How to Open a Tough Jar

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Quinton Reviews : Why is this at the top of r/videos? I don't understand

DROIDZ Gaming : *And now I know, and knowing is half the battle*

Antonio : I have no idea what I just watched

Kawaii Faggot : Is this canon?

THE JUICEBOYS : i have thousands of jars in my house now i can finally eat

Markum : You're a goddamn life saver, Quinton. I don't know where I would be without your guidance

MetaDash : Is it bad I thought you were just gonna smash the jar, given the video length?

Ondra Hlaváč : I actually had to login, disable adblock and click on all the ads I saw... because this guy deserves every $0.03 my clicks can get him.

Emilio Ramirez : this is probably the best video in the QCU (Quentin Cinematic Universe)

MilosCsrb : 60fps video master race

Owen Greene : thank you reddit!

Hct80 : this video had 8k views this morning

Ice Kold Killa : He looks like a programmers from the 1980s.

winlip2 : Now if you really want to open it with your right hand a simple trick is to flip the jar upside down.


Shock Tactic : I went from an analysis of Garfield to this, talk about a guy with variety.

Alexander LeFurgy : This should've sucked but i enjoyed it

glossyplane542 : Quinton at first I thought you were just a really good movie and show review channel but now that I've seen you on a meme playlists my respect for you has gone through the roof

Ian McBride : just saw this on tosh.o

Rattlebones Tv : I say we burn the witch!

The way of Aang and Korra : i saw this n try not to laugh challage

Luke Perry : Not all heroes wear capes

New York : Like if the Bee Movie brought you here.

Ryan Tedder : Is this actually true?

Sgt Reed : Thanks Quinton!

Ken Merrill : Yeah, you should probably leave your parent's dog alone.

Anna Lou : This was a recommended video. I don't regret one second of it.

red ted : after making countless reviews, trying his hardest to produce something he could be proud of.. quinton finally realized what the people really wanted. b i t c h e s

Zimba Zumba : Lol, I use my left hand and have always been abled to open jars guys twice my size can't..

Chickenbowser : Instructions unclear, I was unable to open the jar and HowToBasic broke into my house and pelted me with eggs before taping a picture of an open jar to my face.

Tron Michaels the black Shawn Michaels : who's here from tosh.o?

Mert Polat : oh boy here we go another playlist


Iann Young : Lmao this was just on tosh.o

K:llerEdits : Quality content right there

OUEFBOY : best 24 seconds I've ever spent. you are a hero

doc ops : That was like the greatest ending ever.

Some Semen Demon : this is the best video ever in the world, you deserve a medal.

Dennis G : Like if you're here from Tosh.0

red ted : thanks, q.

Michael Dixon : you were on tosh.o !

Morgan Selstø : Nice. Thank you my dude

Zachary Beatty : this is incredible

Zach Boothe : this was on Tosh. o 3/7/17

Chris McDaniel : Made the front page of Reddit my dude

Warr tortle : Lol the ending sold it for me.

KangarooEgg : Is that the shitty pasta sauce from the eric andre show?

Robert Mitchell : I've always opened jars with my left hand. Does this make me a wizard?

Noxus will rise : none? how is that an improvement?

Craig Sdrogefske : glad im a lefty XD