‍

Pato Valdes : BRO ARMY!! GIVE ME A BROFIST. esketiit

Hannah Eveninggirl : Why is the Titel German? 🤔

Michiel Prak : It's very simple: doing the same thing over and over is what leads to depression. Add the desire to "please" your audience and you've got a hell of a cocktail. My advice: dont let youtube be your main thing in life. Go out with friends and stuff like that as well.

Kashish : I don't watch gaming videos cause it's not really my thing. So I'm really glad you're doing more stuff. It's definitely more entertaining (at least to me) and you seem much happier doing it. I'm glad it all worked out for the best.

DigitalFOG : We are all here for you pewds, even if you do manage to quit or somehow "crash" your channel, you'll be part of youtube history, and part of the people who enjoy your content (including me). You can take a year long break I'd still be subscribed, you could quit and I'll still be subscribed, because pewds, look where you are, who you are. You can't just unsubscribe from that, I'm here because you make dam good videos, I've been watching since the beginning. To Sum it all up, your channel might die but you pewdiepie will still be in people's hearts and their inspiration. Your a dam good youtuber.

Vici099 • : Well, I have money and I'm happy but I would be happier if I would live by myself and spend the money the way I want to without asking parents. Money can bring happiness but not as much as you think

Lolki Kolki : Kto z Polski?

Austin1800 : The answer is NO.

xenxo vazquez fuentes : Da wae for Happiness