Lil Nas X surprising the kids of Lander Elementary
Elementary school kids raging

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AbCartoons : 3:51 bottem left. A kid was doing Orange Justice😂😂 Like if u saw him😂

Flaming Potato : Lil Nas x son: dad what was your first concert Lil Nas X: in an elementary school

Александр Тучков : 90% of children:LIL NAS X!!!!!!!!!! the remaining 10% of children:what's happening?

zero : Lil Nas X is probably one of the most genuine artists I know of today. Great dude 🖤

SouL - Nights : Why are these kid more hyped than the Miami Rolling Loud Crowd?

Corbin Boss : Me at school: okay class get ready for a pop quiz Me when i miss school: This

MAGIC CLOVER : Orange justice guy? Did you see? 👇🏾

NinjaMan 00 : 2013: harlem shake is best 2019: omg lil nas x is here lets floss and orange justice

Van Iyke : Just watching these little ones reactions can bring health to a person.

Kiani Chansavang : They weren't even singing they were shouting *AIN'T NOBODY TELL ME NOTHING*

Drew Martin : It's hilarious hearing hundreds of kids say "lean all in my bladder"

Genesis Molina : When a elementary school concert goes way harder than a LIL PUMP CONCERT

alfonso m : Their reaction when he walked in...priceless....cuteness overload.

BARRIUS COCKENR : How is their 1.9k hater's That place is lit

Harold Shepherd : RIP headphone users 2000-2019

Gamer Playz : Imagine you are absent in this day Who knows the feeling😂

Kermit the Frog : *This more litt than the last EDM Festival I went to.*

Grace Sayre : If lil nas x came to my school me and my friends would be crying😂💀💀

Brookie Cookie : Uh I'm in 7th grade but can I transfer to that school???🤔😂

Nelson Quinonez : 4:57 Hat down cros- Kids realize that he is not singing remix I love this🤣🤣🤣

DrownedCarcass88 : These kids are going to remember this all their lives, so cool.

little turtle : 3:51 that kid doing that fortnite move had me dead 😂💀

bryan : Top 10 CRAZIEST crowds where YOU WILL get injured

GeNeRaL nUt : Just imagine not being there that day 🙄🥺🤷🏽‍♀️

NASCAR Maniac 2009 NASCAR And More! : 3:51… Orange Justice and Old Town Road… The perfect mix😂😂 Like if you saw him 👇🏻

BelleGueule Tv : aint gonna lie , seeing those kind singing along put a smile on my face

Sarah Nabors : They love him I love the song me and my kids sing it in the car It brings everyone together and we forget about everything 🍃🌍☀️😎🙏🏾❤️


xMystic Jadex : They weren’t even singing they were just screaming. *YeAh iM gOnNa tAkE mY HorsE tO tHe oLd ToWn rOad*

urmil soni : Not a single cell phone in sight, great concert

Getnet Eshete : Mom: Hi honey! What did you do at school today? Kid: I sang old town road with Lil Nas X. Mom: who's that?

Jeff : Me: *misses a class assembly cos I felt sick* Class: OMG YOU MISSED IT LIL NAS X WAS THERE

gacha tail : kids: did u ever meet a famous person me: a cowboy rapper. kids:That's nice.........

Michael : Crowd way more live than his adult audience

Bangtan Twins : My elementary school: because I'm happy ~ This elemartary: CAN'T NOBODY TELL ME NOTHING

AKDog48 Extras : Me: *misses a day of school* What happened while i was gone: Also i recognize this from TikTok lmao

Iris Rios : I wish I was in that school I’m in glen forest elementary school Fairfax I like it tho bc we get to go to George Washington home but if I was in that school I will literally cry because I love old time road and I’m also surprised that what an awesome principal she is what principal will let this Random guy come and sing to her kids (please like 👇🏻) give a round of a plause to this principal.🙂

Sarah Nabors : That second part pissed them off They was like whattttt Hat down cross town livin like ah Wait what🤣🤣🤣

Eko Sabertooth : Hearing a bunch of little kids say “lean all in my bladder” and “bull riding and boobies” was funny to me XD

Tiffany Heisler : A kid was doing the ORANGE justice on the like if you saw 😂 😂

samuel meyers : when an elementary school goes harder than a lil pump concert

xing li : Imagine on the last day of school looking like this

Nixxy vv : "Can't nobody tell me nothing?"

LinkedToBlank : 2018:Orange Shirt Kid 2019:White Shirt Kid


Agent43savage : Kids: Lean all in my bladder Teachers: WtF

Nigel N Noah Here to Show Ya : This was awesome, they were so excited, well deserved 💪🏾♥️

doctor for youtubers : More hyper than sicko mode super bowl halftime

michael michael : This is my favorite video of the year so far. OMG that was so awesome I'm gonna be smiling all day