【MAD】League of Legends - Anime Opening

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Inquisidora : The manga was better

yohan wesley : I would watch this anime

AnakTheGrim : This is was so awesome and the editing was O R G A S M I C. Keep up the great work :D

Jair Artis : Imagine a long running league series where every episode focuses on a different champion/champions, coming back to others every so often, with their stories intertwining every so often (Like Yasuo and Taliyah in lore) And ending in a climactic battle against the void. I'd watch it.

Linberk Go : This is my favorite naruto filler


An Nguyen : This anime will got 139 characters :v

Magatsu Thresh : Imagine that rito saw this and made this a league Log in screen...

Słotwik : TOP 10 Best Anime Opening

ᴛɪɴɪ覚醒 : ya dont watch the anime without reading the manga the only good thing about the anime it's this opening

Will Make You Offu : I am truly grateful that im born in this generation, thank u sir

Edward James : Underrated league related video. This deserves millions of views.. this looks like a legit anime opening.

Raafat Sadder : Yea thats cool and all but i love emilia

Tamer Karcı : My favorite youtuber is here.<3<3<3

Janik Schulz : Now i want to watch this anime xD

Bismark Blaise : R.I.P champions that doesn't have cinematic video yet

TheMezzaLira : Can' t wait for the Bilgewater Arc.

Plot armor : Its so like an typical anime opening I like it

Water Meloons : league of legends is my favourtite hentai

OtakuLui : Glad this was in my recommended

DaveSHOW : I am waiting for second season😍😍😍

Mantas 369 : Your edditing is not from this world.

人Sabishi : Ty for not being the typical almost 0 editing lol anime intros.

Definitely Not RIOT : The manga is so much better

Deidashi : This opening is OP


Fedegaby : damn it's so well done

Loki The God : Got a lot of hate on reddit, but doesn't seem like any of them really know what they are talking about. Nice job man.

Black Jake : Nice one dude ;) !

Sagitarious : This is awesome!!! Great job kn1ght!!! You nailed it!!! All like this video and subscribe to his chanel because it's worth!!! :) ♥

Nega jubito : What programs did you use to make this masterpiece sir??

GameWF : my most mistake today that is thinking this video is bad when i click it :D

Base Jacker : this video gave me goosebumps.

Ashton Frey : Yasuo will lead this as the cancer

shynine9 : Kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu.

Jenos Senpai : I like it because it is faithful to the manga

Z I L L I O N : Another great video I don't even play league of legends and I still like it keep up the great work

Vuuzie Zu : hahaha Madhouse made it for me !!! xDDD

Hageshi Kaze : Sjdhqhdjd q orgasmo visual q da esto :3 es hermoso we

Raikuzen : This deserved more views lol

G34s : Just saying its impossible to find this channel from the old channel except for a slight hint from this account. Did some real detective work to find this

Jackie Lor : Why you dont try to do AMVs. I'm sure you will make some EPIC videos. Of course just if you want to do these stuff.

VictorMoya : puras recopilaciones de las cinematicas que siempre saca riot .

Ya boi Terry : So fricking cool! My gosh...this gave me goosebump

JuniorBlix : Best 1 minute and 50 seconds of my life.

Joandson Desu : i want the release date pls

moss sadolin : this is actually so Pogchamp

Music Master : Zed main villain xD

Tuan Kiet Quan : Think riot should take this to their account

Autistic Ape : Ross any1?